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Enjoy Energy Upgrade California’s Healthy Rebates

Los Angeles homeowners concerned about high energy costs will want to learn about Energy Upgrade California, a statewide program that incentivizes efforts to make homes more efficient. We spoke with handpicked home performance contractor Nissim Maimon of Pros 360—Performance Contractor, Inc. to learn how this program can help you reduce costs, both in dollars and environmental impact, while enhancing indoor comfort and gaining the health benefits of improved indoor air quality.

1. Think of your home as a single integrated system. If your eyeballs were microscopes, you could watch half the cooled or heated air escape through leaks in your home’s “structure envelope:” ceilings, walls, windows, floors and doors. By insulating attics, walls and crawl spaces, as well as sealing and/or replacing ducts, windows, sliding glass doors and air systems, you will dramatically reduce your home’s energy consumption and save an average of 40% on monthly bills.

2. Take advantage of Energy Upgrade California’s rebates and low interest financing. You can currently earn up to $6,500 for your energy upgrades. Rebates are based upon the percentage of increase in your home’s efficiency, so it pays big dividends to be thorough. Typically, upgrades cost between $20,000 – $30,000, though less comprehensive projects are available for those on a tighter budget. Once a project is approved by Energy Upgrade California, the financials are set. In most cases, homeowners save more money at the end of an upgrade than initially anticipated—up to 74% on monthly utilities, depending on the extent of the upgrade.

3. Get your home assessed by an Energy Upgrade California certified contractor, like Pros 360, who will help you balance your priorities, budget and the program’s minimum requirements. Your home will then be surveyed for six to eight hours. “Each house is different, and you never know what you’re going to find,” says Nissim. The data from the assessment is then entered into modeling software that evaluates savings for every aspect of the upgrade, targeting the most cost effective improvements. What is the largest energy waster in Southern Californian homes? “Mostly the attic,” Nissim reports, “though sometimes we find a crawl space that is leaking 30% of the home’s energy. You just never know.”

4. Don’t overlook the program’s health benefits. Energy upgrades can also improve your family’s health, especially if someone in your home has allergies. Nissim explains: “We once worked with a family that all had allergies and asthma. It was difficult for them to come home from vacation because it was so uncomfortable for them. The first thing the wife told me when we completed their project was, ‘My husband doesn’t sneeze anymore! And now my son comes home to visit more often!’ We feel we are doing something that is really meaningful and worthwhile.”

5. Be sure to find an experienced and knowledgeable contractor for your energy upgrades. “Continuing education is key to the process of becoming certified,” says Nissim. “I’ve fallen in love with this work. Whenever we complete a whole home upgrade, the end result is above excellent. Our customers tell us they never thought they could pay so little to make their homes so comfortable. We are achieving things we never thought were possible.”

Make a change that’s good for your home, your health, the environment and your wallet.

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