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Home Maintenance

Housekeeping Tips from Hollywood Hills Window Cleaning

Regular housecleaning can be fun and provide important health benefits. For some expert insights, we spoke with Luis Gonzales of Hollywood Hills Window Cleaning. Luis’ company has been popular with n2n readers since 2007. We think of him as a guru when it comes to all types of housecleaning—indoors and out.

Make it fun for everyone! Get your kids involved. When they are in the bath, give them a squeegee so they can clean the tile and glass! Or give them colorful plastic gloves, a sprayer and a dry towel for them to clean the counters. That way they will start thinking of cleaning as a fun activity.

Be thorough. Hosing down the windows, or doing a so-so job on cleaning your windows will leave a mineral deposit, which creates a stain on the window. If you allow it to build up over time, you will eventually need to use an acid wash to remove the minerals. Also, especially if you have an older home, hosing the windows down can make water leak into the house and cause water damage or mold. To keep your windows clean longer, wash the glass after a rain in order to stop the minerals in the water from building up. We recommend cleaning your windows at least twice a year.

Protect your paint. I recommend that people pressure wash their homes once a year to remove dirt from the paint. That way the paint lasts longer. You can avoid paying thousands of dollars to repaint your home by maintaining the paint through pressure washing.

Protect your health. Deep cleaning, or “spring cleaning” should be done once a year. It’s a thorough, top to bottom cleaning where we remove area rugs and mop underneath, and clean all the areas where dust accumulates such as under the furniture, on the baseboards, on top of moldings, etc. Removing all of that built up dirt and dust has health benefits, especially for people with allergies!

To find out more about Luis and his company, check out our review of Hollywood Hills Window Cleaning.

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Paxton EATON

Well yes the carpet should not only be comfortable but also it should be safe or we can say free from the chemicals. According to me people should avoid the use of chemicals for carpet cleaning purpose !!


These are great ideas. I bet we can have a lot of fun cleaning together. Fortunately, we've no need to worry about kids inhaling fumes or ingesting anything. Unfortunately, we've no kids to enlist for help. Thiago

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