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Navigating Drought: Three Ways to Save Water

In light of the severity of California’s latest drought, here are some water-saving strategies that every homeowner should know about.

1. Replace your lawn with drought-tolerant, native landscaping.

40 to 70 percent of the water used in single-family homes goes towards outdoor landscaping, so shifting to drought-tolerant landscaping is key to any water conservation plan. The City of Santa Monica offers a rebate of $3.50 for every square foot of lawn replaced, while the City of Los Angeles provides $3.75 per square foot.

Besides saving water, native landscaping is gorgeous and will help you connect your yard to Southern California’s larger ecosystem. Unbeknownst to most Angelenos, our local plant communities are the most diverse and endangered in North America.  Check out some of our handpicked landscape designers to help you go native. The local birds and bees will thank you!

Margaret Oakley
Steve Siegrist
UA Botanical

Visit the nonprofit Theodore Payne Foundation’s Native Plant Nursery for inspiration, information and plants.

2. Install a greywater system.

Laundry, shower and bathwater can all be captured and reused for landscape irrigation.

Contact Leigh Jerrard of the Greywater Corps. He can install a system for you, or you can attend one of his workshops to learn how to do it yourself.

3. Install low-flow toilets and fixtures for your sinks and showers.

More than 45% of water used inside the average American home occurs in the bathroom. Low-flow fixtures can dramatically cut your water usage. If you’re in need of assistance, search our directory for handpicked plumbers in your area.

Learn More:

LADWP’s water conservation program

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s water conservation site

Save Our Water


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