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We make giving easy.

With Easy Giving Community Rewards you can support great local nonprofits while contributing to the best directory of local services. Here’s how...

We will donate $10 to the handpicked nonprofit of your choice every time you recommend one of your favorite local services.* Your referral can help clean our beaches, plant trees, provide at-risk youths with after-school education and much more. Just click the red button to fill out the 'refer a service' form. Then select your favorite handpicked nonprofit from the list on the form.

If there's a local nonprofit that you would like to see benefit from this program, fill out the 'refer a service' form to let us know about them.

*Please refer services that you've worked with directly and can recommend without reservation. Each referred business must be based in the Los Angeles area. Offer applies to CA residents only.

Frequently asked questions...

How does neighbor2neighbor handpick nonprofits?

Handpicked nonprofits must have 501(c)3 nonprofit status and serve the local Los Angeles community. We look for fiscal responsibility (with at least 70% of funding going to program costs), and we research the organization's reputation in the community. We recommend researching nonprofits at sites such as Charity Navigator and Guide Star, but many local nonprofits doing great work in the LA area are not reviewed there.

How many services can I recommend?

As many as you like. Please refer only those services you have used and can recommend without reservation.

How do I recommend a nonprofit for the Easy Giving Rewards program?

If there's a local nonprofit that you would like to see benefit from this program, you can call us or provide us with the organization's contact info via the 'refer a service' form.

In what other ways does neighbor2neighbor support nonprofits?

Supporting local nonprofits is central to our mission. Since our first edition in 2005 we’ve donated free pages of advertising in our handbooks to locally based nonprofit organizations, like Heal the Bay, TreePeople, the Theodore Payne Foundation and Habitat for Humanity. We provide these organizations with an opportunity to educate our readers about ways we might all improve our impact on the local ecology—both environmentally and socially. Handpicked nonprofits do not pay for the promotional services offered by neighbor2neighbor.

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