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Ask to see samples of a concrete contractor’s work. A lot of contractors do typical concrete, but when you get more artistic, they’re out of their depth.—Kevin

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With 27 years of experience, Kevin Laurence from Art of Concrete understands concrete’s potential for varied textures, colors and applications that make this cost-effective material an attractive option for interiors and exteriors alike. More than a standard concrete contractor, Kevin’s artistic eye and know-how make him an exceptional choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Many people choose concrete over other flooring because it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t harbor allergy aggravating dust. Art of Concrete can resurface or custom-stain your concrete floor or subfloor. They will repair driveways or pour new ones, repair foundations, build retaining walls and install patios and walkways. And they can repair stucco, matching it with an existing surface, or install new stucco of any texture or color.

For Kevin, no project is too challenging. “We take on difficult jobs that others won’t touch because they aren’t qualified. I have an extremely proficient crew.” Dedicated to client satisfaction, Kevin enjoys the entire process. “I take time to develop ideas with my clients. Together we can make their vision happen.”

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User Reviews

Claire B. Woodland Hills
January 11, 2017

Kevin is AWESOME. We’ve had a lot of different people work on our house, and I wish everyone could be like Kevin! He helped us transform our backyard into a beautiful outdoor sports court landscaped with drought-friendly plants and desert stones. It was a custom project that we designed and Kevin held our hands throughout the whole process. He took us to the nursery for plant selection and also to a specialty place for the stones. Kevin’s attention to detail was outstanding. He was very particular about what color we used for the concrete and including the right amount of texture so you wouldn’t slip and get hurt. He is a warm, personable and conscientious individual who delivers exceptional work.

Nicole Alaimo Bronson Canyon
January 03, 2017

Kevin and his crew came in and saved us from a terrible experience with a pool contractor who had abandoned ship and left us a big mess to deal with. Art of Concrete managed to complete the job beautifully, creating smooth stucco walls that matched the house perfectly. Kevin went above and beyond the call of duty and followed through with other parts of the project we didn’t even think we’d get to. The previous contractor had drawn out the construction process over half a year. Kevin arrived and completed the job within a month. He provided a realistic timeline and stuck to it. Kevin and his crew were terrific across the board and the work was stunning. They are a premium service and worth the cost. We were so grateful to have found Kevin in Neighbor2Neighbor.

Haim Raymar Sunset Park
December 03, 2015

I had a lot of concrete work to do on my backyard and on the back of the house—about one hundred cubic meters of work! I interviewed many, many contractors for the job. Kevin was so good that I waited for his schedule to clear. I am very happy I waited because the job is perfect. We hired him for some of the work at first and we saw that he did such a good job that we added more. Every time the inspector came it was always good. There were no delays: everything was on time. Kevin’s quote was perfect. My wife made some changes and we got another quote for that. Kevin is a man of his word. He is responsive: if I call him and he doesn't answer, I know he is on the phone or busy and he always gets back to me. I recommend him with all my heart.

Frank Lamb Manhattan Beach
January 16, 2015

I can't say enough good things about this company! I'm a retired contractor; I offered to redo the exterior appearance of a friend's house, and they wanted the look of a Venetian building. We didn't want to paint it or do anything that would peel or wear. It needed to have a Venetian stucco effect without the expense of new plaster. Kevin Laurence of "The Art of Concrete" was the man for the job. He gave it just the right touch, made it look antique, and the house looks GREAT! Kevin is an expert with stained concrete -- everything from floors to concrete countertops. Not only that, but he's an honest and genuinely nice guy, who did extras over and above what was asked of him. If anything, he's too good, too modest. I gave him a respectable gratuity that I normally don't do with business owners. Out of my wallet. Now, that's good testimony!

D.G. Redondo Beach
January 06, 2015

Art of Concrete updated our brick fireplace, replacing it with a concrete one. I got two other bids and Kevin's was in the middle. In addition to his pricing, I chose him because after speaking with him, I had confidence that he knew what he was doing. Kevin built the fireplace based on pictures I showed him of what I liked. Kevin was on time, responded to my emails and calls, left the work site clean every day and is super nice. The fireplace turned out great. I would definitely recommend him.

Kenny Merrill Sherman Oaks
December 03, 2014

Kevin showed us several samples for the stain. Hands down, he obtained some of the best consistency with the color that I’ve seen. I’m in the screen-printing business. I know that continuity of color can be a problem when you’re working with things like stains and dye-lots, but the color Kevin showed us was the exact color in the end. We have natural pine cabinets, and he finished the counter tops with a great brown patina look. The style complements the rustic cabin feel of our home. After he sealed it he told us we might want to reseal in six months. We haven’t done anything to it since he put it in, however, and water still beads on the surface. I probably shouldn’t do this, but I put hot pots on it and it holds up great!"

Joe Juge Los Angleles
November 25, 2014

Kevin installed a concrete overlay on our existing deck. We were thrilled with the work he did and very, very pleased with him. There are not that many workers that have that kind of integrity, especially the integrity to get everything right. I am a general contractor and had worked with him on other projects and recommended him to friends of mine who own a bowling alley. Kevin has been doing quite a bit of work with them and they are very pleased. He does everything he says he is going to do. He provides great value for what he does and his prices are reasonable, He is always personally involved in his projects. I can't recommend him more highly.

Dennis and Kim Drummond Culver City
October 12, 2014

Kevin stained our concrete floor in 2006 and it still looks great! His pricing was definitely fair.
At the time we were inundated with our home remodel and constructing and doubling the size of our house. The concrete floor portion of the project, was nearly half the addition and went very smoothly. First we visited Kevin at his space where he showed us various options and colors. Then he came to look at the layout of our house. He explained how they would do the work that would be needed to the concrete that had been poured to make it a liveable environment. We needed the floor to be able to take a lot of wear and tear since we have dogs. Plus I wanted specific colors and he was able to work with the color schemes I had planned. It ended up being a mixture of three different colors. They sprayed, sealed and painted it. All these years later, it still looks great, and the upkeep is very simple.
Kevin was accommodating, efficient, and very helpful. He is a great guy who provides a wonderful service.