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“If you have an odor coming from your garbage disposal, you can throw some ice cubes & sliced lemons down there. It cleans out all the debris and sharpens the blades. Also, the more you use your disposal, the better.”—Danny

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When your pipes spring a leak, it is always a pressing matter. In that moment, you’ll want a plumber who is reliable, fairly priced, quick and totally honest. Ask his many longtime customers, and they will emphatically tell you, Danny Garcia of DG Plumbing is that guy: a big-hearted, absolutely trustworthy, smart plumber who fully commits himself to his clients’ satisfaction. “I’ve had some of the same customers since the ‘90s,” says Danny. “In all those years, I’ve never had a complaint.”

Many plumbers will extend jobs as long as possible. “I don’t do that because I want my customers to come back,” Danny says. “I also have a 30-day guarantee on all my work, so if there’s a problem, I’ll come out again at no charge.”

For emergencies, Danny is available after hours, even weekends. And he never exploits his customers when they’re experiencing a plumbing crisis: “I’ll fix the main problem when I’m working off-hours. I’ll get the sewer running or the toilet flushing,” Danny says. “Anything else that needs to be done I’ll come back to fix at regular rates.” It’s this kind of dedication, along with his ability to solve any plumbing problem, that has earned Danny the loyalty of so many customers.

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User Reviews

Connie Z. San Marino
July 06, 2017

I found Danny through Neighbor2Neighbor. He came over to work on my shower and toilet. He arrived promptly, worked efficiently and offered a great price. He is an honest person who is clear about the work that needs to be done. I was grateful for his integrity and am happy to recommend him.

Kelly South Pasadena
September 01, 2016

Danny is the best plumber I've ever had and he is trustworthy.

Ronald and Louise Marconi Pasadena
January 08, 2016

I met Danny about four months ago and when I found out he was a plumber I asked if he was interested in some work I needed. He responded yes and he has since done a couple of jobs for me. His customer service is outstanding and his prices are low for the excellent quality of work he does. I highly recommend him!

Dan C. Highland Park
December 04, 2014

As a real estate broker, I manage many apartment buildings that Danny has been servicing for the past 20 years. Danny is knowledgeable, hardworking, and very honest, which is something I deeply appreciate. He is quick to respond to phone calls and always shows up on time. If any problems ever arise, he steps up right away to take care of them. A friendly, well spoken guy who does good work at a fair price.

Richard Lewis West Hollywood
November 25, 2014

I have known Danny for 35 years, and anywhere I need a plumber, Danny goes. Whenever it comes down to it, I’ve watched him just create magic. He’s pulled off things that I can’t even imagine. As a property manager, I have a whole stable of plumbers, but the first person I always call is Danny. He is extremely honest, professional and reliable. He does what he can and what is requested and never tries to oversell like others that I work with. Danny always commits to his word. I’ve put some projects in front of him and thought, “How the heck is he going to do this?” And yet he always gets it done. I can’t speak highly enough of Danny and DG Plumbing. Stellar work.

Rachel Fonseca Pico Rivera
November 15, 2014

I’ve known and used DG Plumbing for over 25 years. Danny is awesome. He’s the only one we use. The work is very good. There is rarely any follow-up needed, though Danny is very responsive if something comes up, especially in an emergency. If we need him in a pinch, he is always able to work us into his schedule. Competitively priced and dependable. I am more than satisfied. I’ve referred Danny to all my neighbors. They all use him now and are happy with his service.

Hiroshi Mori Los Angeles
October 27, 2014

I’m a property manager and have known Danny for about ten years. He takes care of the plumbing for all of our tenants and is our personal plumber as well. Before Danny, we used a lot of other plumbers, and often times they wouldn’t show up. That is never a problem with Danny. He is always quick to respond and comes right away. He does good work, cleans up well after a job, is very professional and explains things very carefully to our tenants. Pricing is good too. Whenever there’s a problem, I call Danny!

George Stiehl Atwater Village
October 20, 2014

I’ve used DG Plumbing for close to ten years and learned about Danny from the next door neighbors and the folks at the market who have used him for even longer. He’s done everything from unclogging drains to removing and replacing fixtures and doing above floor and under floor piping. He even did an irrigation system for a friend I recommended him to. I am a retired plumbing designer, and I have to say that his work is exceptional. Danny is very reliable and his rates are very reasonable. He makes sure that the person he’s dealing with fully understands the situation they are working with and is careful to check that everything is working properly before he leaves. And he’s honest. Danny is a straight-shooter, and I’m very happy to recommend him.