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Receive one free box delivery ($40 value) when booking a move.

Label your boxes on the side so when they are stacked, you can easily see where they go.—Tim Gordon

Our Review

It puzzled Tim Gordon, owner of A Better Way To Move, that customers always remarked on feedback cards about the driver’s congeniality, or how comfortable Tim made clients feel when providing estimates. “I’d think they would have cared more about the moving job itself.” In addition to handling valuables with the utmost care, Tim’s company stands out due to its exceptional customer service.

A congenial Brit, Tim developed his own meticulous system of moving when he entered the business in 1987. “Small details matter, even down to the forms, which we design ourselves. Proper organization ensures the move goes as planned.” This approach pervades Tim’s business, which offers reasonably priced local moves. A Better Way To Move also provides prorated storage in a secure, dust-free environment.

Tim can estimate a job so accurately that he guarantees the quote (provided he has access to the entire house and nothing is added later). He also appreciates the value of a good driver: “He needs to be good at public relations, drive and load a truck carefully, and do the paperwork. I pay them well, so the good ones stay with us.”

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User Reviews

Karl N. Santa Monica
July 24, 2017

Like many people I dread moving. The process went so smoothly that I am still amazed at the quality and professionalism that the movers provided. I would recommend them without any hesitation. Truly a wonderful company that was great from start to finish!

Charles Gruber Palm Desert
July 08, 2017

It's not as if you move on a daily basis, so there would be no way to make a comparison as to who the better mover is over another. Having moved several times over the last few years, I recommend A Better Way to Move. If you want professionalism, you need A Better Way to Move. If you want courtesy, you need A Better Way to Move. If you need accuracy and care for your belongings, you need A Better Way to Move. As W. Summerset Maugham said, if you don't care about the very best, you very often get it. That's why you need, A Better Way to Move.

Jane Barger La Canada
December 16, 2015

I have used “A Better Way to Move” five times and have referred them to both friends and family. I feel safe and confident when they are moving me; they actually help relieve my moving stress. I had a really difficult move up a steep, curvy driveway that the moving truck could not use, and they managed to get my heavy furniture up and in place without incident. On one occasion they even packed boxes for me! Tim, in the office, is pleasant to work with and has always been able to accommodate my schedule.

Eliza B. Santa Monica
December 15, 2009

I’m so glad Tim used me for a reference! After my move I just had to call him and tell him it was the most fabulous move yet, the best move of my life, without a doubt! I actually feel passionate about A Better Way To Move. I want to tell everyone. They work hourly but they work as fast as they can and they actually cost less than I expected. Other companies were so expensive and I was not thrilled with the job. A Better Way is so courteous and flexible. The crew is happy to be working for Tim, too, and that that cemented it for me. Moving is always so stressful and it felt like they were really taking care of me and I was so grateful for that. They are the kind of business that I just want to spread the word about!

Joanne G. South Bay
December 03, 2009

Everything was excellent! They were very professional, patient and careful. It was just great! Tim was referred me by a friend. His prices were right on, very fair and reasonable. I wasn’t gouged but it also wasn’t such a bargain to be wary of. In fact, he got the job done so quickly with a small, efficient crew that it came in under the quote. Tim’s crew was very pleasant, start to finish.

Jennifer V. Sherman Oaks
November 23, 2009

The crew was very easy-going and very strong. They packed all our furniture carefully and lifted like crazy! Our apartment is on the second floor with no elevator and they did not scratch anything! Their crew was so nice; they just took care of everything! Tim was very upfront with the quote, with no extra charges and they stayed with their quote.

Karen P. Sherman Oaks
November 23, 2009

Tim was very straightforward and very easy to work with. He listened to me and gave me good suggestions. His crew was very careful with my big glass stuff. He got the move finished well within the time frame he proposed. His crew was really great! They were helpful with furniture placement, too. I loved them!

Jess L. Beverly Center
November 03, 2009

I have used A Better Way to move from two different apartments and I have no complaints. They were fabulous! I have used others and would rate A Better Way as excellent! They are by far the most professional, courteous and efficient.

Stacy R. Culver City
October 14, 2009

I had no problems. They were great! I will definitely use them again. I did get other bids and they were not the lowest, but still in the ballpark. They gave me a do-not-exceed quote and actually came in under the quote. Tim’s crew was professional, friendly and courteous. Nothing was broken.

Garrick Bernard Hollywood
November 23, 2009

They were great! They showed up on time and took great care of my possessions. It was an efficient, trouble-free move. We had used another company before and it wasn't a complete disaster, but I had always worried about the next move. This was by far the easiest move we have had. Their cost was on par with the other company, but the level of service was so much higher. So Better Way's price was really reasonable for the care they give and the level of service you get. I had tv's and framed artwork and everything came through fine.

Sue Leedom Beverlywood Adjacent
October 02, 2009

First of all, I can’t say enough about A Better Way! When I called for a quote, the owner himself came out to give me the estimate. I liked that he did not give me the estimate over the phone. He was a very lovely gentleman, very forthcoming with lots of information. The crew was a well-oiled team with a great sense of humor. There was not one chip on any furniture and they protected my new house. I like their box recycling program, too, and they have a good Better Business rating.

K. Chang Westchester
December 22, 2008

Can't say enough good things about Tim and his crew. Honestly, the most professional and courteous guys I've ever met. And they even came in under budget. And Tim's deal on boxes really can't be beat. HIGHLY recommend them!

M. Bernoski Mar Vista
December 14, 2008

I would absolutely recommend Tim Gordon’s A Better Way to Move.
Before the move, Tim called and helped me think through the number of boxes I might need for packing. They were delivered the next day. It was almost exactly the right number (a few extra, which they buy back).
He helped me think through the schedule and gave an almost exact estimate as to how long the move would take.
We rescheduled for a 9AM start time instead of an 8AM, so I could be sure that my family had time to get ready and have breakfast before the move began.
The movers were skillful and serious about their work while still friendly. The team leader had an amazing ability to remember which things went and which stayed, and his attention to detail was remarkable.
I never had a moment of doubt as to whether our things would be moved safely. In fact, after I showed the team leader the boxes that contained my grandmother’s china, I didn’t think about it again, knowing he would take care of it.
I admire movers—they work with people during one of the most stressful days in their lives—whether people move often or rarely, moving is stressful. The movers at A Better Way know how to work with people on that day without cynicism! It was a pleasure to meet them.

Nancy Sampson Westwood
December 02, 2008

A Better Way To Move moved us out of our house in the Palisades to a smaller place. We have been keeping some of our belongings in 13 vaults in their warehouse until we find another home we like. Tim is a gentleman. He goes out of his way for his clients – and it’s not costly. I accessed my holiday items quickly and easily for not a lot of money. And the warehouse is spotless!

Chris Farnsworth Rancho Park
November 16, 2008

I can’t say enough good things about A Better Way To Move. We paid less for them packing and moving us than other companies quoted us just for moving. The people there are incredibly friendly and nice. They asked us our preferences with everything and explained all of the charges. They actually came in under their estimate!

S. S. El Segundo
November 10, 2008

This company is fantastic! We have used them three times. The movers are courteous, professional and very careful. They don’t dilly dally. It’s an honest company. They bill you only for the time they are there. They are also incredibly reliable. They confirm when they will be at your place beforehand, and then show up on time.