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10% off engineered plans for any foundation or hillside work.

Most of the work we do is caused by poor drainage. Prevent water from flowing toward the house. Clean your gutters and grade the soil away from the foundation.—Dave Tourjé

Our Review

If you’re wondering about the crack running across the ceiling, you might want to direct your gaze downward. That crack may indicate an underlying structural problem with your foundation. Experts in hillside properties and veterans of thousands of structural and foundation repairs, the folks at Alpha Structural provide rock solid engineering and building services.

Prior to the Northridge Earthquake of 1994 there were no standard concepts for fixing foundations. David Tourjé, president of Alpha, explains: “I invented much of the retrofit hardware we used before Northridge. I paid engineers to mathematically test my new ideas. Current standard hardware is just like the hardware we used to make by hand. In 20 years, we have never had a foundation failure on any job!” Alpha fixes landslides, underpins hillside homes and redesigns drainage systems.

Today, Alpha’s in-house engineers work with the construction crew so “ideas flow laterally between the departments,” saving the client money. “With us, you hire relatively inexpensive engineers to produce effective, efficient repairs at fair prices.”

David appreciates his clients’ confidence in his company, as his industry requires a heightened level of trust. “I do radical construction. We are dealing with people’s primary investment, and when it is up on blocks they’d better believe in you!”

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User Reviews

Daniel S Los Feliz
September 25, 2017

I had Alpha Structural to my home for a consultation. They were cordial and in fact, suggested that I do not spend money for it wasn’t necessary.

Tim Degani Pasadena
November 26, 2014

I've worked with Alpha Structural twice. In 2011, they completed a “sister foundation” on my home. Initially I thought I would have to replace the original brick foundation, but Alpha was able to suggest this alternate approach which turned out to be both cheaper and less damaging to my house. Although I got several quotes for the work, I felt the most confidence in Alpha. The engineer I met with was very knowledgeable and discussed similar projects they had completed. Alpha Structural did a great job, and I've never needed any follow-up work. They stayed on schedule and on budget and cleaned up after the work was done. Last year, I hired them to build some structural walls in my basement. I was very pleased again!

Jenny M. Venice
November 05, 2014

We hired Alpha to do some extensive retrofitting and shear wall installation at our home. We were told that we would need an engineer, so I found Alpha through Angie's List. They came out to the house and explained exactly what they were going to do in a way that made us feel very comfortable. Their office staff was very responsive and they were easy to work with. The pricing is competitive and very fair for the high quality of work.

Sophia Y. Pomona
October 24, 2014

Alpha completed retrofitting work on the foundation of our house in May. They are a very hard-working, professional company. Their prices were competitive and I appreciated the easy communication with their team. The only hiccup in our project was a long, unexpected delay in the permitting process. Overall, they did a very good job and I would recommend Alpha again in a heartbeat.

L. Lopez Mt. Washington
October 01, 2014

I had a very good experience with Alpha Structural - absolutely no fault to find! I hired them to reinforce the master bedroom of my home, which had been remodeled in the 80's and was slowing leaning downhill. I needed more help than any contractor could provide. During the initial meeting, I was very impressed with Alpha's engineer. His original sketch was clear and diagnosed the problem exactly. Their prices were reasonable. I felt really comfortable with Alpha through the whole process. Alpha was on-time and on-budget. They are certainly the “Alpha Dog” in this business!

Elaine P. Pacific Palisades
September 15, 2014

I noticed that erosion had started to make the foundation of my house unsafe, so I found Alpha Structural in my neighbor2neighbor handbook and gave them a call. They were very professional and kind, fairly priced, and seemed to understand the nature of work required so I hired them without shopping around any further. Although I needed to consult geologists and the permit process was lengthy, Alpha helped me through every step and the work was actually completed in less time than I expected. Their workmanship and workmen were both wonderful, and when they finished I referred them to my neighbor across the street who needed similar repairs!

Grace L. Los Angeles
January 23, 2013

Mark Schlaich from Alpha Structural came out to give us a quote on seismic retrofitting our duplex in Highland Park. He was very knowledgeable and professional. The price was reasonable as well. The crew came out and finished the work on time. I will definitely recommend Alpha Structural.

P.A. Stumpus Brentwood
October 21, 2012

We had a flood in our home and we hired Alpha Structural to completely remodel our downstairs. They were amazing, from start to finish! They had a very professional crew that was always on top of everything and they cleaned up every day, before they left the job. Theirs was not the cheapest bid, but they were worth what we got. They were available a number of ways: by phone, email and site visits. They were on time and stayed within our budget. I’ve had a lot of experience with contractors and this was, by far the best experience yet—truly an A1 experience! I would say that the quality of their customer service is what sets them apart.

H.H. Hollywood Hills
November 02, 2009

Alpha Structural went above and beyond in repairing a retaining wall that was failing during a rainstorm and had a huge sinkhole behind it. Alpha shored it up and walked us through the entire process in how to deal with it, with the city, with the insurance, everything! They were really amazing through to the end solution. They were very patient. We had them in the pipeline for six months while we dealt with the insurance company. They were there every step of the way. We finally were able to pull the trigger. Theycame in and repaired everything that a previous contractor had done. We spoke with several other companies as well as Alpha, but Dave and Mark were the most responsive, knowledgeable and the most focused for what we needed. We compared pricing and Alpha is very fair—not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive. They were very, very fair with everything. They treated the job site as though it were their own home, and always left it clean and tidy, no mess. The job took them about six weeks—they finished a little ahead of schedule and on budget. We added a couple of things and they took in stride. We could get ahold of them at any time. I’m dealing with other contractors right now and I am having to pull permits and do other legwork. Alpha did it all. Alpha is great. Amazing.

Joseph Hoffman Eagle Rock
October 05, 2009

Since we moved into our hillside house we have had water seeping into the bedroom and bathroom on the lower level. Alpha analyzed the hillside, digging down nine feet. They are local to the area so they really know the soil here. They sealed the foundation and placed new piping in the rock. They found that water was running along the wall boards. They redesigned the very large drain - that had been damaged - that carries water from the gutters and the driveway. We had to hire an independent geological company to verify that the work was done right. Alpha had done everything right. The compatibility of the workers was also really nice to see. The foreman, the engineer and the workers all worked together for the common purpose to solve my problem. The finisher was great. They did a rock salt finish which creates an interesting texture. The engineer was so excited about the finish that he called my wife over when he was spraying the walk so she could see it was just what she wanted. Alpha’s initial bid never changed, although we had them do some additional work that changed the price.

Aurora Abinilla Arcadia
October 03, 2009

When we pulled up the carpet in our hillside home, we saw a crack in the floor. My daughter is a structural engineer and she thought it was a foundation problem. She asked around in the industry for a good company and chose Alpha Structural. Dave saw it and agreed it was a structural problem and gave us a quote. They came on a Tuesday and left the following Monday. They were very professional. They are experts in hillside homes; soil movement on a hill is different from flat ground. Their quote seemed fair; I asked another guy who was doing work on our house to call around for another quote and Alpha’s was comparable. They did a great job and cleaned up everything afterward!

Melissa T. Ocean Park
September 22, 2009

We loved them! They came in on time and the only over-budget had to do with unforeseeable events. We are doing a major remodel right now and found out that our foundation that we thought was concrete is brick! Once we started moving the plumbing, I decided to do more. I was pleased with everything they did and everything passed inspection the first time. Ocean Park is the hardest place to get permits and Alpha Structural took care of them, quickly and efficiently. They have been just fabulous! There are really only two other companies that have their experience doing sister foundations, and along with their recommendations, their estimate just made more sense. They are easy to get a hold of. In fact, just this last week I needed to get a drawing from them and they sent it right over, with no charge. That was really sweet of them. I am impressed with Alpha Structural.

Cheryl G. Beverly Hills
August 24, 2009

My house had been sinking since 2001, when an earthquake ran under my house in Beverly Hills. I called two other companies who failed to help. Alpha Structural came out, did everything up to code and I could not be happier! They used high pressure cement which does not shrink as it dries; one of the other companies did not. It’s so important that they work to code, such a good thing! They also wrote out the scheduled payments up front on the estimate, so we knew what to expect, with their clear communication. Their workers are very nice and always on time. They did a geological survey and had to dig down six feet in some places and fourteen feet in others. It was all a process and when all was said and done, there was no need for any follow up. It was done correctly in the first place. I can recommend them highly.