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Before you call an electrician due to a power failure, try rebooting your service by turning all your power off and then on again. Most of the time the problem is just a flipped breaker.—Manuel

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Manuel Fernando of AOD Electric has been an electrician since 1976 and has done it all: residential, commercial, industrial. He can rewire a house, set up surround sound, hook up a steambath unit, install landscape lighting—you name it. He also upgrades panels and circuits for air conditioning, which can save you money on HVAC installation.

A native New Mexican, he came to Los Angeles at fifteen to work in his brother’s contracting business and has been hands-on ever since, picking up his C10 license along the way. He has taught several family members the trade, and they make a highly competent and fastidious team, always putting safety first when on the job. “If I ever spot inconsistencies, I immediately point them out to the customer.” Likewise, if something should fritz or break, he’s back in a flash. “Customer service is paramount. If something’s not right I fix it immediately. I stand behind my work.”

Punctual, polite, experienced and reasonably priced, Manuel’s work sells itself. He has a loyal customer base and takes great pleasure in “helping out my fellow man by doing what I do best.”

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User Reviews

Grace Franz Glendale
January 05, 2016

I’ve known Manny a really long time, maybe 20 years now. He’s done a lot of electrical work for us. Manny is wonderful. He always takes care of the job and completes it well the first time, no issues, no complaints. Most of all, Manny’s a really nice guy with a fun, bubbly personality. He is very responsible. Whenever we have a problem, we call Manny.

Tom Jones Monrovia
December 16, 2015

I live in Northern California now, but worked with Manny for several years when I lived in the San Gabriel Valley. Manny was always Johny-on-the-spot with projects. He was always responsive, always on time, always clean, always dressed appropriately and always accountable. As a contractor, I really rely on my subs to deliver quality work. I never once heard anything negative about Manny. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Joe Davis Pasadena
December 16, 2015

I’ve known Manny for the past 12 years and met him through his nephew, who is also an electrician. I’ve not only used Manny at my home, but have referred him to friends and family as well. He does really quality work and is great at communicating throughout a project. He is 100% professional. I’m also a contractor and Manny is great working with my clients. He is very experienced. He’s been doing this a long time. I can’t ever recall him needing to come back after he completes a job.

Tom Ferguson Ferguson Construction Company, San Gabriel
December 15, 2015

I have worked with Manny since 1984. Manny always has a positive attitude and does what he says he’s going to do. He’s accommodating and always tries to fit you in when time is of the essence.

Luz H. Whittier
December 11, 2015

I found Manny in neighbor2neighbor and had him do some work at my family home. He had to re-wire the entire home and upgrade the old electrical panel. My family really enjoyed working with Manuel. He was responsive, helpful and had a lot of suggestions. We obtained bids from two other electricians before choosing Manny. We felt he was right for the job, not just because of the price but because Manny is bilingual. That was a key consideration for my family since my parents would be interacting with him on a daily basis.

We also appreciate the personal touch that he brings to his work. My father can be very particular about the space of the home and cleanliness. We let Manny know and he and his workmen were very sensitive to this request. Everything went smoothly. The work was done within the estimate and in a timely manner.

After the work was completed, we asked Manny to give us an appraisal for work at another property. Manuel was responsive and despite a long drive in the middle of rush hour, he was on time. We would definitely use him again and recommend him to friends without hesitation.—Luz H., Whittier

Grace Franz Glendale
December 10, 2015

I’ve known Manny a really long time, maybe 20 years now. He’s done a lot of electrical work for us. Manny is wonderful. He always takes care of the job and completes it well the first time, no issues, no complaints. Most of all, Manny’s a really nice guy with a fun, bubbly personality. He is very responsible. Whenever we have a problem, we call Manny.

Purificacion Escudero Bel Air
September 08, 2015

MANUEL FERNANDO has done several jobs in our property in Bel-Air and we had a great experience personally and professionally. And always the best prices.

Gillian C. Culver City
October 24, 2014

I have worked with Manuel over the course of 10 months for a remodeling project. Manuel has been my favorite person that I got to work with throughout this process, and I have hired about 12 different contractors. Manuel is really amiable, easy to work with, and easy to talk to. He made himself available for each step of the project, was very clear and direct and let me know everything I needed to do, so I could make sound decisions. This was my first time acting as general contractor, so I really appreciated that. He fosters total trust. At the time of hire, I interviewed several electricians for the job, and chose Manuel based on punctuality, reliability, prices, and demeanor. I will hire him again in the future.

Raoul Balcaen Little Holmby
October 07, 2013

I found Manuel through neighbor2neighbor a couple of years ago and have had him do a number of jobs. He has installed wireless receptors, switching, track lighting and down-spot lighting. Manuel is very knowledgeable—I've got a little background in electrical, and I can tell that he gets the job done well. He is thorough and professional, on time, on budget and his rates are reasonable. He is also very creative and had some great lighting suggestions which I have used.

Harry Block Mount Olympus
May 30, 2013

The power went out in my area, but I thought it was a problem in my house. AOD came and checked it out. He spent some time checking out the system and said it was DWP's issue. Of course I had to pay for his time but there was a bit of a misunderstanding on pricing. I was so impressed with Manny because when I questioned him about the price, he was fair with me and more than willing to drop the price to what I had understood. Most guys would have taken the money and run. Manny is a very fair and honest person. So much so that that I decided to pay him the extra $20!

Patrick O’Donnell, Canoga Park
November 26, 2009

I am a general contractor. I recommend Manny’s work. The quality is excellent. He is dependable—he will call if he is running a few minutes late. He is accurate with his bids. He is less expensive than other people who offer his level of quality work.

Sidra Franklin Design West Hollywood
May 02, 2009

I have used Manny for many years in my interior design work. He is such a nice guy! Really responsible—he shows up and has good follow through. He has done many different types of jobs for me, from rewiring, to hanging fixtures to intricate work. I could give you a long list of contractors who are not reliable. The hardest part of my job is finding people who are responsible, do good work and have good follow up. Manny is good with all of that and that’s why I use him. His pricing is also very fair.

Cory Jacobs West Hills
April 16, 2009

I’m an interior designer. Manny has worked on my own home as well as in many of my clients’ homes. He is really good at what he does and he shows up when he says he will. He is very fair priced.

David Van Slyke Culver City
March 28, 2009

Manny is very thorough. He did electric work on my home and in my postproduction studio. The studio is a very challenging space and he came up with some great solutions. I couldn’t have light protruding down from the ceiling in one room because the ceiling was low, so Manny embedded mini lights. He also installed some complicated ribbon lights. He is a great guy to work with. Really solid. And cost effective!

Diana Saeed
February 27, 2009

I called this gentleman out and he was prompt and came on time. He quoted me a price and said his workers would come out and do it. Which is odd since after I looked up his license it said the company had zero employees.

Saundra B. Mid-Wilshire
February 02, 2009

Manny is a true find! He has done everything from installing all the electrical in our 4000 square foot retail store to ceiling fans in our home. He is honest, reasonable, and fair.

Allen Williams Woodland Hills
January 13, 2009

I have worked with Manny for a dozen years. I always have an excellent experience with him. He has done my security lighting outside, all our interior lighting, recessed lights, and a home theatre with surround sound. He is really good – he’s been doing this forever! He’s been able to handle every job I have ever given him. His pricing is fair and he is also just a terrific person.