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Bundy’s Lock & Safe Co., Inc.Read User Reviews

Before you call a locksmith try putting some lubricant in the lock. A little WD-40 or graphite will do the trick. You can even run a pencil over the key. If you keep your lock lubed and maintained, it’ll still be working for you twenty years from now.—Dennis Smith

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Remember when you could go get a key made and it would work on the first try? Ever wonder where the guys who knew how to fix things went? Well, they’re over at Bundy’s Lock and Safe, still cutting keys, repairing and installing locks and safes, with over 80 years in the same location.

The storefront has an Old West vibe, and Dennis and his manager Bill are the Sherriff and the Deputy, fielding calls and overseeing their friendly staff of eight highly-trained locksmiths.

“Our job is not to sell you one more lock, our job is to make the lock do what you want it to do,” says Dennis, a burly, salt-of-the-earth guy with an easy demeanor. “If that means you got rid of your husband and its time to re-key your house, we re-key your house. If you were robbed and you think your home is not secure, we can do a security check.”

Bundy’s Lock and Safe offers values big home supply centers cannot: high-level competence, specialized service and personalized customer care. “We take care of customers as if they were our own mothers. That’s how we get repeat business, and that’s how we’re still here after eighty years.”

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User Reviews

Misha Babayan West Los Angeles
January 22, 2015

Bundy Lock & Safe has been doing the locks for our building since the late 80’s. They rekeyed my whole building and designed a system for us. They service my building whenever we need to change the locks for new tenants or adjust them if something is not right. They are really reliable, very honest, and very professional. Their pricing is very fair and whatever they quote, they stick to it. They come when they say they will. They aren’t great just because it’s me! They do this with everybody! They service their clients very professionally. They have been taking care of our building for so many years and I’m very happy with them.

Richard Orana, M and S Automotive, Inc. Westwood
November 26, 2009

I’ve been dealing with Bundy’s since before Dennis took over from his uncle. They are top notch in quality and pricing, and very conscientious about their reputation. They are honest and when you call they always answer the phone. We have used him for our homes and businesses. Even for automotive jobs. They can handle just about anything! Dennis is 100% with me!

Jack Fischman Westwood
November 13, 2009

Dennis and Kathy are great people. I’ve worked with them for over 10 years and Dennis has been with Bundy’s over 30 years. He has a mind like a computer and whatever Dennis doesn’t know about locks hasn’t been invented. Bill, the manager is terrific, too. And don’t forget Sheba, a real boxer with ears and a tail. She’s not too shabby, either! Dennis is an old-fashioned business person, a real neighborhood guy. He’s a throw-back to the ‘Yes, Sir. No, Sir’ days. You won’t find nicer people.

Ernie Wolfe Westwood
October 26, 2009

Fantastic! The people at Bundy’s are courteous, punctual and professional. Dennis is extremely knowledgeable and reasonably priced. Any oddball lock situation, he’s seen it and fixed it all! He is very straight forward and will tell you up front if he can or cannot fix it. He’s as good a guy you could hope for.