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When meeting a contractor for the first time, trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.—Craig Carlson

Our Review

Would it set your mind at ease if you could test a contractor’s skill and professionalism on a small project before hiring him for a major remodel? Craig Carlson of CC Construction willingly takes on such work, declaring, “No job is too small.” Over two decades, Craig has earned a reputation as one of the Westside’s most competent, reliable builders.

Craig learned from his father “to do a job right the first time” when he and his brothers were enlisted to remodel their family home. Craig sticks with any problem, ensuring that his work meets his high standards. “I’ve had to redo a lot of sub-par work done by other contractors in my clients’ homes,” he says.

Clients we spoke with appreciated the caliber of Craig’s work, his sound judgment, and the fact that he does not cut corners.

Respect for the homeowner comes through in the care Craig and his workers take on the jobsite. They always clean up thoroughly at the end of the day. CC employees are selected not only for their skills, but also for their reliability, courtesy, and sense of responsibility.

Craig’s intelligence and his easygoing personality make him a pleasure to have around the house—a crucial consideration when choosing a contractor who might spend months at your home during a remodel. “I can call up anyone I have worked for and have dinner with them. I am able to forge lasting relationships with my customers because their satisfaction is my main goal.”

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User Reviews

Laurie Hansen Venice
January 11, 2017

I give Craig Carlson my highest recommendation. In addition to being an excellent, knowledgeable and versatile contractor, he takes great pride in his work and sincerely enjoy enjoys what he does, which makes the project a lot more fun. Craig is helping me with a garage conversion, and has proven himself to be reliable, thorough and very fairly priced. He has great craftspeople to bring in as needed, and I have recommended him to several friends.

Pamela N. West Los Angeles
December 27, 2016

I’ve used Craig Carlson Construction twice now and all I can say is the quality of their workmanship is unsurpassed. I will only use CC Construction for any future needs. Equally as important, Craig has the utmost character and integrity. They feel like family to me. That is a hard to find combination when it comes to home renovation and is truly priceless.

Paul Baker Long Beach
December 20, 2016

We’ve used Craig Carlson for the past 10 years. Whenever I have a job that’s too big for me to handle, he’s the one I call. He is very intelligent and has a great imagination. I can show him a pencil sketch and he can fill in the details to bring our ideas to life. When you talk to him about a project, you can tell he’s really listening and understands you. He’s built two decks for us, put in some doors and did a fantastic job building some steps with planters. Most importantly, he shows up on time and sees his work through to completion. He is also very communicative. The quality of work he offers makes him worth the cost.

Michele Mid-City, Los Angeles
December 20, 2016

Craig Carlson is an exceptionally skilled, honest and reliable contractor. His carpentry work is excellent and the subcontractors he collaborates with are all of the same caliber. We have worked with Craig numerous times on jobs of all sizes and, most recently, the major kitchen remodel he did for us turned out beautifully. All in all, I would highly recommend CC Construction!

George R. Mar Vista
December 05, 2014

It's always difficult finding the right contractor to do certain jobs - and I had a lot of accumulated stuff to do in my house. I found Craig in the n2n handbook and he was very pleasant and gave me a reasonable estimate. Everything was done superbly on the job, he is an excellent contractor and all of the people he brought in to do sub work were experienced and nice to deal with. Craig is very skilled, efficient and overall it was a very good experience. Craig is my go-to contractor from now on.

Tamara H. Culver City
November 18, 2014

I have been working with Craig for the last eight years. I have had him work on many small jobs, but recently I hired him as the general contractor on the construction of a new guest house on my property. He did everything: framing, windows, doors, finish work, etc. I even had him build a porch from a picture I had printed off the internet and he executed it perfectly.

All of his subs were top-notch, experienced and trustworthy. The were very good at thinking about the project as a whole and never just did their little bit and left, but would bring opportunities for improvements to my attention. I always felt comfortable having them in my home whether I was there or not.

If you want someone who will do the job right the first time, then Craig Carlson is the guy.

Sandy Hall West LA
January 16, 2015

I was looking for someone I could trust to rehabilitate a house that had been leased to tenants for quite some time. The house needed painting inside and out, new flooring, and work on the sprinklers and the AC. Craig and his crew were reliable and responsible and did beautiful work. Trust was an important factor for me as the house is fifty miles away from where I live and I couldn't run out there every day to oversee the work. Craig was very personable and easy to work with and I am very happy with the job he did.

Diana Faulk Mar Vista
January 10, 2015

Craig is truly an extremely skilled and conscientious contractor (which makes him a rare find!). He has an eye for aesthetics, presents great suggestions on how to remedy a problem making it structurally sound (and look fantastic as well. ) I'm guessing this comes from vast experience. Easy to work with, reliable, trustworthy, he really cares about his client's opinions and preferences. His crew seem to be extremely high quality and just as conscientious. Craig and Dan are great at what they do, efficient, (waste no time), absolutely professional, put the client first and take great pride in their craftsmanship. I'm sincerely lucky to have found Craig and his crew to work with.

Margaret A. Westchester
October 11, 2014

Craig has done a lot of work for us over the years. He remodeled our bathroom and replaced all our fencing and gates as well as the windows on our house. We always call him back because we know we’ll get high-quality, solid craftsmanship from him. He takes great pains to make sure his work lasts. I would highly recommend him to anybody.

Dave T. El Segundo
October 15, 2013

We call Craig "MacGyver" because he's always coming up with a simple solution to problems that seem very complex or unusual. For instance when I first built my house, we didn't have a mantle over the fireplace. I couldn't figure out a way of putting a mantle on it without tearing out the stone, but Craig figured out a way of putting a beam up that would carry the mantle and he enclosed the whole thing in oak. It just looks wonderful—I've never seen anything like it before. He works with my ideas and makes them real.

I can't say enough good things about him and his workmanship. It's beyond belief sometimes. I've been in construction my whole life and and I've seen all kinds of work done by so-called high quality, grade A contractors. He does an equal job, but his prices are better. I have visited a few of his other job sites and seen that he is just as creative there as he is at my house.

Helen H. Manhattan Beach
October 14, 2013

I hear so many people complain about their contractors, but Craig Carlson is amazing. He's so creative, he really is an artist.
Craig built my daughter a tree house, when she was five. He sat down with her and they drew up plans together and she told him what she wanted, and it was any kid's dream house, with winches and everything.

Before he starts a job he sits down and thinks about it and how it will all work. He is just meticulous and is always looking for a way to reuse materials and save his clients money. He never tries to sell me on stuff I don't need and would never sign off on a job unless it was perfect. If something doesn't quite work, he will go back and fix it until it is right. He wouldn't let people be unhappy.

He's easy to reach and keeps in touch via text. He has never left me hanging. All of his subs are incredible too, because he knows they are a reflection on him—from the tile guy to the glazier, they all do beautiful work, and they are all just really nice, regular people who love what they do.

Honestly, I think he could charge more for the work he does. I am saving up to have him redo my master bathroom next. I wouldn't have anybody else do it. Craig's a good one.

Peggy Westchester
October 08, 2013

Over the years I've used Craig Carlson's services for a number of home-related projects. Whether small or big (i.e., kitchen remodel) the quality of his company's work is always outstanding, as well as on time and on budget.

Robert Richards Santa Monica
September 05, 2013

CC Construction repaired an outdoor rear stairway on a two story apartment building that required completion deadline set by the insurance company. Craig Carlson did the work on time and maintained the daily work schedule just as he said he would.

Carlson's work is excellent. Carlson uses quality materials and the estimate for the work was very reasonable. The work site was left clean each day and the crew never left a mess. It was such a pleasant experience that I would call upon Craig Carlson with absolute confidence.

Carol King Malibu
November 30, 2010

I found Craig in neighbor2neighbor. Craig is so very honest, old school, and up front, with a handshake as a contract. His daughter, Justine, worked with him in the summer as a major go-fer, carrying huge beams on the site. She worked as hard as he did! I feel like Craig is my guard dog. When I wasn’t home, he has never left the house unattended. He and my husband hit it off. My husband says, “Craig is a guy you want to have dinner with!” He was at our door at 6:30 every day. He appreciates that our time is just as important as his. He is a comfort to work with, trustworthy and hardworking. I ask a lot of questions and Craig sometimes told us that we could save money by not doing some of the stuff we thought we wanted to do. He also advised us how to do some of the work ourselves, to save money. We are going to use him again soon. We have to replace all of the French doors in the house, thousands of dollars worth of work. Craig said to just do a couple at a time. He is very accommodating! In the beginning I called five other contractors. Three of them were great but what swayed me was Craig’s attitude! He comes across as, “I am honest. I am good at what I do. I am choosing you, too.” And that worked for me!

Pat Schneider Westchester
November 22, 2010

When I first called Craig to remodel our kitchen, our chemistry just clicked! He is extremely punctual and he and his crew completely clean up at the end of each day of work. He is always very responsive to my calls and never hesitates to get back to me. In addition to the new kitchen, Craig has put in new windows, updated our bathrooms and put in a walk-in closet. His co-worker, Daniel, even came out personally to replace a light bulb in the cupola on the top of my house. All the subs that work for and with Craig are so nice! At first, his bid seemed high, but after the work was finished, we came out way ahead of the ballgame!

V. Wentzell Culver City
November 20, 2010

I’ve got the family doctor, the family lawyer and the family contractor: Craig Carlson. I found Craig in your neighbor2neighbor handbook. He remodeled two bathrooms for us. He demolished them down to the studs—a tedious job! They look like completely new bathrooms, which they are! Everything he does looks so beautiful. He has done some smaller jobs for us, too. He replaced some windows with top quality products. Craig works the old-fashioned way—he does it right! He also keeps an eye on his subs to make sure they do the job right, too. I leave the house keys with him when he is here and I never worry. That’s why I’m keeping him on retainer. He is easy to work with, friendly and patient. His workmanship is high quality. My dad was a contractor so I know what “good” looks like. Craig is very professional, honest and frank. He tells the truth, with no baloney! A man of integrity!

Dave Taylor El Segundo
November 09, 2010

I have used CC Construction for years! I’m a retired plumbing contractor and have worked construction all my life. I worked on high-end custom homes along the Manhattan Beach strand. Craig could easily work on the strand with the other craftsman. He’s that good! He’s so responsible, I just hand him the keys and have no worries! I own a couple of commercial industrial buildings and Craig has replaced water-damaged fascia. He also changed out water damaged windows and decks on an apartment building I own, as well as worked with me on house remodels. An all-round good guy to work with! He comes up with excellent, creative ideas I have not seen done before. Things always work out well with CC Construction on the job. His bids are right in the middle. He does not “work out of his truck,” if you know what I mean. His attitude and approach to life, the way he speaks to people, makes him unique. Plain-talking, and straight-forward. An honest guy!

Doris Orechwa El Segundo
October 30, 2010

For Craig, I would do anything! He came onto a job at our house seventeen years ago. The most amazing thing he did for us was to fix a ten-foot arched window that was leaking. It was a huge issue for us! He built a whole new window casing and framed the window in. It is still in perfect condition. He recently rebuilt the bay window in our 1929 home. C C Construction shows up when they say they will. They were here for almost two weeks and cleaned up everyday they were here. He also has a trustworthy crew. I had no qualms leaving my house when they were there. Craig is easy to communicate with. He doesn’t just do what we say if it might be the wrong thing to do. He recognizes that we are the laymen and he is the professional. He is always accessible. I highly recommend him.

Ken Nelson El Segundo
September 14, 2010

I found Craig in neighbor2neighbor. He did two bathrooms and a kitchen remodel for me. His pricing is honest and fair; his bid was right in the middle. I felt like he was working on his own house. He gave us his opinions up front. His helper, Daniel is outstanding and he brought in top-notch subs. Craig is easy to communicate with and never cuts corners. We were just very comfy with Craig around.

Debra Delaney Westchester
September 10, 2010

Craig Carlson with C C Construction is excellent! They take pride in what they do. He has done work for us since we bought our house fourteen years ago. We bought it from the original owner and nothing had been done to it. He replaced all the rotting window frames in the house with Milgard windows. We have had no leakage and no one from the city coming to tell us we have the wrong kind of frames. Craig is reputable and reliable; his pricing is fair and he is just good at what he does! He feels like family. This year he replaced a glass door, the entire frame and threshold. His employees are great, too. They clean up every day they are here. He carries a notebook with him and writes things down and then follows through with phone calls. He really cares about me and the work he does for me. He is trustworthy and conscientious; a true man of his word. I think everyone should know about Craig Carlson.

Jeri Rozadilla Playa del Rey
August 30, 2010

I have been using Craig Carlson of CC Construction since 1991. He’s the greatest. Craig is precision on wheels, a true craftsman. He understands exactly what I want and that’s hard to find these days.

Jeanie and George Pelzman El Segundo
February 13, 2008

Craig is the hero of our life and the creator of our beautiful home. He is an awesome, fabulous, creative guy – as well as a nice person! He did a major remodel on our house. He was honest, punctual and reliable. He used top quality materials. He used drop cloths and vacuumed at the end of the day so our house was clean and tidy whenever he left.

Diane Christopher El Segundo
February 13, 2008

I was pleased to find a craftsman in Craig. He has sound judgment and is very particular. Everything he built for us will last a long time. He started out building a bay window for us, but we kept hiring him for more work when we saw how good he was. Even the inspector commented on the high quality of his work.

Mark Sailor Venice
February 13, 2008

With Craig’s help, I’ve been slowly restoring my 1914 bungalow to its historic authenticity. Craig has custom beveled a lot of wood for the siding, and for the trim for the windows and doors so it fits with the original wood. Craig and his sidekick, Daniel, have a really good work ethic. I know they are doing their best the whole time they are here.

J.K. Manhattan Beach
February 08, 2008

Craig is a man of unquestionable character and honesty. He does really fine work and stands behind it. He can really brainstorm to think of ways to solve a problem.

Marie Fligston Culver City
February 05, 2008

You can hardly find the high caliber of work you get with Craig anymore. He has worked on three different homes for me, doing everything from replacing windows, to a major remodel. Craig’s a terrific guy – very conscientious. A rare breed. He’s mid to upper priced, but you get what you pay for. You aren’t unhappy when he leaves, that’s for sure!