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To prevent damage to the plaster around your shower and tub, have your plumber repair any leaks around the valves of your fixtures, and maintain the caulking around the tile.—Charles Scira

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Tired of staring at a nasty crack in your wall, but not prepared to redo the entire house? “No job is too small,” says Charles Scira, a fourth generation plasterer specializing in drywall, exterior stucco, and interior plaster repair. Clients praise his expertise in precisely matching existing textures. Charles can also create custom textures to your specs. With 40 years’ experience, Charles has mastered his craft: “First you learn the skill, then comes the art.”

Many people make the mistake of hiring a painter to repair their drywall, plaster or stucco. Charles explains: “Painting on top of mismatched texture does not look good. You need the tools and the skill to make the wall look consistent.”

Clients value Charles for the thoroughness of his work, from diagnosing and repairing the problem to cleanup. “It doesn’t matter that you have done a great job if you leave a mess,” remarks Charles. He works solo, giving each project his undivided attention.

Charles’ unique talent has saved many owners of historical homes from purchasing complete re-plastering jobs. His work was written up in the LA Times when he repaired the exterior stucco on Abbot Kinney’s 100-year-old home in Venice.

“I take real pride in my work. My kids hate to drive past my former jobsites because I always point out what I did. They tease me, but I get a kick out of it!”

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User Reviews

J.S. Santa Monica
September 11, 2015

Charles Scira is insanely good at what he does! He fixed so many terrible things so well—with his secret cement mix he makes himself. He was generous and flexible about fixing more than I originally thought I needed and made the exterior of my 1935 house look brand new. I don't think you could find a plasterer more solid or hard working than Charles.

Barbara Greyhosky Hollywood Hills
January 08, 2015

I found Charlie through neighbor2neighbor. I needed a section of my ceiling re-plastered and he was extremely accommodating, since I was on a time schedule with other remodeling. He was in and out of my house in about four hours and did a great job. Plastering is a messy job, but Charlie has it down to a science and I had no clean-up issues.

C.G. Baldwin Hills
December 30, 2014

Charlie repaired peeling stucco around the perimeter of my house and did an excellent job. He has his own formula for mixing the stucco and the texture is a perfect match. Charlie was friendly, prompt and kept me informed each day. He also repaired other cracks that were not part of the contract. Charlie takes pride in his work and loves what he does. His price was very reasonable and I am extremely pleased with the finished product. I highly recommend Charlie.

Susan W. West Los Angeles
November 13, 2013

Charlie replastered part of my bathroom that had water damage. He did a good job and was fair with me. He knows what he's doing because he's been doing this for thirty years and that's the kind of person I like to work with.

Bob Riedy Santa Monica
October 08, 2013

I have had Charlie work on my Spanish house several times. He rebuilt and replastered the wall around a patio and also went through my entire house repairing cracks. He also worked on the roof. His work is very good as is his customer service. He is a very forthcoming, nice guy to talk to. His pricing is reasonable and I wouldn't hesitate to call him back.

Marian Alexander Westchester
September 05, 2013

My parents put an extension on their house in the 1950's, and there has always been a lump in the kitchen ceiling plaster where the old part met the new part. It was a bone of contention between them for years and something they tried to fix every time they painted. I saw Charlie Scira in neighbor2neighbor and thought I'd finally get it fixed. I made an appointment and he arrived on time and didn't try to drive the price up by doing extra things I didn't ask for. Everything he promised he delivered. His cleanup was as he promised, and so efficient. It was so wonderful to work with him, his personality is so delightful. His outstanding customer service was reminiscent of years gone by. Charles was absolutely everything that was written on him in n2n: a master at plastering and an artist of the highest caliber. He really takes pride in his work. I only wish my parents could have met Charles and could have seen how easy it was to get the ceiling fixed, with so little effort at such a reasonable cost.

LeeAnn Lantos Marina Del Rey
December 03, 2010

Charlie has done a lot of work on our house. He's really an artist. He's a third generation stucco artist and takes a lot of pride in his work. He blends the new stucco in with the old stucco so that you cannot see any difference. He takes in the whole design of the house when making decisions and tries to enhance it with the work he's doing. When the job is done I feel like its going to hold up and we won't have to do it again. My house looks better now than before Charlie got involved with it.

He is also very warm and personable and I never have any qualms about having him work on the house when I'm not there. All my neighbors love him. Charlie is the best, working with him is always a positive experience.

Margaret Lewis Hollywood
April 25, 2013

Charles Scira is amazing. He is a true professional in all respects. This is the third time we have used him, and we would not feel comfortable calling anyone else. From the way he protects your environment where the work is done, to his excellent skill as a craftsmen, who matches your existing plaster exactly (as if it was never even redone), and finally his clean up at the end (as if nothing ever happened in your house) he is truly amazing! 11 out of 10, and the nicest guy too.

B. Kasdan Beverlywood adjacent
May 10, 2011

Charlie Scira just finished stuccoing my front walls and he was wonderful. He actually called to confirm, showed up on time, was very neat and did terrific work. The man knows stucco! I would recommend him highly - he was a pleasure to deal with.

Dolores Harrelson Culver City
February 07, 2011

Charlie's stucco patching is seamless. Five years ago Charlie saved me from restuccoing my whole house due water damage from the sprinklers. I started having problems recently in some of the other areas so he came by and fixed it all up. He went to Cox Paints and got them to do a custom mix to perfectly match the existing color. You cannot tell where the patchwork was done and I KNOW where it is! After he works, the place is always cleaner than when he came. Everything is swept up and hosed down. Charlie is such a dear and totally honest!

Peter Lewis Hollywood
October 05, 2010

Charlie repaired our ceiling where an A/C humidifier had leaked, and had caused the plaster to fall down. He put the plaster and base layer up so well, that when the A/C leaked again recently (due to a faulty A/C company), his was the only plastering that stayed up... all the surrounding plaster fell down, but the work Charlie did stuck fast, undamaged!

Charlie is on time, friendly, fair and keeps you informed from beginning the job, to when it is over (if he finds any changes not anticipated). His job was done perfectly on time, and truly professionally. It was a perfect match, and once painted looked exactly the way the surrounding plaster looked. It would appear he can match any job he takes on, and is also a really great person to talk to. He was exactly on time... and on budget too! His pricing was fair completely fair. We could not have found a better job... and he also fit us in and came over in an emergency!

It would be very difficult to improve on Charlie... he is perfect in all respects!

Lee An Lantos Marina del Rey
October 03, 2010

Charlie Scira is truly an expert at what he does. He did a really big job for me that involved scaffolding. My house looks great. A few of my neighbors have used him, too. The reason I chose Charlie from neighbor2neighbor is because of his extreme enthusiasm and honesty! He cleans up thoroughly EVERY NIGHT! He even came back on a Sunday to bring his wife to show her his work. He is very proud of what he does, as he should be! He is truly an artist! Charlie is a great guy and a joy to have around.

Branwyn S. El Segundo
December 23, 2009

First, what I really want to say is that I call Charlie, King Charles, the Master of Plaster. After going through this remodel experience, and working with so many other workmen, I see that he really likes what he does and honestly seems to care. He eats, sleeps and breathes plaster. I had gotten some other bids. In this day and age he is a rare breed; he really knows his stuff! My husband and I are thrilled to meet someone so dedicated to his business. Showing up on time when he said he will is huge! The cleanliness was huge! He is a stickler about spending time to prep. After he had done some work for us, we had an electrician in who cut some holes in the wall. Charlie came back to patch things up and even the electrician was impressed! Charles replicated the original Old Spanish-style plaster work. He really gets into it! Charles even gave us some good advice on a ceiling in another room because he saw how much we care about our house and he cares, too. We got Charles from neighbor2neighbor. He was with Craig, whom we also love. We figured that if Craig liked him, we would be in good hands. I am so happy. I can’t say enough!

Nicholas Garside Santa Monica
December 05, 2009

I found Charlie in neighbor2neighbor. When I read the review on him, he sounded ideal and I was more than happy with the job he did for us. He did some exterior plaster work that had to blend into the existing finish and it looks fabulous! He did an excellent job at a reasonable price.

Jack Sutton Pacific Palisades
November 22, 2009

Charlie is phenomenal! Truly an artist! Our Spanish style house was built in 1926. We have been working on the house since 1974 and it’s been a lot of work. We replaced a kitchen door and windows. Charlie did inside plaster work and outside stucco. He was most helpful. We literally had to tear out an entire wall. Charlie advised us about the best way to finish it. He gave us really good input about how to approach the project. He is a creative problem solver. The outside stucco job is masterful, too. The second job Charlie worked on with us was to redo the den. It had water damage and we worked on the walls and ceiling. You literally can’t tell where we did the new work, as it blends in with the existing so well. A perfect match! He will be back again for our next remodel in the back of the house. We read about Charlie in neighbor2neighbor and really didn’t do too much shopping around. We trusted n2n! Charlie is a great resource on restoration issues. Another thing I appreciate about Charlie is that he really looks at the job from both his perspective, regarding his time as well as ours. He said we really did not need to do some things we thought we should do. He helped us determine what to do and what not to do. The house is better than it was in the beginning!

Dr. Pekary Los Angeles
November 10, 2007

Charlie has worked for me on many jobs, including an apartment building in which one of the tenants broke a hot water pipe. I was worried about mold. Charlie started remediation immediately, cutting open the walls and ceilings. After it was dry, he patched the holes perfectly. You can’t tell anything happened. I give Charlie an A++. I don’t know what I’d do without him. His prices are reasonable, and he does a first class job.

D. Harrelson Culver City
November 06, 2007

Charlie is delightful, honest, punctual and NEAT! I thought I would have to sandblast my house, but he re-stuccoed the bottom third of the building. He matched it so perfectly even the painters couldn’t believe their eyes. He saved me so much money! He also explained to me how to prevent further damage by moving the sprinklers.

Mark Ryavec Venice
November 05, 2007

Charlie is an artist. He has restored both the exterior stucco and interior plaster of my 100-year old house. I was impressed that he was able to strengthen and re-coat the original plaster in the living room, which was badly cracked and in some instances falling off the ceiling, instead of taking it out and drywalling it. None of the cracks have come back after four years. I learned from Charlie that the re-finished old plaster is stronger and has a more attractive appearance than new drywall.

G. Johnson Hollywood
December 03, 2005

I used Charles when I was moving into my previous house about ten years ago, and I used him again when I was selling it last year. He’s particularly good at matching stucco textures, which is very difficult. He is very dependable. I highly recommend Charles.

John Lanch, United Methodist Church Santa Monica
October 15, 2005

Charlie is great! Anytime we need plaster repair at the church, I call him. I do not recommend people I do not believe in, and Charlie is wonderful. He’s very energetic and responsible, and we appreciate the way he keeps his prices fair.

Dawn Miller Los Angeles
September 02, 2005

My house has an unusual stucco texture outside, and Charlie matched it perfectly! He’s very communicative and easy to work with. He’s a keeper!