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Seniors receive a 10% discount on organization or moving services.

Every time you buy something new, get rid of two old things.—Tracy McCubbin

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Tracy McCubbin of dClutterfly once calculated that a disorganized person spends ten minutes a day looking for their keys. Do the math and it comes out to three days a year. Tracy doesn’t merelyrearrange your things into pretty, colored bins—she helps you get your life back. “I love making order out of chaos, but my favorite part of my job is seeing how this work improves people’s entire lives.”

dClutterfly can tackle any size job—from organizing a single bathroom cabinet to moving families into their new homes. She can organize paperwork, digitize home movies, shred mountains of documents and haul away everything you don’t need.

Tracy specializes in senior downsizing. She can smooth the transition from a longtime home to a smaller residence by helping her clients determine which items will fit in the new space and which ones to let go of. She also assesses what can be sold in an estate sale and what to donate, all while respecting the legacy of the original home.

Letting go of stuff can create anxiety, so Tracy approaches her work with sensitivity, making sure that what you don’t keep is dispatched with dignity to local charitable organizations. “People should have things for the life they live, not the life they want to live.”

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User Reviews

Julie Downey Studio City
November 11, 2015

Tracy helped me at a very difficult time, cleaning out a house I had lived in for nearly 30 years and making the disposition of a lifetime's accumulation of STUFF less overwhelming. She knew where to take what, how to box it up and then remove it efficiently. This was all done in a upbeat spirit of getting a necessary job done quickly and professionally. I've been telling everyone I know about what a help she was.

Kathleen G. West Hollywood
September 29, 2010

I found Tracy in the n2n booklet that comes to my home. Being new to the area, I was looking for someone that I could trust to come into my home so I was purposely looking for recommendations and a person with a track record of successful projects and happy clients. With my job, I move frequently and my goal is to be able to up and move at a moment’s notice and still feel organized. I also don’t want to move items that I no longer have use for.

Tracy organized my closets, office space, garage and storage areas. She made suggestions and created space and shelving that ended up making my small, adorable home appear as if it has more space that it actually does.

I believe its Tracy’s personal touch that sets her apart. As I said, I’m fairly new to the Los Angeles area and Tracy offered tips and made recommendations to make my life easier.

Tracy is clearly passionate about what she does and thought about how to set up systems that work long term for my busy lifestyle and hectic travel schedule. Tracy also made it easy and did all the legwork to donate items I don’t use anymore to wonderful charities in the community.

Tracy made herself available based on my busy schedule and was a joy to work with. She also gave special attention to my dog who is typically not very trusting of strangers but she absolutely loved Tracy.

Gina Long Pasadena
July 02, 2010

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Tracy! We had our 4 ½ year old son with us and Tracy gave him things to do so we could concentrate on what we were doing. She came to our house for two days, to convert our garage into a family room and workshop for my husband. She and her assistant, JP, worked with us through it all, laying the flooring, washing the walls, hanging shelving, going through lots of old junk and taking trips to Home Depot. She turned a virtual nightmare into a wonderful, workable room. She came recommended to us by our friend who had used Tracy on a project. Her pricing was more than fair. She is so respectful of things that were important to us. She never made us feel our stuff was petty, though when she needed to, she could get down and dirty and convince when we needed to get rid of something. She is the perfect mix of a psychologist and an organizer!

Darlene Orr Downey
June 29, 2010

Tracy is unique because she comes into a person’s private home with delicacy and sensitivity. She helps them get rid of stuff that is no longer needed, mentally or physically. We went through my dad’s office that was full of papers from the 60’s and 70’s and this was especially hard for him. One of Tracy’s strengths is that during this process she does not come across as if you cannot keep something, but rather like she is helping to make your life easier, which she is! She helps you stay on top of your life. She is also knowledgeable about what you need to keep and what you can safely let go of. Her personality connects with people. She asks one or two questions and pinpoints your needs. She is extremely honest, professional and fast! She doesn’t waste any time. I shopped around online and her prices are competitive. Her price might seem high at first but she is so fast, so she is worth it! I wouldn’t have anyone else in my house.

Steve Dworman Beverly Hills
June 28, 2010

Hiring Tracy is like having your own paper, file, book and equipment librarian on steroids. I have a home-based business and was moving. I didn’t want to take five million things with me and was looking for someone to help me move and organize everything. I took a look at three different people’s websites and it was obvious to me that Tracy’s was the most organized website. Her mind simplifies things. Tracy got me organized with my files, books, cords, photography equipment and fax machines. She organized and labeled everything and made a diagram of all the cupboards. I thought the work they did was reasonably priced. Everything is relative—you could pay less, but you wouldn’t have the expertise. Tracy is so motivated—she gets things done three times faster than anyone else. I just had her come in to do a touch up two years later. You really have to keep up with her. You just tell her what needs to be done and she gets right into it—no chitchat. Tracy is one of those rare people who surpasses your expectations, rather than just meeting them. We also hired her to help us plan a party—she handled the guest list and sent out all the invitations.

Betsy Isroelit Hollywood, Silverlake
June 28, 2010

Tracy is not just an ordinary organizer. She and the people she works with are caring, sensitive and conscientious. My husband recently died and we had a broadcast production business, with rooms and rooms of boxes, filled with videotapes and audio files. While anyone can stand and point and say, “Get rid of that,” Tracy was great at helping me decide exactly what to keep and what to let go of. I came away feeling good about myself, about the donations I made and the things I sent to be recycled. She has such creative ideas and kept me feeling connected to the places I was donating to. I was going to move into a smaller office in the same complex but Tracy helped me decide that that was not the right move for me. I was still dealing with the loss of my husband, so the home project was even more emotionally charged. My husband had an extensive movie collection that was difficult for me to get rid of, even though I knew I would never have the time to watch all the movies again. She pointed out to me that I can honor his collection by making it available for others to watch. Rather than feeling a sense of loss, I came away from the project feeling like I gained something in the process. Her price was totally right, totally what she quoted me, even better than what she had promised! When I spoke to other organizers I felt that this was too emotionally charged a project to tackle. But when I worked with Tracy, she was with me every step of the way. I recommend her 1000%. Even now, I pick up the phone to ask her a question. Not only is she a perfect organizer, but I’ve gained a friend for life!

Wendy Mitchell Sherman Oaks
June 28, 2010

I’ve recommended Tracy to a dozen friends who all love her! She started in our small home office, took it apart and then started fresh. She created systems so that we work better and feel better. She then tackled our kitchen, basement, garage and storage unit. She says upfront what the worst-case scenario could be—two people, two days at whatever price it will be. Her pricing is always right on the mark and sometimes she even comes in under. Let me tell you, my husband does not like to get rid of his things, especially when I suggest it. But he is fine with whatever Tracy recommends. Another selling point about d’clutterfly is that Tracy hand delivers the stuff we get rid of to charities and needy families. She is really amazing and does miracle work!