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Keep your eye on the big picture, but approach your project in phases.—Vani Gundara

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Designer Vani Gundara fuses vibrant color, dynamic design and technical savvy in all her graphic design projects whether print or web-based. Vani will design your personal or corporate website and logo, your social media, your blog and marketing campaigns, or simply create an eye-catching invitation for your holiday party.

Vani takes a personalized approach with her clients, from corporate clients like Neiman Marcus, to photographers and mom and pop businesses. “We also get a lot of startup entrepreneurs who are looking to create strong branding for their next idea so they can get funding.” Vani relishes these relationships and takes pride in being available, responsive and hands-on, from a project’s start to finish. Before she even turns on the computer, Vani listens to her clients and hand sketches ideas to make sure they are comfortable with her approach.

Designing websites and media campaigns is not just about pretty pictures and people skills—Vani integrates design concepts across multiple platforms, creating a seamless whole. She finds innovative ways to send people to your business, no matter the size. She integrates design and messaging to create a beautiful, high-impact, memorable user experience.

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User Reviews

Stephen Pemberton Marina del Rey
October 07, 2013

We needed 29 pages of web design for our advertising agency. We had a meeting with Vani and let the vision fly. She was easy to work with. Not many people have the intuitive ingenuity that Vani has. She's efficient—the process took days, not weeks. We've sent other projects and people her way. It feels good to help her business grow. She's a real catch for the industry.

Bobby Carter Los Angeles
December 16, 2012

Vani helped me design our website layout. She made the Photoshop files neat and tidy so our developer could build our site for us. She came recommended to us by someone who was developing our website. She gave us great value for our money, but what was most impressive was that she was always on time, with a prompt turnaround. She was always right on top of things, everything done and delivered right when she said it would be. I also like that she answers her emails and her phone calls herself. When something got a little complicated for me, she was available to sit, side-by-side with me to collaborate. Always available, accessible and prompt!

Sean Harrison, Redarc Music Group Santa Monica
December 14, 2012

Our experience with Vani was A-plus and her communication is top notch! She came to us when we were forming two companies at the same time and things got hairy for a while. Through an online search, we saw a website she had done for an NBC TV show and we were impressed. She created both sites from start to finish. She was always on top of things. Her awesome revisions were often same-day. She went out of her way to accommodate and come through for us. She is super-considerate and augmented our vision in ways we had not thought of. We consider her a valuable asset to our team, and call on her all the time.

Donna Buice Ventura
November 09, 2012

We own a corporation with two companies. We had an existing website and wanted to update our look. Vani actually was one of our customers and when we saw her work we were immediately interested! We have worked with other graphic designers in the past and Vani is by far the best, the top in her field! When we launched our new website, we had many more compliments than our industry usually gets. We are extremely satisfied with Vani’s customer service and communication skills. She is just so easy to work with. We are more than thrilled with her work and that is why we asked her to come on board for a second project she is now working on. I highly recommend her to anyone.

John Edwards Ventura
October 23, 2012

Vani is a beautiful lady, inside and out. She is a web and graphic designer as well as a fashion designer. A super-sharp, over-achiever! After our updated website went out, she received national acclaim through our professional community. She’s great to work with, very ethical, very professional and a mom, too!

Patrick Johnson Glendale
December 21, 2011

We are a public company and wanted our website to be designed like a blog: interactive and updatable. We shopped for a designer through Craig’s List and got a big response. Vani’s reply was a great design in itself! She immediately went on our short list. We then called a number of other designers, had a few phone interviews with her, then a face-to-face interview. Vani was at the top of our list. She created mock-ups and went the extra mile time after time. She offers a fast turnaround, at a very competitive price.

She was bold with the design, but also great at incorporating our feedback and making adjustments. She has been responsible for a number of our more recent big jobs. Her blurb says that she will design a unique experience for you, and she is true to her word. She is an original, creative voice and makes it a fun experience.

Chuck Boyd Chatsworth
December 02, 2011

A few years ago, my wife, who is a minister, hired Vani to create a website for her. Back in the Stone Age I had a basic website designed but the designer then vanished and the person who said he could work with me on the site would not even return phone calls. I recently decided to revamp my website and remembered how pleasant an experience it was for my wife. Vani updated, streamlined and modernized my site for me. She is a brilliant woman: knowledgeable, easy to work with and very patient with low-tech individuals such as myself. She is now working with me on an hourly, consulting basis. We communicate by email by day and she comes to my office in the evening to help me implement our changes. I am highly satisfied with my website and Vani has proven to be a valuable asset to my business.

Darrin VanGorder Studio City
November 23, 2011

Vani made my business cards, my logo and worked on my website for about five years. I had met with four or five other designers and Vani was the first one to really get the concept I was going after. Her pricing was in the middle, but for her quality and what she came up with, she far and away surpassed the others. She puts a lot of thought into the work she does for me and always manages to impress me. Her customer service is as good as people get. She asks smart questions and is willing to really talk about things, not just email. Her good communication saves us a lot of time. She pays attention to her clients’ needs. And Vani is also one of the nicest people I have ever worked with.

Daniel Mitchell Valley Village
September 03, 2011

Vani opened up a whole new world for me. I was creating a Power Point presentation for my dissertation project and Vani was a tremendous help—way more than I expected. She knew just want was needed and she ran with it! It was a massive artistic project with 206 slides and voice-overs. Her overall professionalism, her technical and creative knowledge and more than that, her personality, made it an incredible experience. Vani has a level of honesty that drew me to her and she really cared about my project. I have gotten a fantastic response to the project from colleagues and students, alike. It is top quality, more like a film documentary, than a Power Point presentation. I highly recommend Vani to anyone!