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Compost solves most problems in the garden. Most people think of compost in terms of nutrient value, but it’s the fungus, bacteria and insects that help facilitate the uptake of nutrients by plants. Compost gives you an underground lifecycle that makes the above ground lifecycle work.—Christy Wilhelmi

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There is nothing like the taste of a freshly picked tomato, still warm from the sun. If starting your own veggie garden feels daunting, call Christy Wilhelmi, the Gardenerd. She will create a beautiful, high-yield, organic, urban farm tailored to any space, taste and lifestyle.

An educator at heart, Christy empowers her clients to grow their own food, increasing their sense of self-reliance while reducing pollution and waste. Christy will transform any area of your yard into a beautiful producer of delicious, nutritious heirloom fruits and vegetables. Whether you want a container garden for your terrace or several raised beds with a chicken coop in your back yard, Christy can incorporate it all seamlessly into the architectural style of your home. Founder of the popular Gardenerd site (, Christy also offers group classes and private consultations.

So get growing! It’s economical, good for the environment, healthy and scrumptious. And as Christy quips, “When the zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll be ready with your own jar of seeds to start over anywhere.”

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User Reviews

Lauren T. Los Angeles
December 18, 2013

I didn't know much about gardening, but wanted to learn. I gave Christy a list of what I wanted to grow and she laid it all out in a grid. Some of the plants we started as seeds, others came in small pots. We planted them together and once a month she'd come back and work with me, planting, pruning and harvesting. Over the course of a few seasons she guided me through what to get: special fertilizer, tomato cages, etc. and show me how to use them. Her website has all kinds of information about seasonal plants and you can post questions.

She has been such a pleasure to work with and is okay with whatever level of intensity you want. She's just really easy-going and patient. It was exactly what I needed.

Paul Scott Santa Monica
December 13, 2013

Christy designed and constructed a balcony garden for me. I wanted a lot of aromatic flowers in bright colors. She would email me ideas and the next day she would have everything there. She got me wheeled planters that fit the space perfectly and filled them with great smells and beautiful colors. I gave her a key to my place and when I came home everything was done. All I had to do was write her a check which I gladly did.

Christy is a really sparkly person who has customer service down to a tee. Now my condo smells like Gardenias. It was exactly what I wanted!

Suze Yalof Schwartz Pacific Palisades
November 22, 2013

I was envying my neighbor's garden and she confessed it wasn't her work, but Gardenerd's. I called Christie and five seconds later she called me back and came right over. She whipped my garden into shape. It was my fifth attempt at gardening and the first time anything grew. All it took was a one-hour consultation and one-hour planting session and she showed me how to take care of it myself. Christie is a joy and a pleasure to work with. I call her my "Garden Guardian Angel."

Cathy Sowder El Sereno
November 18, 2013

We bought our house three years ago and the front and back yard had been neglected. I knew what I wanted: a garden that was ecological, edible and grandchild-friendly. Christy wasn’t coming in with her own agenda, but was there to offer her strengths and expertise to help me realize my vision. She was very flexible, adaptable and collaborative.

She has great subcontractors that she regularly works with who have access to materials at better prices, with greater choices and so forth and she charges a fair hourly rate without watching the clock. The estimate she gave us at the beginning of the project was right on target. She responded quickly to questions and requests, was good about communicating with us and her subcontractors, set us up with a watering schedule and even came to our garden-warming party. All of our friends were impressed with the results and I have referred them all to Christy.

Mary P. Cheviot Hills
October 25, 2013

I had a design for a raised bed—a rectangle shape with with an inner walkway and hired Christy at Gardenerd to execute my vision. I knew there were certain non-toxic requirements and wanted a carpenter who had experience with organic garden raised beds. Christy knew just the right person. Once it was built, Christy brought in the components for organic soil recipe and mixed it together. She then taught me exactly where the vegetables I wanted should be planted in the space according to what kind of sun they needed at what point in the day. She also brought in a great irrigation person who designed the proper drip system for each vegetable group in each section of the “room” and connected it to my main garden timer. Both the subcontractors were knowledgeable, professional and very helpful. There was a written contract with each person and everything was on budget. I felt very satisfied.

Christy loves gardening, the work process, and really cares. She’s very professional and fun to work with too. I can definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to start an organic garden.

Danny Kessler Westside Village
October 07, 2013

I bought a new house and the first thing I did was put in a new garden, and I needed some help. I called Gardenerd and Christy got right down to the bare bones of what was going on with my garden, which was exactly what I needed. She's just great: professional, pleasant and smart. She helped me with everything, from the bigger landscaping issues, to thinning my carrots and which bugs to pick off of leaves. I love that I can consult her periodically and she's always good at getting back to me with answers. I even have her look after my place when I'm out of town.