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Architect Britt Glynn and general contractor Aaron Glynn of Glynn Designbuild.full-screen button

Architect Britt Glynn and general contractor Aaron Glynn of Glynn Designbuild.

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Don’t overbuild. Consider the scale of your property and let it dictate the size of your project.—Britt Glynn

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Too often architects and contractors clash over a building project’s design details. Resolving this dilemma, contractor Aaron Glynn and architect Britt Glynn formed Glynn Designbuild, Inc. Both hold Master’s degrees in architecture and have extensive experience in high-end residential projects. You may hire either of these licensed professionals independently or collaboratively. When they work together, design and execution form an alliance that few building teams can match.

Britt and Aaron’s homes draw upon their sur­roundings. Says Britt: “Every site has its memory. We encourage clients to find those treasures worth preserving: an old avocado tree or the view of a hillside. Considering such elements can create a seamless relationship between a home and its environment.”

The partners create projects that are cleanly designed, but never sterile. They excel at matching architectural styles for remodels, due to their training and familiarity with historical trends. “We know when to honor the architecture and when we can deviate.”

Aaron’s education in architecture provides clients with a unique advantage. He remarks: “Many contractors build modern designs without understanding how they work. When I put the first piece of lumber down, I am already considering the finishes.”

Britt and Aaron hope to leave a legacy behind them: “It’s not about building ‘The One Great Masterpiece.’ We want to create a body of work that people will enjoy for generations.”

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User Reviews

John Buuck Culver City
July 26, 2017

We built a new house from the ground up with Glynn Design Build. Just about every aspect of the design exceeded our expectations. It really is an amazingly beautiful home. The attention to detail and quality of the work, both in design and construction are what led us to hire GDB to build our home and is why I would recommend them to anyone looking for a design/build team. We had many specific needs related to wheelchair accessibility which were constantly met with a concern for making sure the client was completely satisfied. I always received prompt responses to my countless emails and calls. Lack of communication was never a problem. The subcontractors used throughout the project were nearly all exceptional at their particular crafts. If I had to offer a criticism it would be that they were occasionally overly optimistic about the schedule and completion date. That's not to say that work ever stalled unnecessarily. I knew going into this project that construction always takes longer than expected, even when everyone is doing their job. Regardless, at the end we have an amazingly beautiful house that stuns everyone who visits. I would hire Glynn Design Build again without hesitation as I know the end result would be truly exceptional.

Larry S. Los Angeles
October 07, 2013

The tag teaming that comes with working with Britt designing and Aaron building really helped to shorthand a long, detailed house renovation.

Britt was very open to and collaborative with the ideas and aesthetics we sought to achieve on the project. She brought a thoughtful refinement to some of that detailing. She was a dynamo in dealing with the difficult permitting we had to negotiate during the project. Her experience, when dealing with the city, helped to minimize downtime on the construction.

Aaron's crew is very respectful and very quality-oriented. All of his subs were a pleasure to work with. He assigned us a strong project manager who easily liaised between Glynn Designbuild and us as the client. Each inspection passed with next to no complications, allowing us to continually move forward. There is solid workmanship in their building.

All said and done, we have ended up with a fantastic house with very few compromises. Every time when we walk through the front door, we are happy in our beautiful home.

Christie Mellor Mid City
September 12, 2013

This was about as fun and pleasant a major construction/renovation could be. An architect friend had drawn up my plans, and Aaron was one of the contractors who bid on the project. From the very beginning he was so organized, communicative and positive, the choice was a no-brainer. And his bid was very fair. I loved that he was enthusiastic about recycling materials, and was really enthusiastic and supportive of my vision and style, which in some cases was really specific. He made my ideas work if he could—if he had a better idea, he would persuade me that it was a better idea—he has a lot of great ideas, and a really good eye. Aaron has a wonderful crew, their work is impeccable, and Aaron is a perfectionist, but even aside from that I would say that attitude goes a long way toward making any experience a good one. And there always seemed to be a "We can do that" attitude. Aaron, David, and all the other guys he works with are a solid team of really nice people, and there's a general sense of goodwill and optimism. Everything was explained thoroughly—Aaron is meticulous about his schedule. He said the project would take four-and-a-half to five-and-a-half months. They were finished in about five. I should also add that he's been great about making sure someone comes over to make those minor fixes and adjustments that inevitably need to be made after a renovation. I would highly recommend Aaron Glynn. As a contractor you're not only getting exacting workmanship, but a creative problem-solver with a good eye. Living in another part of the house during construction was a challenge, but it was also fun being so close to the process every day, and I enjoyed it very much, and they all really did their best to make it work for us.

Joan & Tony Pasadena
November 16, 2010

Britt and Aaron were the perfect team to design and construct the addition we put on our Pasadena home. They were wonderfully collaborative, totally understood our needs, and guided us through the six month process. The project stayed on time and on budget. And we definitely got an end result that we couldn't be happier with. We highly recommend them!

Star Michael Design Sherman Oaks
November 15, 2010

As an interior designer, I analyze the aesthetic, and Glynn Design Build makes things as aesthetically pleasing as is humanly possible. The attention to detail and the quality of their work is flawless. Britton, Aaron and their entire team are professionals through and through.

Margy & Daniel Blackman Santa Monica
January 06, 2010

We bought a house in Santa Monica that we wanted to redesign in a modern style. We found Glynn Design Build in neighbor2neighbor and we had a great experience with them. We ended up needing practical work done as well since we found out that the house had a lot of problems with the electrical and plumbing. Britt was a great designer, and Aaron has a design background also so he also has an opinion and helps out with design recommendations, too. Working with the city of Santa Monica was not easy, but they took care of that well. Their pricing was on the higher end, but you get what you pay for and they definitely were not the highest bid. Hiring a general contractor would have been cheaper, but you don’t get the design qualifications like you do with a design build firm. They were always honest regarding budget and time. We love them. We have literally no complaints whatsoever. I feel lucky that we picked them.

Alan Kerner Santa Monica
December 20, 2009

Britt and Aaron are amazing! I love the way they work. Another architect drew the original plans, but had I known about them before, I would have had them do it all. As builders, they have come up with great ideas to enhance the plans. They saw that our bedrooms could be extended out another 3 feet within the permit. They realized that if we changed the roof slightly we could have a good sized attic for storage. They had ideas about the windows…the list goes on and on. They aren’t just a builder that takes the plans and follows them. They’ve got brains and they use them.

Laurie M. Encino
December 07, 2009

Britt was my designer on our guesthouse and Aaron was the general contractor. They are now remodeling our entire house. The process has been very collaborative. I have felt very respected and guided. They have stopped me in a gentle way from making mistakes. They normally do contemporary houses, but mine is a traditional Cape Cod and they have respected that. I can’t say enough good things about them!

M. Wali Pacific Palisades
December 04, 2009

Aaron Glynn was the contractor that I worked with on the remodel of my entire house. I felt that Aaron was a good communicator, reliable and honest. The quality of their work was high and the work was on schedule.

Aaron & Joni Kramer Santa Monica
December 02, 2009

Working with Glynn Design Build was a true design build process where opportunities were seized upon in the moment, but once we set up a plan of action, the follow-through was excellent. Aaron was definitely a team player. We came to the table not only with some plans, but also a bunch of sketches with the direction in which I thought we wanted to head. We got the plans approved, put them aside, and embarked on designing the house. Some things were easy, but others, like the roofline, required a process. Aaron was great at communicating ideas in different modalities to make sure everyone was on the same page. That could mean drawing, or explaining in words, or holding up sticks to show how the idea would turn out. There was never a time when he lost patience or lost people in what he saw. In the end, the house doesn’t look stilted or overworked. Having a good team is critical, too, and they have great subs. The supervisor, Matt, did the perfect amount of handholding. If he didn’t know the answer to something, he’d find out, or if we had a concern, he was on it. When you are spending that much money, you want to be sure the process isn’t going to go haywire.

Sherrie S. Venice
May 15, 2005

Aaron Glynn was my contractor on a renovation project. He was totally ethical and aboveboard -- meticulous in financial accounting and craftsmanship. I always knew where we were in the process because of the flow chart he provided. Being a designer, he is wise in terms of construction issues and precautionary measures. I am happy to recommend him 100%.

Heather L. Marina del Rey
October 09, 2004

I can’t say enough good things about Britt. I looked to her for every decision in remodeling our studio. Her taste is modern and clean. She understands materials and how things need to be built. She gives great attention to detail and had a good handle on costs.

Rodger Berman West Hollywood
October 05, 2004

In our complete home renovation, Britt was unbelievable! She had great ideas, great taste, and she was very cognizant of current design trends. The work she and Aaron did maximized the space and created more access. They were on time and always available.