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Half the garbage disposals I replace have been damaged by chemical drain openers. Chemicals will chew right through your plastic pipes. Instead, pour half a bottle of vinegar and half a box of baking soda down the drain, and let it sit for at least five minutes. Works like a charm!—Hugh

Our Review

“I can build anything from a mousetrap to a mansion,” says Hugh Joyce of Handy Hughie. This capable Irishman will happily take on any job, no matter how small. Hughie charges one low hourly rate (with a two hour minimum) regardless the size of job or the day of the week.

Hughie is the perfect guy to fix those little things: replace a lock, build a bookcase or fix that kitchen drawer that keeps getting stuck. He is reliable, resourceful and flexible. His pricing undercuts his competition by as much as 50%, and his exceptional finish carpentry will add graceful detail to your home.

With over 30 years in the handyman business and 12 here in Los Angeles, Hughie has built a wealth of experience that makes him a favorite among local homeowners. Hughie doesn’t need the luck of the Irish to do a great job. He just does great work.

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User Reviews

Nicole Alaimo Bronson Canyon
December 12, 2016

We found Handy Hughie in Neighbor2Neighbor and used him to build our deck. We were very pleased with the results. Hugh is a straight-shooter who is honest about the work that needs to be done. We also appreciate his sense of humor! He brought in a crew of good people and stayed true to his timeline. I would definitely have Hughie back.

Joseph Bloch Laurel Canyon
June 30, 2016

We hired Hugh to work on our bathroom. It was a complicated job and he figured it out perfectly. His price was very fair and he completed the work in half the time we expected. When he was done the room was absolutely clean!

Francie Beverly Grove
April 04, 2016

Over the years with more missed than hit when it comes to find the right person for the job of a handyman. I found Hughie through a little pamphlet neighbor2neighbor, I said to myself what the heck, add one more to my little black book. As it turn out Hughie is more than just a handyman, he is a blessing from the sky for us. I know a lot of people say what they can do on their website till you bring them into your very own home, and you say really?
Yes, no job is too small or too big for Hughie. He is great, he started to work for us this year with doors, shelves, installed more lights or whatever. Within a month I called him back up for the whole kitchen sink, bathroom cabinets, tiles and appliances, probably whatever else needed to be done in this antique home. He is trustworthy, dependable, meticulous and no - he doesn't need you to micromanage him. He knows what needs to be done and gets it done on time. Not much I can say, but he is a keeper and we highly recommend him if you need him to build you a dog house or a mansion. He is truly a gem in my eyes.

Al Gendein Hollywood
September 25, 2015

Hughie replaced some stairs on the exterior stairwell, installed a wall double oven after reconfiguring the space and did a variety of caulking and repair work. He did a spectacular job and clearly knew what he was doing. He came a bit late the first time because he was a little jet lagged, but he got a tremendous amount of work done and returned later to finish. His rates were very fair—I gave him more than he asked for because he went above and beyond what we had initially agreed upon. I'd definitely have him back, I was very happy with his work.

John V. Diamond Bar
November 17, 2014

Hughie is dependable, upfront and a very hard worker. He gets the job done and does it right. Everyone we know who's gotten work done by him has been very pleased, as his work remains above par on all accounts. There are always many things I'd like him to do, and I think to myself, I've got to save up because I want Hugh to do it! I'd recommend him to anyone.

Juliana R. East Hollywood Hills
November 02, 2014

Hugh has done everything from fixing door knobs to taking down curtains, putting up curtains, painting the deck, fixing fences, climbing trees. I've known him for eight years now and he's the only one I use. Hughie gets right to work and really respects your space. He does what he needs to do and gets it all cleaned up, no questions.

Hugh is very personable and often offers extra assistance without charging. He'll take things to Goodwill or get rid of boxes for me, thinking of things that I don't consider myself. He really goes the extra mile to help out. He is proactive and flexible with regard to scheduling and is always available for me. I would never think of using anybody else.

Allen B. Hancock Park
October 23, 2014

Hugh has been my primary handyman for the past 10 years. I own several rental properties and he does work at all of them. He's done wood work, kitchens, built walls for me, put up doors. You name it, he can do it. And if it's something he doesn't do, he'll hire someone for you. Hugh consistently delivers great work. I give him the keys to my house and trust him when I'm not there. I think that says it all.

Christine M. Marina Del Rey
October 22, 2014

Hugh is always the person that I go to when I need something done. I've been working with him for years now. He's done everything from building my house to getting things ready to sell and show the house. If I have ever needed any inspection, he has been right there for me. He has deliberately taken time to follow through with me.

He's very reliable and also innovative. If I need to stick to a budget, he can always find a creative solution. He goes out of his way to help me without my asking, and I like that he has a relaxed attitude. While you're in the middle of a project freaking out, he has a consistency to help you ground yourself so you know it's going to be okay.

Damon M. Mid City
October 20, 2014

Hugh is the handy person I always keep on speed dial. He is quick to respond and very professional. I can call him the same day, and if it's urgent, he'll be there. When I put out bids, his always come back the best. He is very consistent with the prices he sets and there are no surprises.

Hugh pays close attention to detail, which is astonishing. He once designed a window for me in my master bedroom so that I could see the Hollywood sign. I didn't even know there was a view there! He gave the windows rounded edges and painted them to match the rest of the house. I love it and enjoy looking out everyday.

When buying a house recently, I invited Hughie to come. He gave excellent feedback, and actually considered a lot of issues upfront, really partnering with me to make sure the seller did their part. Other contractors might have just said, “This will be good for you,” because they get paid for fixing it up, but not Hugh. It was a very gracious thing, and he didn't have to do any of that. I hope that other people appreciate him as much as I do.

Laura C. Mandeville Canyon
October 13, 2014

Hugh has done all kinds of work for me, exterior and interior alike. He pays close attention to detail and is careful to leave things as they are. When I need something done, Hugh comes sooner rather than later, and is willing to work on Saturdays as well. Most of all, he’s extremely personable and honest. Hugh is very understanding which makes him easy to work with.

M. Sheerin Brentwood
October 06, 2014

I'm a contractor, and Hughie has worked for me over the past nine years. When I need finish work done, he's the guy I call. He's definitely a hard worker, very dependable and reliable. I have a lot of high end clients and they all love him, and hire him separate from me. Hugh is like five of my guys in one. He may be a bit more expensive than others, but does great work and never has to re-do it again. He itemizes everything and tells you exactly what you're paying for, so everyone knows what they're in for. A lot of people in the business are after lots of clients and new, fresh, money, but not Hugh. If he wasn't good, he wouldn't be working for me!

N. Arthur Echo Park
October 01, 2014

I love Hughie. He’s one of the very few contractors that I trust whole-heartedly. He is completely honest, by far the best price out there, and sticks to his quotes. Hughie​ gives you the best advice and options for your budget, is always available, comes on time, and is ​very flexible. He provides great quality inside and outside work, and is clearly very experienced. Hugh​ie​ 's kindness makes him exceptional. We trust him so much that he is like family now.