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Wash your windows frequently so as to avoid mineral deposit build up.—Luis

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Are your hard-toreach, grimy windows obstructing your view? Does your house need a thorough Spring (or Summer or Fall!) cleaning? Owner Luis Gonzales and his crew at Hollywood Hills Window Cleaning can clean your windows, wash your carpets, clear out your rain gutters, and even pressure wash your home’s exterior. Their deep cleaning removes post-renovation dust and mess.

Luis’ trustworthy crew tackles each job thoroughly and quickly—with eco-friendly products upon request. He trains his employees to take extra care in his clients’ homes, as well as with their own safety when cleaning windows. The company is bonded and carries liability insurance.

Luis has garnered the trust of his many loyal clients by making their satisfaction paramount. “We respect the customer. That means working around their schedule, being on time and doing the best job we can for everyone.”

After working for 14 years at a friend’s cleaning company, Luis started his own business in 2004. That he is now a successful entrepreneur gratifies Luis. He takes care of his employees while guaranteeing his clients the best cleaning service around.

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User Reviews

Michele Kaufman Encino
January 02, 2017

We found Luis in Neighbor2Neighbor and are so happy with his work. I have referred him to family and friends. Luis is extremely responsive, responsible and thorough in the jobs he’s done for us. The people on his crew are very conscientious and easy to work with as well.

Kevin Carpenter Beverly Hills
December 13, 2016

Luis has done the windows in my large home in Beverly Hills twice a year for the past eight years. He has also done post-maintenance clean-ups as well as taking care of our rain gutters. I completely trust Luis and his crew to work in my home and appreciate that 90% of the time he’s had the same people. They do a really good job, put down tarps and wear booties. They show up when they say they are going to. Luis is flexible, works with your schedule and it is easy to get in touch with him. I’ve used them every time.

Rudi Polak Lake Hollywood
November 23, 2016

I’ve been using Hollywood Hills Window Cleaning for the past ten years. They make everything look perfect! I use them on all the houses that I flip and sell. They do all the mirrors, shower glass, skylights and windows, even the ones that are high off the ground. They can usually come out the same day. They are all very friendly and I trust them to be there even when I’m not home. Luis is really, really good. I can’t recommend them enough!

Lisa E. Encino
November 11, 2016

I’ve been using Hollywood Hills Window Cleaning for many years. They are very friendly, they come on time and do careful work, which in my experience has always gone very well. They are easy to work with and efficient. Luis is flexible making the appointments and they can come on short notice, which is nice. Pricing is reasonable and always consistent. They had come highly recommended from a friend of mine and I've stuck with them ever since.

Connie H. Hollywood Hills
October 27, 2016

I’ve worked with Luis for almost 10 years. He’s the only window cleaner I’ve used since coming to Los Angeles. The crew he sends has always been extremely professional and I appreciate that they do a walk through at the end in case anything was missed. They are committed to doing the best they can and making everything look perfect. Pricing is clear and fair. I am very comfortable working with Luis. He’s very passionate about what he does and he cares a lot about the people he serves. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Victoria Peters Beverly Hills
October 26, 2016

I’ve been working with Luis for five years now. He’s somebody I use again and again and again. I have a very high-end and particular clientele and I always recommend Luis because he’s extremely good at what he does. My clients rave about him. He’s a little pricey but absolutely worth it. There are very few people like Luis. His attention to detail is fantastic. He’s a great guy and is very honest and trustworthy. The few times I’ve used someone else for a major job, I am always upset because the work is not as good. Luis is my secret weapon. He deserves all the kudos he can get!

Mrs. Mulder Pacific Palisades
April 25, 2013

We had Hollywood Hills Window pressure wash our house and clean the windows after our neighbor had remodeled his place. Our house and windows were so dirty! The three gentlemen who came out worked very hard to get the place clean. They washed the windows inside and out! They couldn't have done a better job. Our house looks like it has been repainted! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hollywood Hills Window Cleaning to anyone.

Lynn E. Pacific Palisades
March 15, 2012

I loved having Luis in my home. Usually I call all around for references, but after reading about Luis in neighbor2neighbor, I decided to take a chance and I'm so glad I did! I can't recommend him enough! Anyone can call and ask me. I'll tell them how great Hollywood Hills is. First he did a deep clean, then all the windows, two floors of carpet and windows. I had been using another cleaning company for 20 years but then the dad died and the son took over. He was never able to get the schedule right. I gave him 3 chances then looked for someone else. Luis is here when he says he is going to be here, on the dot! I have a 5 bedroom house and it is just too much for me to keep clean. I have dual-paned windows on my old beach house. Luis even cleaned out all the tracks and Wd-40'd them! Now they work like new! I am delighted with Luis and his crew! He and they are ALL pleasant and efficient. Thank you, neighbor2neighbor for being here for me. I feel so relieved!

Shane Winfrey Hollywood
October 13, 2011

I am a homeowner of a property in Hollywood, and I’m also the president of the Homeowner’s Association. We have 18 tri-level lofts, very modern, with 17-foot high ceilings, with lots of windows and skylights. When I was looking for a company to clean the windows, I called five companies and only two called me back. Luis brought references with him and his personality sold me. He is very confident and his company is bonded and insured. Luis picks up the phone himself. He shows up when he says he will and his crew is properly dressed and cooperative. He goes the extra mile—always calls to follow up to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction. Luis’ crew removes screens and uses 30-foot ladders, and yet nothing has ever been broken or misplaced.

E. Jacobs Brentwood
September 13, 2011

I found Luis in neighbo2neighbor. I love him. He is an amazing human being. He’s honest and he’s professional. What I love most about him is that he has built this business himself. Hollywood Hills Window is his baby and he nurtures it. His employees love to work for him. He treats them well and in return, his people really care about the job they do. it’s important - he is not just the front man. He has carried this attitude through to his employees: they really care about my home. I love that. Regarding price, I did a comparison the first time I used his services to pressure wash the house, clean the gutters and all the windows and screens. His pricing is more than fair. When we first hired him, we had remodeled our home and I needed every inch of the house cleaned because there was post construction dirt everywhere. They did a fantastic job. My general contractor hired the people who cleaned the inside of my house (not Hollywood Hills!) and we had them come back to do it three times. Had I known Luis then, and knew he did interior deep cleaning, I would have had him do it!

Barbara Barber Brentwood
August 02, 2010

I’ve been using Luis of Hollywood Hills Window Cleaning for last few years for deep cleaning twice a year. I am very pleased with his company. I have a big house and that I need professionally cleaned, but I don’t like to have a cleaning lady come in once a week. I used another cleaning service in the past for deep cleaning, but I prefer what Luis does. I read about him in neighbor2neighbor and I didn’t need to look any further. His references sounded really good. I believe his prices are very fair. I feel comfortable with his workers—they are very pleasant and cheerful.

Beth McNamara Los Angeles
April 15, 2010

I had Luis come and give me an estimate for cleaning out my gutters, but did not actually book him for the job until about 3 months later. He stuck to his original estimate even though the buildup in the gutters had increased and the job took longer than he estimated. They were on time, professional and got the job done right.

Laura W. Calabasas
September 23, 2009

Luis came out twice, early both times. He and his crew were clean and neat in professional uniforms. He also uses professional, state-of-the-art equipment. They did a great, quality job! Both times they came out it rained the very next day. Luis called us and offered to come back out to touch up the windows at no extra charge! He considers that our time is as valuable as his - very conscientious and respectful. And he really cares about the service he provides. I’ve already recommended him to a number of people.

Luciana Dar Lake Balboa
May 21, 2009

Luis has worked at our home a number of times in the last three years. He has cleaned our carpets, rain gutters and roof, as well as a thorough inside cleaning once a year. He and his crew are diligent and reliable. His prices are competitive and equivalent to the market prices but his work is so detailed that it is worth more. He goes beyond, so that our house is sparkling and new!

Rhina Sotelo, Mgr for Nick Jones Beverly Hills
March 25, 2009

Luis has been doing a great job for us for 2 years now. I called 5 other window cleaners and he has the most reasonable prices. They are the best! He has a friendly, very professional crew. He is such a wonderful person. I will keep calling him.

Mary El Segundo
December 01, 2008

My experience with Hollywood Hills was excellent! It exceeded my expectations. He fit us in on very short notice, in less than a week, for a whole house deep cleaning. He showed up with a full staff, on time and his crew was thorough, clean and respectful. I was home or otherwise would not have known they removed everything, and then put everything back where it was. He went above and beyond. I would recommend him to anybody He is terrific!

Louise Frankel Brentwood
November 23, 2008

I have only good things to say about Luis. If I had anything otherwise to say, I would tell you that, too! I found him in the neighbor2neighbor directory.
He did my whole house; washed the windows inside and out, pressure washed the exterior and cleaned the carpet. The work was done very well. He is a pleasant person to work with and his crew is very nice and caring. I have recommended him to friends and will have him back again. Compared to prices of previous cleaners, his were reasonable and the job was much better.

Randy Skinner Hancock Park
October 15, 2008

I started working with Luis four years ago. He has worked on the inside and outside of two of my homes. My first house was old with fragile, multi-paned windows. He has cleaned up my new home from top to bottom. He is reliable and gives good value for the money. He is there when he says he will be and he does what he says he is going to do. I would recommend him to anybody. I love him!

L. Pullman Westwood
October 03, 2008

Luis and his crew are phenomenal! I’ve used him for 15 years. He is an excellent window and home cleaner. He is absolutely wonderful – thorough, honest and extremely trustworthy. He brings all of his cleaning supplies when he cleans your house. He has all of the liability insurance. I simply cannot say enough good things about this company.

J.P. Hollywood Hills
November 28, 2007

When the family whom I work for leaves town, I call in Luis and his crew to do a deep cleaning. He cleans everything from windows, to carpets, to outdoor furniture. My clients are very particular and Luis does the job to their satisfaction. On a personal level, Luis is easy-going and always tries to accommodate us time-wise. His prices are very fair. I recommend him to other clients.

Dilip Rogrigo Bel Air
November 20, 2007

Hollywood Hills Window Cleaning cleans all of the very tall windows in my restaurant. Nobody else would, or could, go that high. I am very pleased with the service. All of the workers are very trustworthy and they get the job done – even on short notice. I definitely recommend them!

Bridget Nicoletti West Hollywood
November 05, 2007

Luis and his crew clean like I have never seen – with a fine toothed comb! They come every few months to our house and clean everything – the stove, carpets, screens, couches – they have even power washed the exterior of our house! I feel safe and comfortable with them being in my house, even if I am not there. The pricing is great for what he does.

Tracy Ray Venice
November 01, 2007

Hollywood Hills Window Cleaning is super! I have hard to reach windows, and I was worried about being able to get someone who could clean them. These guys did a great job and were reasonably priced.