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Most problems with electronics can be solved by simply resetting the system. Unplug it for a few minutes, and then plug the system back in. Try this first before paying for a service call!—Fernando Canete

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Do you find that technology makes your life more complicated, not less? Fernando Canete owner of Home Digital Solutions, Inc., will simplify all your home entertainment and technology systems by combining them into one seamless experience. Fernando’s work includes consultation, design and installation of a wide variety of technologies: home theaters, whole house music, one-touch integrated remotes, low voltage wiring, retrofitting, security cameras, networking, phone and intercom systems. He offers tech support and can upgrade an existing system. “My designs are so intuitive that even guests can use them without a problem.”

Fernando continually researches the very latest technology to select products that best match his clients’ needs and budgets. Recent developments in remote access technology allow you to control your home’s lighting, shading, temperature and more throughout the day from any location. Fernando’s pricing is competitive too. “I’m a direct dealer, and have lower overhead than bigger companies.”

Audio/video work represents much more than a job to Fernando: “I keep my heart open to all clients no matter the size of the project. My work is about bringing real value to everyone.”

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User Reviews

Jeff Marina del Rey
November 30, 2016

Fernando has been terrific. He installed new TVs for us, livened up some wifi dead spots in our house and helped us navigate our way through Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV. He knows much more than the so-called experts who answer the help line at Direct TV. And his rates are good. Don't hesitate to call him with any home entertainment issues.

Ben Karney Westwood
November 29, 2016

Fernando is exceptionally skilled and responsive. We hired him to design and install a new low-voltage system throughout our home when we remodeled it. He is informed about the latest technology, letting us know what we needed, what we could use, and what we could skip. When a device did not work well, he put in the hours with technical support to figure out the problem. We are very happy with his company and will absolutely call him again whenever we need anything digital upgraded or installed!

Rejoy Brentwood, Los Angles
November 29, 2016

Fernando and his crew deliver top notch service and they are tremendously knowledgable! Fernando not only does a great job but he goes over and above to make sure his clients are happy. I felt like he wasn't just there to earn a fee, he genuinely cares about his customers satisfaction. I am an Interior Designer and I am incredibly picky about who I will refer to my clients. I have already referred into my projects and I intent to refer him more.

George and Judy Sunga Hollywood Dell
November 29, 2016

My career was as a TV producer. I started in Musical Variety programs and Specials through my employment at CBS Television.
Later I had to adapt to comedy (sit coms) for the balance of my career. When I retired, my wife and I agreed to update our Audio/Video equipment and we found Fernando Canete through Neighbor2Neighbor. He came over to assess the project. Thankfully he accepted. He updated our living room requirements as well as our bedroom A/V systems. It was painless and felt we were working as a team to accomplish the project. Fernando was always present from beginning to end. The work was clean. The only problem was getting us updated on how to use the equipment. He was available to us by phone if we had any questions or something wasn't working. We never had to call him for any fixes or solutions as Fernando made sure we understood the system. We are very happy with Fernando and his crew and would recommend him proudly.

K.L. Venice
February 22, 2016

Like many our age, we're frustrated by electronics and hadn't done anything in 15 years to upgrade ourselves and had no time or interest in doing our homework.

Fernando was fantastic. Though he speaks very rapidly and has a thick accent, he has a HEART OF GOLD. He was responsive to our needs and handled all our issues, spending way more time with Verizon than he had counted on.

He's a gem and I'll have no hesitation recommending him to my friends. Thank you for your service!

F. Franklin Beverly Hills
October 18, 2013

Fernando of Home Digital Solutions has been just wonderful to work with from the get-go. He’s so professional and so helpful. A lot of these guys try to get you to spend your money, but not him. When he first came to my house he told me, ‘sure, you can pay for top of the line, but you are not going to get much more for it.’ He’s very honest and above board.

Right away I appreciated even the small things. The fellows that he’s hired to work with him are all very kind and absolutely lovely to have in your home. They arrive looking presentable with their uniforms pressed and with name tags on. It’s not just for show either, how they look is how they act. His men are very careful and do everything in the quickest manner so they don’t have to charge you for more hours. In this day and age it’s hard to find that kind of old-fashioned service and customer care.

After I saw that new resolution on the television he put in the living room I thought, wow! It spoils you to have such quality, and I wanted to have the same for my older television in the bedroom. I have a wonderful old armoire in there with a nice fabric lining inside, but I told Fernando I didn’t think a new model of TV would fit and look good, plus I didn’t want to damage the cabinet lining. But he told me not to worry, that he could lower the hinges and make sure I got the biggest model that would look and work the best. In the end he did it perfectly with a lot of care, and the new TV looks wonderful in my armoire!

Fernando has also converted all of the electronic equipment in the house and streamlined everything. I’m seventy and over time things had gotten outdated. Bing-bang-boom, he got rid of all of the useless wires and outmoded equipment, replacing it with the most efficient and easy to use technology. He’s really taken me into the 21st century! My Internet speed is much faster, and I can turn music on from anywhere I want in the house or garden from my iPad.

One time I called Fernando on a Sunday to let him know I couldn’t get my Netflix to work. I told him to come during the week when he had some time, but he was over here in 30 minutes! I love him so much that I sent him over to do my daughter’s place, too. I know she’s going to be so happy with the results. He’s honest, follows through on what he says and is a true gentleman. If I could give him 12 stars out of 10, I would, and not just him but his whole team.

N.S. Woodland Hills
September 12, 2013

Fernando installed 14 speakers throughout our house and in the backyard. He also installed a Sonos component system. My experience was great. He was concise, articulate, fast to show up, and his guys performed well.

Chuck F. Playa del Rey
December 05, 2011

I was having real problems with my internet connection and my cable provider. I called Fernando and asked him if he could work on it and fix it. He said the problem was that they had daisy chained the whole thing together and it needed to be redone. I asked him if he could fix it and he said yes, but it would cost probably more than I would want and if I was just persistent with the cable provider I could have it fixed for free. He was right. I really appreciated that Fernando was on the up and up with me. He's an honest guy.

Glenn Gainor Hollywood Dell
November 25, 2010

I found Fernando in neighbor2neighbor. He was quick to respond to my call and arrived within days of my request. He intellectually understood what my desires and requirements were for my media room. He also was flexible enough to meld my ideas with his ideas. It all worked! His prices were quite reasonable and he had prompt follow up, taking care of my issues and guiding me to the right people. He created a highly sophisticated room for me, which took two days. He is neat, tidy and orderly. Another thing I really liked is his passion about the latest technology. He stays abreast of new devices that come on the market, and is excited about them!

Wallace Hammond Torrance
November 17, 2010

Fernando installed a home theater and closed circuit cameras at my home and office. My experience was excellent! I had comparison shopped the items on the internet and Fernando's price was below what I saw. He passed on deals to me in return for the installation. For example, the 3D TV manufacturer was giving away 2 pairs of 3D glasses and a Blu Ray player to dealers. Fernando just offered them to me for free since he didn't have to pay for them. You couldn't go to Best Buy and install a system yourself and get as good a deal as having Fernando do it all.

Fernando is always punctual and is trustworthy to the point where I have left him and his helper alone in my house. They laid out plastic and cleaned up after themselves so you wouldn't have known anyone was ever there. He is extremely technical, but can explain it all to you in layman's terms. He stays up on the latest technology by taking classes and going to seminars.

Fernando has come back and tweaked a few things and he always checks the system and does more than I called him for. I have referred him to two of my clients and they have been happy with him, too. Fernando is definitely the guy you want to install your home theater system.

Adam Davidson Venice
November 15, 2010

Fernando set up a home audio system for us with two high-definition 3D TV’s, Blu Ray, and a sound system. Next he will do our remote controlled, programmed lighting for us and an intercom on the gate, too. With the lighting system, you can be upstairs in bed and turn off the lights all around the house, or you can be in the living room, turn on a movie and bring down the lights in the kitchen without getting up. We called Fernando after our contractor recommended him for putting in a stereo system that you could hear throughout the house. We realized after talking to Fernando that there were a lot of other possibilities for other kinds of automation such as lighting, TV’s and the like. Fernando was able to get good deals on the TV’s and the stereo equipment for us. Fernando very much cares. He was there to make sure it was all installed correctly. If there was a glitch, he came that day or the next to make it right.

Susan D. Santa Monica
November 15, 2010

I found Home Digital in neighbor2neighbor. Fernando is very professional and knowledgeable. Fernando fine-tuned our existing systems. He was easy to talk to and gave us good ideas about how to incorporate new elements, to which we intend to continue adding. Fernando is always available. I never feel I cannot contact him. He even called a few weeks after the initial job to see how it was working for us. That is what makes him so special, the personalized attention.

Ron Hess Upper Nichols Canyon
November 11, 2010

I found Home Digital through neighbor2neighbor. Fernando is a nice guy and he did a great job. We put in a new home theater system and he installed speakers throughout the inside and outside the house. He was very available to us during the project. I felt we got a good deal on the equipment, too. The system turned out great!

Oren Katzeff Venice
November 05, 2009

I found Home Digital in neighbor2neighbor. Initially they mounted a TV on the wall. We ended up with a complete audio solution, including DVD and ipod with surround sound in the dining room, the kitchen and outside. Fernando and his crew do a great job! I liked that Fernando worked with me directly and gave me several options to accommodate cost, quality, etc. In every aspect, he worked with me to fine-tune the job to my budget. I got two other bids and his prices are competitive—very, very fair. I double-checked his pricing online, too and everything was in line. It is a big deal to me that Fernando is accountable. I have confidence he will keep in touch. He is prompt, efficient and the quality of his service, as well as the quality of his products is, in one word, fantastic! Our relationship did not end with this job. I reached out to him for advice since then on updating my remote. Working with Fernando is an overall great experience, a Grade A job across the board!

Max B. East Hollywood Hills / Upper Nichols Canyon
October 23, 2009

Fernando designed and installed a home media system for our media room. It integrates all the TV’s in our home, all speakers inside and out and all audio-visual including Internet. Everything is operated by one hand-held remote-control device. It’s amazing! We found Home Digital in the neighbor2neighbor handbook. We felt Fernando’s bid was fair and competitive. We are in the midst of an ongoing remodel project, so Fernando has been held up while work has gone on around him. Whenever he arrives, he is on time and uses his time efficiently. On all issues, Fernando is very accessible, available and willing to accommodate. Something that makes his company especially unique is that he is also willing to take on much smaller jobs, too!

M. Duggan Santa Monica
August 20, 2009

Fernando installed and designed a media room for me. He gave me lots of options. He gave me a high end and a low end option and he was definitely on with his numbers! He was also really good at conceiving a room that seems way more expensive than it is. For instance, rather than buying a movie screen, he found a special silver paint and built a frame around the painted area. That saved me about $10,000. He gets really excited about his work and he is always researching to keep up with the latest technologies. Just before I was going to buy the projector, he found out about a brand new one that was less expensive and had more lumens. Then there was an unforeseen problem with the projector mount not working with my ceiling. Fernando came up with a radical solution: he turned the storage closet behind the wall into a projection booth so he could mount the projector on the wall. He also worked with the acoustics and knew where the speakers should go. He worked hand in hand with the contractor. It was a long process of calibrating and getting the focus and the acoustics just right, but he takes a lot of pride in his work and works hard.

S. Baca West Hollywood
July 15, 2009

Fernando installed a TV, hooked up a satellite for the TV and radio and tied it all into one wonderful remote. He simplified my life! I’m becoming a techie! Fernando looked around my home and designed a system that worked best with my space. He is very educated with acoustics and he was good at explaining why the speakers should be arranged in certain ways. His pricing was absolutely fair. He provides a customized service. I really appreciate the amount of work he did at my place and that any time I could call him and he’d call me right back. I wish more businesses were more like him! He is courteous and keeps his appointments. He explains everything very patiently. I got the best system for my money.

Marcela Dominguez Marina del Rey
June 25, 2009

Fernando installed a big plasma TV for me, but first he designed a cabinet to hide it because when I am not watching it, I don’t want to see it! I also wanted the TV tilted so I could watch it without twisting my neck. Other contractors just told me to deal with it, but Fernando installed a huge bracket to tilt the TV just so. He guided me to what I wanted that was in my price range. He was so helpful. I had asked friends about what would be best for me, but he knew so much more than any of my friends. He installed speakers indoors and in the back of my house of outdoors, a Blu Ray and a stereo system. And there is only one remote for everything! I now have music everywhere, inside and out. Fernando was very patient. He took the time to sit down with me, find out what I needed and then explain it all to me, so in the end it was not stressful at all. He didn’t try to sell me more than I needed. I had looked around so I knew some of the prices. In the end I got something better quality than what I would have gotten at a big electronics store, and at a lower price. After the installation, if I ever have any questions, he gets back to me right away.

Geoff Ruane Manhattan Beach
June 23, 2009

Fernando consolidated our entertainment system and helped us choose and purchase some new equipment. Fernando wired several stations, put in speakers and consolidated all my remotes into one solution. I now have a wonderful sound system! I had talked to a few other folks who came up with different proposals, but Fernando’s solution was the most compatible and the least disruptive with my house. He didn’t have to open up my walls. And his pricing was reasonable—the best bid we got—and he stuck to it! Fernando spent the better part of two days doing the installation. The system worked fine when he left, but we found a few minor bugs. He promptly came back and fixed them no problem.