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No interest for six months on approved credit, or $300 off on a new heating and air system.

Choose as efficient a system as your budget allows. Old units are up to 50 percent more costly to run than what’s available today.—Jeff

Our Review

When your heat or A/C breaks down, you need an honest expert who can assess the situation and give you suitable options. In the HVAC business since 1985, Jeff Williams of JW Heating and Air, Inc. brings a stellar reputation and a fastidiously trained crew to meet your home’s heating and air needs.

Jeff’s service technicians are not paid by commission, so there is no incentive to sell you a system you do not need. “Better to give an honest evaluation and have a customer for life,” Jeff stresses. JW techs thoroughly examine the entire system in order to best evaluate the homeowner’s options.

So they can recommend the best system for your home, the JW team will perform a load calculation to determine how much air should go into each room. A tech measures the rooms and their ducts, the windows and wall spaces, and considers such factors as insulation. “Without these calculations we’d just be guessing—the system would be inefficient and result in uneven temperatures throughout the house.”

JW provides the kind of service Jeff would expect himself. His workers use drop cloths and vacuums, are courteous, and wear uniforms. Jeff explains: “We can’t be average. We have to do great work. We’re only working today because of past performance.”

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User Reviews

Charlie Case Malibu
January 09, 2017

JW Heating and Air were spectacular. I really liked the whole experience of working with them. They knew their products, all of good quality, and the install went well. They were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. When you first schedule a job, they send you a picture so you know who's coming and then follow up for your feedback when it's finished. Everyone I met there was really nice. I love the AC. It's nice and quiet, which is important for my neighbors. I'm also able to monitor the thermostat with my i-phone. I recently recommended them to my mother for her own AC and she was also very happy with the work.

Elizabeth Taylor, Phd Verdugo Woodlands
December 13, 2016

I have three words about JW: punctual, efficient and thorough at a reasonable price. They come out to do the regular maintenance checks for our A/C and heating. I found them in Neighbor2Neighbor and have been very happy with the service.

Jennifer K. Pasadena
November 22, 2016

I had a good experience with JW Heating & Air. We kept having this problem with our AC where it would go out and stop pumping out the cold air. Every time we had our AC guy come, he would fix it, but a couple weeks later it would be down again. This was in the middle of summer when it was sooooo hot. I found JW in N2N and gave them a call. They gave us a quick appointment and came out promptly. Jeff was able to show me the different pieces and parts and told me something super simple that could remedy the problem. He checked our filter and got everything up and running within an hour. It’s been great and we haven’t had any issues since. I was really happy with their work. I appreciated that I got e-mail confirmations and a call to say when they would be there, so I wasn’t left with a long period of time waiting around for them to show up. I would definitely recommend them.

Heidi Crooks Mountain Gate
November 17, 2016

I found JW in Neighbor2Neighbor. They came about a year ago to clean out the AC ducts and refrigeration. I was very satisfied with the work. The crew had an excellent attitude and were very conscientious. They cleaned up carefully and the pricing was reasonable, too. I think it’s probably time to have them back again for a service call! I had no issues with them and have no problems recommending them.

Andrew Shipsides La Canada
January 22, 2015

We had a forced air heating system installed in our home. Ted came out for a bid and even though he was dressed nicely, he got right up into the attic and poked around. He is a friendly guy and gave us a very reasonable quote, and also made some helpful suggestions for improvements we wouldn't have thought of ourselves. He scheduled the job for the same week and did the work quickly, cleanly and thoroughly. We actually had to put the job on hold to finish construction, and he was very nice about waiting to come back to finish up. He did a final inspection and we haven't seen him since simply because we haven't needed to! I am extremely satisfied with JW Heating.

Alex G. Pasadena
December 22, 2014

JW Heating & Air recently put mini-splits into my home. The installation was professional and aesthetically pleasing. They were very helpful and did not pressure me to buy their services. I received friendly service from the sales person and the installers, and would recommend them without hesitation.

Evelyn G. Hollywood Hills
October 15, 2014

JW put a new HVAC system in our house, and they were unflappable during a complex job. The air conditioner was on the roof and required a crane, and our old duct work had asbestos that needed to be removed to be up to code. Since the duct work had to be changed, Jeff redesigned it to dramatically improve airflow, turning what we thought of as a negative into something very positive.

From the moment he came out to do the estimate, Jeff was thorough and professional. He had all the information we wanted at his fingertips. He followed up on every step and his installers were top-notch.

JW was the first step of a two-year home remodel, and it turned out we started with the best people. Other workers crawling around the house have said, "Wow, this is a work of art. I've never seen anything this well put together." The city inspector said the work was so above average he would be out of a job if every HVAC company did as well.

We signed up for their maintenance plan, but it was nothing we were pressured to do. We’re completely satisfied.

Sam Braslau Mar Vista
October 07, 2014

JW installed central air and heat in my house, including all the ducts. They beat another company's bid and came in well under what I expected, price-wise. They also did everything they said they would do, and before they left made sure everything was running correctly. They really cared about my place staying clean and did the job in such a professional way. I highly recommend them.

Doug Freeman Mid-City LA
December 04, 2010

Impeccable presentation and quality of work.

Bob Wunsch Carthay Square
November 03, 2010

You called me some weeks ago for a testimonial for Tashman Hardware, which I enthusiastically provided, and then you were kind enough to send me a copy of you booklet recommending tradespeople. I had need of a home heating expert for a rather complicated job, and among the three estimates I received for it was one from J&W, which I picked simply because of its presence, and what was written about it, in your booklet. Not only was the estimate the most complete, detailed, and fair, but the attention Jeff Williams himself paid to the estimating process---tailoring it to my needs---was remarkable. I chose JW heating for the job, and am extremely happy with the result as well as the efficiency and courtesy of the workmen who spent three full days on the job. I plan to use JW again in the near future for another project, and thank you for calling my attention to them.

Jen Olson Los Angeles
April 14, 2009

JW was so professional! Everything was delivered exactly when Jeff said. They were very thorough and good at explaining my options. I barely noticed the crew—it was as if they weren’t there. They came, did, and left. It is a two story building and they had to get a crane to remove the old unit and put on the new one. There were power lines and there was a lot to coordinate. They didn’t bother me with the details. His quote was the same as the other I got, but Jeff was more professional and I trusted that he would get the job done. And he did!

George Hale Hollywood
March 23, 2009

JW put in a complete system for my 3400 square foot house, upstairs and down. It’s a great old house, but when you open up the walls, there are bound to be surprises. Jeff never charged me extra. They were mid-priced—not the cheapest. I definitely got what I paid for. They were always on time. They cleaned up at the end of each day. I have already recommended them to three friends.

Sarah P. Echo Park
February 17, 2009

I’m the kind of consumer who does her homework. I contacted nine companies and only three gave me bids. Of the three, JW’s was the most comprehensive, fair, clear and personal. The people at JW are easy to contact, reliable, around for questions after the fact, and they did high quality work. The price seemed a little high to me in the beginning, but they worked with us until we found something that was amenable to both parties. I really had a fantastic experience with JW. I would recommend them to anyone!

Peter Wentzel Hollywood Hills
February 10, 2009

Jeff is the best contractor I have worked with in LA. He is reliable, helpful and has a great attitude. JW re-ducted my whole house. It had been poorly set up for air flow. Jeff added some vents and reversed the air flow in some cases—turned the returns into outputs. Jeff was very responsive. He came over himself to get the job started and followed up by phone after the job was over. Instead of selling me a new system, he worked with the existing unit by improving the air flow. He helped me figure out how to make what I already had work. His pricing was realistic for the time, materials and outcome. I have spent a lot more and not gotten what I paid for. The crew was respectful and helpful. They cleaned up really well.

Erica Phillips Westwood
February 03, 2009

I adore JW Heating and Air. I have an old house that never had a/c and had the original cast iron furnace. Jeff Williams loves heating and air—he is passionate and excited! He takes measurements so he knows the requirements for the vents and ducts before he suggests anything. He comes back with the best suggestions for your home. He gave me a fairly priced bid that was broken down into all the details of the work. He has it all covered—he breaks down the cost of a complete system vs window units to show you what is most cost effective. He has fabulous crews. They put on booties before they come in the house and they do nothing but work while they are there. They completed the work on time and on budget. If I ever had any piddling question, he’d answer it. He even sent a guy over to give me a tutorial after I forgot some things. Now that’s service!