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It is essential you are compatible with your designer. A simpatico relationship allows your designer to understand your wants and needs.—Jill Proctor

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“Anybody can do basic lighting, but to really bring indoor elements outdoors, to blur the walls, that’s where I shine,” says Jill Proctor of Luminous Gardens. A licensed electrical contractor, Jill specializes in low voltage lighting that lures the viewer outdoors. She creates living rooms of light, using unique fixtures: torchieres, wall sconces, colored glass, even hidden decorative fixtures in foliage.

On the tail of a career in theatrical lighting, Jill started Luminous Gardens in 2000 and the business has grown entirely through word-of-mouth. Clients appreciate that she provides a map and spreadsheet detailing each installation: “If the markings have burned off a bulb, they can refer to the map and see what to replace it with. There’s no guesswork.”

Jill also devised a system using transformer hookups, which simplifies troubleshooting or adding more lights later on. She allows for a garden’s growth by loading extra watts on a transformer, so as a tree grows she can amp up the illumination.

Many clients are so thrilled with Jill’s landscape lighting that they bring her inside to do interior lighting. She enjoys sourcing unusual fixtures to create mood and flow, and to illuminate artwork. Whether indoors or out, Jill excels at infusing a home with mood and drama: “I create magic with lighting.”

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User Reviews

Ann Janss West Los Angeles
December 03, 2010

Jill designed the lighting in our backyard so that it would be evenly lit without it being obnoxious. She came up with a great solution. Her crew was great—very personable people. They were confident in their work and did what had to be done without asking a lot of questions. I know that her pricing was very fair because I know some people who have had lighting work done.

Debbie Z. Brentwood
November 26, 2010

I discovered Jill in your neighbor2neighbor publication but I felt like I was taking a great leap of faith when I called her to interview. I called two other lighting people and Jill impressed me with her knowledge. She really knew what she was doing and I felt confident of her from the very start. I liked her personality, too. The other people asked me questions about my yard and switches, things I didn’t know about, but expected them to know about. Jill listened to me and ran with it. Whatever I needed, she produced. She has a great design aesthetic. She was very accommodating with my busy schedule and time. She continues to maintain my lighting system. She came to my yard in the nighttime, too, so we could see the shadows and dark parts of the yard. Jill is just a lovely person! I’m very happy with my yard and with neighbor2neighbor.

Beth McNamara Los Angeles
November 14, 2010

I was completely at a loss on what to do with interior lighting as we were renovating a room with a very large ceiling. I remembered my Neighbor 2 Neighbor guide and found Jill's listing. I called her and she called me right back. Jill is extremely knowledgeable, abundantly passionate and an amazing resource in what can be an overwhelming amount of information about lighting, wattage, dimmers etc. I will definitely use Jill project is our under-lit pool area.

Marty Longbine Pacific Palisades
December 03, 2009

I am an architect and had particular ideas about style and need for our house. It was not a very elaborate project for Jill—we wanted some mood lighting in a few areas, some light along paths and light at the street to discourage vandalism. Jill fine-tuned my ideas and made fantastic suggestions. She was on time and on budget, while keeping her pricing fair. She has a great crew and she is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to my friends. She's great!

Richard Landers Pacific Palisades
November 22, 2008

I’ve been truly delighted with Jill. We had started down the path of redoing our lighting design with three other people, but until Jill, we hadn’t found anyone who could create a good design as well as listen to our ideas. After 9 years of our garden growing up, we felt we were clearer about what we wanted to do. Jill helped us rethink our landscaping, all the while taking in and processing our ideas. She also did restoration and repair of any lighting we were going to keep. She is coming in soon to add and modify the lighting. Her crew is great—very organized, very professional and very efficient. She is very trustworthy. I trust her not to pad the bill. I feel terrific about Jill.

Robert Marx Beverly Hills
October 09, 2008

We have a home with very dense foliage outside. Jill created and implemented our low voltage lighting for the front and backyard and the hillside. She really knew how to give us the best bang for the buck! She knew the best type of fixtures for our situation. The people working for her were outstanding! No fooling around—they got in and got the work done! I am an ex-general contractor and architect and I can tell you that she runs a professional shop! Hers is a first class operation. We’ve referred her several times.

Tony and Linda Rubin Mandeville Canyon
September 10, 2008

Our garden is really important to us. The lighting design from when we built our home 16 years ago was great, but with the growth of the garden, it just didn’t look right anymore. Our landscape architect recommended Luminous Gardens. Jill added different and more efficient lights, created a different ambiance with colors, and she paid attention to the water features, which were not previously lit. She also eliminated the need to redesign so extensively in the future by remounting the fixtures onto the trees in a way that allows for growth. Jill has both a practical and a dramatic approach to lighting a garden. She added drama to areas that needed it. And as a licensed electrical contractor, Jill has a lot of knowledge and a large number of resources. She redid the electrical with better allocation of the draw on the system. Jill was very helpful in that she would show us different colors and views so we could see what we would get before we pulled the trigger. Her crew is experienced in theatrical lighting design, so they weren’t just people who attach fixtures. Now two to three times a year Jill’s people do maintenance: they walk through, adjust, fix and replace based on what’s working. The maintenance saves us a lot of money – our electrician would be way more expensive and he would never have the time. Also, six months after the work was done, during the maintenance, she realized there was a defect in some of the fixtures. Since it was within the 1-year warranty, she was able to return them all and get replacements at no charge! If I had another lighting project, I wouldn’t even entertain other bids.I think her prices are reasonable (even though price is not always the most important thing!) I am finicky. It’s our home. Jill is in the top three people we have used.