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80 percent of the dirt you track into your home comes off in the first step. Keep a small, washable throw rug near the door to keep dirt out of your home.—Bryan Angstman

Our Review

Imagine coming home to clean carpets, drapes, upholstery and bedding without the odor and residue of toxic chemicals. Naturally Green founder Bryan Angstman worked as an indoor air quality analyst at the University of Minnesota before moving to Los Angeles to start his nontoxic cleaning business. “I wanted to do something to help people and the environment.” His partner, Job Herrera, has been professionally cleaning carpets since 1995. Together they will keep your carpets clean without compromising your health.

Many people choose Naturally Green because they are concerned about exposure to unhealthy chemicals. Naturally Green’s products are nontoxic, fragrance free, effective and low moisture (so they won’t create mold in carpets). Bryan explains, “The citrus-based products we use out-clean any other product, even the chemically-based ones.”

Bryan and Job keep their rates low. They charge based on square footage and remove stains for free, unlike other companies that charge extra for spots. They can also scrub your tile and grout, sanitize your air ducts and even clean your bed. “Changing the sheets won’t solve the problem,” says Job. “Bed cleaning removes harmful mites and mold.”

Naturally Green’s references spoke of Bryan and Job’s trustworthiness and congenial dispositions. Bryan remarks: “We give a little extra to everyone.”

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User Reviews

Grazia Culver City
October 26, 2012

Bryan of Naturally Green did a great job not only cleaning our berber carpets, but also taking great care in cleaning our area rugs, which come from Morocco, Turkey, Asia and India. He took them to his shop and color tested them first to make sure they wouldn't run, since they would be washed by hand. Sure enough one of them would have run, so he handled that rug differently instead. He was very careful to dry them so they wouldn't stretch or get lopsided, which has happened with previous cleaners. He is immensely knowledgeable about allergies and has thoughtfully created his own non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Chuck F. Playa del Rey
December 14, 2011

I tried Bryan once and now I have him come to my place and do the carpets twice a year. I'm pleased with the prices, but mostly the work he does. It is terrific. And he shows up on time!

Erica Borido Brentwood
November 02, 2011

Bryan is such a sweet person - really lovely. We have him over regularly to do the carpets. He does a great job at a very reasonable price. And he doesn't use toxic chemicals.

Lee An Lantos Marina del Rey
October 28, 2011

Bryan was thorough. I was pleased with the outcome. He got spots off that I didn't think would come off. He was very personable, honest and easy to have in my house. The cost was reasonable. I really liked the idea of not using harmful chemicals and the carpet dried so fast.

K. Chang Westchester
October 17, 2011

Bryan really new his stuff and his guy, Job, did a GREAT job cleaning our carpets. They even made a special scheduling exception to accomodate our move-in date. Highly recommend them!

Glen King Valencia
October 25, 2006

Bryan is great. Some of the carpets that I didn’t think could be cleaned, he cleaned them perfectly! He has terrific pricing and he always shows up when he says he will. And he’s a very pleasant guy!

Kathy L. Woodland Hills
October 19, 2006

Bryan comes to my place a couple of times a year to do my upholstery and carpets. He is excellent. He works around my schedule and is always prompt. It’s great to have someone around that I can trust. You don’t find many guys like him anymore.

Blossom T. Woodland Hills
September 02, 2006

I have Bryan come to my place once a month to clean the carpets since I have two dogs. He uses products that are safe for the animals. I trust him so much that I leave the key for him and a check on the counter. He has great pricing and is a really nice guy!

Rob W. West Los Angeles
August 20, 2006

Bryan does a great job and is always on time. I knew he was good when my wife called me at work to say “Oh my God! It looks fantastic!”