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Receive $500 off your project of $5,000 or more.

Always pull required permits. Some contractors might say there’s no need and to save the money, but not only is it the law, permits are NOT significantly expensive and they protect you from work not being up to code. A city inspector has an unbiased eye and can evaluate the work being performed.—Natalie

Our Review

Thinking of a kitchen or bath remodel, a room addition or preparing your home for sale? Natalie Waknine’s exceptional eye, collaborative spirit and two decades of experience in construction will let you make the most of your space. “I care about my clients’ homes as if they were my own,” Natalie explains. “And I approach every aspect of construction with positive energy, so my clients can feel relaxed and reassured.”

Natalie’s passion for going the extra mile was evident when we spoke with her references. They loved her warmth and willingness to educate them about their options. “Communication and integrity are key; and disclosing everything upfront, and especially when issues arise, is crucial.” Natalie designs projects that are tailored to her clients’ needs and she passes along her professional discounts.

Natalie never rushes a job. She stays personally involved, keeping projects on schedule, organized and within budget—without cutting corners or compromising on quality or safety. “A positive approach to surprises on a project is what separates the women from the girls,” Natalie enthuses. “My goal is to make renovation as painless and positive an experience as possible for my clients and deliver exactly what they wanted and more.”

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User Reviews

Robert P. West LA area
June 05, 2017

We needed work done on our home and were fortunate to discover NES Property Services, Inc. in Neighbor2Neighbor. During our project, we learned that NES stands for Natalie's Exceptional Services . . .an appropriate name for what the company delivers. Our bathrooms were completely renovated by NES as were many areas both inside and outside our home. Some of the upgrades include: ceiling replacement; painting inside and out; crown moldings and baseboards throughout; installation of hardwood floors; new garage door and window; replacement of rain gutters, patio doors, patio cover and yard fence. The professionalism, suggestions and observations offered by NES were spot-on and reflective of a company run by experts. We are proud to recommend this stellar construction company because we are proud of the work that they did for us.

Heather Sardella Encino Park
October 24, 2016

We just had our bathroom remodeled by NES Property Services. This was our first remodeling project and we are so very happy with the outcome! Our bathroom is beautiful with a large walk in shower with a bench seat and a large niche running the length of the shower. The craftsmanship that went into the tile work is precise and beautiful and exactly what I envisioned. NES was able to accommodate a custom built-in shelf unit in the bathroom working around it and actually incorporating it into the design so it blended seamlessly with the new floor and wall! All of the specialists on their team are experts in their field, courteous, and professional.

NES (Sean and Natalie) are a pleasure to work with and effective communicators. They are able to listen to your wants, needs and concerns and address any issue that comes up with professionalism and consideration. They are honest, family people with a passion for their work which translates into making sure their clients are happy and business is conducted with integrity.

Rebecca Stryker Westlake Village
September 28, 2016

NES does great work.......I highly recommend them

Trisha D. Valley Glen
September 27, 2016

Nes remodeled our kitchen and bathroom. They were very professional and always showed up on time. The quoted us our project would be done in 6 weeks and it was. All their workers were great to deal with and nice. If I wasn't happy with something they always were there to fix it. One of the best things about them was even once our job was finished and if something needed to be fixed or touched up they sent someone right away to deal with it. I would use them on another project for sure and have referred them to a few friends. I've heard horror stories with other contractors and Nes was a great company to deal with. Highly recommended!

Tim and Peggy Arcadia
December 21, 2014

We did a whole kitchen remodel with Natalie. The experience was very good. There is a lot of anxiety involved in a remodel, but NES handled us well. They finished the job a few days early. They were on budget for the project. There were a few unknowns, but nothing major. We had some asbestos and they had to move the electric box, but they told us in the beginning that we might have to move the electric box, so we were aware of that as a potential issue. They were extremely professional and met with us regularly. They weren’t living in our area, so I know they made a point to be close to our home while the job was being done. We had gotten three or four bids. Natalie never claimed to be the cheapest, but she did say that the attention to detail would be flawless. She met all of my wife's needs and she can be picky! They were extremely collaborative: we had a bunch of ideas flowing from all the other contractors we had met. We shared what we liked and they were open to everything, but they expanded on our ideas or told us how they thought they could improve on them. We recommend NES all the time to people.

Bella Z. Sherman Oaks
November 18, 2014

Natalie completely remodeled our kitchen, including removal of old flooring and installation of new floor tiles, upgrading the electric system in order to meet state code requirements and custom made cabinetry. During the discussion about the design, she suggested that we should maintain the existing design of the kitchen, rather than move walls, which of course cut the cost of the remodel. Generally, the selection and suggestion of colors and materials was good. NES and their subs were very professional and met the deadline as promised. Natalie is very pleasant people to work with! My impression was that she was honest in bidding. We had several bids and they presented a mid-range price.

Randy & Lauren N. Simi Valley
October 28, 2014

I received four bids to remodel our upstairs guest bath. I met with the two middle-priced bidders and chose Natalie. Over the course of this first contract I found her to be very nice, extremely easy to work with and she also does excellent work! NES was as on schedule as you could possibly believe.

After the completion of the guest bath, I hired NES to upgrade our 100 amp electrical service to a 200 amp service outside the house. That went quickly and smoothly. Then I hired them to remove an existing wood patio and construct a new aluminum patio. I got another bid on that project and NES was the lower of the two bids. They demolished the patio and removed all debris in one day and had the new patio up three days later. It was fabulous!

I also hired them to remodel our master bath and vanity area. This was four times the size of the guest bath. It was a six-week project. I did a concept sketch and met with Natalie and the cabinetmaker. They suggested certain paints and woods and other materials and I went with their suggestions. It is absolutely gorgeous.

With these projects there have been only a few little problems with unknowns and they were all taken care of quickly and professionally. NES's work is superb. They've done four major projects for us and we plan to hire them again.

They earned our trust with the guest bath remodel. They built it in the agreed upon amount of time and at a good price. There are so many contractors who aren’t fun to work with. Working with Natalie has been really a great experience. NES is one the most prompt contractors I’ve ever worked with. I have several more projects I will do to our home and NES will be on the inside track. I've given out some of their business cards to friends, I believe in them so much.

Joyce P. Carson
October 28, 2014

NES explained to me up front how long it would take and what the workers would be doing. Everything was great. When they were working on the outside of the house, they mentioned a few times that they thought it would be nice if I opened up the living room and dining room into one space at some point. They planted the seed. They ended up doing the whole downstairs. We changed my floors from carpet to wood. We redid the family room and my bedroom. They gave me light in my room and made a walk-in closet without taking any space from the rest of the house. They also did my kitchen. The last thing they did was the bath. They turned it into a spa. I picked out the spa tub and they knocked out a closet on the other side of the wall so it fit perfectly. The tiling is gorgeous! They tiled the whole wall and installed with glass doors.
I helped with the design, but I went along with their recommendations. I had my two or three cents worth to add. They did 3D computer images and added embellishments. I was totally happy with what they did. They completed these projects on time or early.
I had lived in this house for 35 years and had never done anything to it. I was grateful and happy with end result. Everything was done in stages. I knew at every point of the way where they were, what they was doing and they met the time commitment exactly on three different projects. They also was always clear on the finances. There were no surprises there.
In terms of workers I had a lock box on the door and they had access in and out. I was leery—I had always had a locked gate and it took a lot to let go of that security. But they were great. Every time they came into my home they cleaned up completely. That impressed me! They always left the house the way I left it when I went to work. They did a fabulous job.
I've been in what feels like my new home two years now even though I’ve been living there for 35 years. I'm very happy. You would not go wrong in recommending their services. I had such an awesome experience with NES. They’re very good people and very honest. My family had no idea I was doing all this work on the house and they were so surprised when they walked into the house for Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Chantal Mehrpoo Beverly Hills
October 24, 2014

NES does it all!! They are finishing my master bathroom as I type and it is perfect and permitted. If you are looking for perfection and very down-to-earth, nice, personable and meticulous people then NES is what you are looking for!!!! I'm very excited to start my next project with them.

Kim S. Newbury Park
January 18, 2014

NES Property Services remodeled my fireplace and removed a step from the front door to the main living areas. For the fireplace remodel, they layered over the existing brick with quartz stone and demolished the portion of the fireplace that created assymmetry. They also created a stone mantle that looks beautiful with quartz. People often remark on how much they love our fireplace!

Natalie, the owner of the company, is extremely attentive and easy to work with. I had a limited budget and was prepared to cut out a few projects due to costs, but she really worked with me to make these projects possible. In addition, I was having trouble choosing and pricing the stone for the fireplace, so Natalie helped me find options that I loved, at a price that I could afford. It all worked out beautifully.

The number one thing that separates NES from other contractors is the one-on-one attention they provide and their ability to work within a budget.