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The number one cause of fish death in ponds is chlorine. Add de-chlorinator every time you add water to ponds to neutralize it.—Samuel

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A healthy pond creates an environment that will soothe even the most stressed-out urbanite. If your Koi pond is looking a little green around the gills, pond master Sam Toscano of On Golden Pond can assess it, outline a plan and give you a free estimate to restore it to health. Sam can also design and build any style of water feature for any budget, from formal reflecting pools to naturalistic, Feng Shui Edens.

Ponds attract a variety of birds and beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and dragonflies. Sam is great with both flora and fauna, but his greatest passion is helping fish thrive. “Fish are helpless, I feel responsible for them.” He cares for them without the use of chemicals, using beneficial bacteria and alternative algaecides to keep water sparkling and pH levels balanced.

With a degree in Aquaculture Engineering and experience ranging from a turtle refuge to Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific, Sam has worked around water and fish all his life. The lush, thriving ecosystems he creates grow more beautiful each year.

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User Reviews

Rusty Travis Beverly Hills
November 30, 2011

I’ve been using Samuel for seven years now. I partially built the pond myself and Samuel came over to advise me. We have an ongoing raccoon problem here and he continues to advise me to this day. When I call, he calls back promptly and is out here that day or by the middle of the next day. What I like best about Samuel from the very beginning is that he always courteously listens to me so he knows what I want. I have beautiful 12” water lilies in my pond. Samuel maintains them organically. He keeps them crisp looking, abundant and lush. He has an eye for keeping my pond sparkling. He charges more than my last pond person because he is so much more knowledgeable and has never been lax. Each time he comes here, he maintains the same high quality of service as the first time he was here. My last pond keeper got complacent. Samuel and his crew are so nice. I want you to know about his honesty and integrity. He really wants to do the job right.

Susan P. West Hollywood
November 29, 2011

Sam has been with us for over a year now. We had a different pond service that kept telling us to dismantle our deck and rebuild the pond because we had this annoying gurgling noise. It made no sense to us that we would have to dismantle the deck. We called a couple of companies for other opinions. The first sent out a young guy who said they would come once a week and gave us a price, but they had no solution for the gurgling. Then Sam came. He quickly found out that the problem was simply that the filter needed to be cleaned and fixed the problem immediately. He also did an assessment and told us to use different bacteria to keep the water cleaner, and to feed the fish less so the water is clearer. He now does weekly routine maintenance for us. Sam’s prices are comparable to our first company only he does emergency service, and he knows what he is talking about! He went to school for this so he really knows fish and their environments. We are really happy with service! Sam owns the company and comes personally to assess every site. He’s very hands-on. We just have a small pond, but I would trust him with a huge pond. Sam is thorough and he and his guys are super nice. But it was his knowledge that made us choose him. He knew exactly right away what the problem was. He created a plan for our pond that is very specific to what we needed.

Brigitte Failner Westwood
November 29, 2011

I love my pond so much that I redid a section to accommodate a lawn chair so I can sit and enjoy the plants and the fish and the clouds. I live in a first floor condo that had a non-functioning koi pond in the back yard. I had two pond companies before Sam whom I was not happy with. When I called them with a concern they would take a long time to get back to me and take care of the problem. The last pond person would even argue with me about what I wanted for my pond and my yard. Sam came out two years ago and completely renovated the pond for me. He took out some fish that had gotten too big and brought in some beautiful plants. He worked on the pumps, too. Now he maintains the pond monthly. My plants are just gorgeous! He is professional, on time and tidy. He comes out within 24 hours if I have a problem. He gives me great advice.

Nancy Meller Cheviot Hills
November 22, 2011

Sam uses an organic, natural approach to pond management. I was unhappy with my previous pond person. I think they killed my fish. That company was lax. They just weren’t careful. Sam is careful and thorough and gives me good advice. He tells me what is best for the fish and for the pond. The waterfall had been installed improperly, but Sam was able to fix it. He comes regularly to maintain my pond and I haven’t lost any fish. He responds quickly to my calls. He lets me decide which plants I want to keep and which plants to replace. Sam has a good eye and gives me choices with prices so I can choose what I want to do. I don’t feel like he is giving me a “hard sell.” His price is more expensive than the last company but he gives much better service. He is worth it.

David Seltzer Venice
November 21, 2011

I don’t remember when or where I heard about Sam Toscano, but I want to thank who ever it was! He rescued my ponds, which had been built by a high priced professional. I had mosquitoes breeding, filters not working. It was a mess. Sam came and put it all straight. He is available at a moment’s notice. He is still repairing the original plumbing as it breaks. He works extraordinarily fast, and is kind and intelligent. He is one of the best at crisis intervention. He is reliable and responsive. His craftsmanship is the best.

Mary Luck Glendale
November 21, 2011

I first called On Golden Pond in 2010 to clean my pond. Sam is just great and his co-worker is equally as great! He gave me good advice about fish food and how the weather would affect my pond and my fish, and how many fish I could have based on the number of gallons of water. When he comes to maintain the pond, he takes the fish out of the pond. He repaired the fountain and did not charge me. He shows up on time like clockwork. He arrives by 7 AM and works half of the day. He is so responsible and reliable. I have not lost one fish since On Golden Pond has been here. I know to pay close attention to his advice because he really knows what he is talking about. He is knowledgeable, yet humble. The first time he came to my home I felt I could trust him. He is really interested in the fish. He really cares.

Ken Kaufman Topanga Canyon
November 18, 2011

I found Sam on the Internet. He has a very interesting website. He is also one of the nicest people I have ever known. He takes great personal interest in his ponds. His employees are competent and thorough. He displays excellent customer service—a lovely guy to deal with. When I invite someone onto my property I want to trust him or her. Sam is a hands-on kind of guy and he hires trustworthy people. His jobs have always gone beyond my expectations and his prices are fair and reasonable.

Shula N. Century City
November 16, 2011

Sam Toscano is a pleasure to work with. He is creative problem solver and always available when I need him. He has worked on fountains and ponds for me and I really rely on him. He is always quick to respond. His prices are fair and he has been willing to work with my budget. He and his helper care about my home. Sam keeps the job tidy and is cordial and pleasant to have around.