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Always pull permits when adding square footage to your home. They don't cost much, and the city inspector will make sure everything is done correctly.—Ray

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Looking for a reliable, versatile contractor who can build a home from scratch, or just fix your air conditioner? Ray Piller would love to be your go-to guy. He has worked his way up from maintenance man to contractor, starting his own contracting business in 2002. He is licensed to work on both commercial and residential properties.

The breadth of Ray’s experience means he can handle any size job, and he tackles them all with the same level of enthusiasm. Ray focuses his time and efforts on the job at hand, never taking on multiple projects at once. This enables him to be present on every project, often doing the work himself and overseeing the entire process. “I make sure each phase is going well: that the subcontractors are doing their job, that the inspectors are satisfied, that the finishes are perfect.”

Ray offers competitive pricing and maintains a sense of transparency with all of his quotes, giving his customers a full breakdown of costs. For Ray, there is nothing better then seeing his clients happy at the end of a project, adding another life-long customer to his roster.

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User Reviews

Erika S. West Hollywood
December 10, 2015

Ray Piller is a talented handyman. There appears to be no category of repair he can’t handle. He is very conscientious in his work. No matter how challenging the project, he sticks with it and finds a solution, where others would give up. I have had him do countless repairs: re-tile my bathroom floor, install sinks and toilets, and do some light painting and finish work. All of the work has been superb. He is also super friendly and pleasant to have in the house. I highly recommend him.

Ian Smith Burbank
November 17, 2015

I worked with Ray ten years ago doing remodels. These days I have my own moving business, and I refer my clients to him all the time. I have also hired Ray to work on my own house, to install doors, fix floors, and do all kinds of home repairs. He does everything – from bath remodels to changing a light bulb. He does quality work and he is the most honest guy I know! He would never up-sell you. Truth is, you never know what you will find when you open a wall, but he generally can bid spot on. He is not the cheapest, but not most expensive guy. You get great work at a great price. Ray knows materials, schemes, shades and patterns so he can help you make design choices. He is great at giving you options. Give him a call.

Ernest and Claudete Levin Arcadia
November 16, 2015

Whenever we have an issue at our home, I call Ray Piller. Ray is a first-rate contractor: cooperative, low-key, reliable, trustworthy and he does the work correctly. He has done work in our home for the last 10 years. We first hired him to build a pergola and a patio. He did it so well that we called him back to do more. We can’t say anything negative about Ray. He is smart and competent in the areas that he oversees. He installed an additional bannister on our staircase to match the existing bannister. This was not a simple job. He perfectly stained and varnished the new bannister so it matched the one made 35 years previously! He and his crew painted our house and did a really good job. We have a master bath that had rugs. Now it's tiled because of Ray. He re-grouted our master bath and shower. At one point we called him two days before we were having new appliances installed in the laundry room. We had him build new shelves and paint the area where the new appliances would go. He completed the work before the delivery. With most projects he is ahead of, or right on, the timeline. We have compared his rates. We found the expression “penny wise and pound foolish” to be true. You might get someone who is cheap, but the work won’t be good. Ray is not the cheapest, but he is sterling: he does his work and stands behind it. I wish him the best with his business because he deserves it. We have no criticism, constructive or otherwise. He's a gem.

Mike Penketh Burbank
October 23, 2015

Ray replaced a leaking water heater for us about two months ago. I went with him because he came recommended by a friend and my regular contractor was not available. This was an emergency and I had to be at work. When I called Ray, he jumped on it. He asked me for the dimensions and he went out, shopped around for the best quality for the price, picked up the water heater and installed it. I got back that night and it was done. It was incredible! My wife was home to give him access, but he took care of everything else. He even hauled away the old heater. Now we have a nice, new water heater, strapped in for safety, in our garage. I have already recommended him to a friend. And he is a super nice guy! My wife said he was great in person. Super trustworthy and reliable.

Rodger Dickson Glendale
October 21, 2015

I've worked with Ray many times, 10 years to date. We have worked on kitchens, bathroom remodels, additions to garages and decks. He also does retrofitting, foundation work, concrete work, plumbing. There’s not much he can’t do. Ray has high standards and does great quality work—I would say top notch. He makes sure everyone is happy. The timelines on projects I worked on were always within reason. His pricing is more than fair. You get what you pay for. If you want good quality, you go with Ray. He works with a couple of different architects he will call upon when needed. They’ do the drawings and Ray puts together colors, concrete or countertop samples to show the client. When it comes to design most people know what they want, but when it comes to making things fit, proper height and dimensions, he's got the eye. I’ve worked with him long enough to know he has integrity. When I recommend Ray I put my reputation on the line. My work standards are high so for me to have someone like Ray to work with is a bonus.

Joanne Payne Echo Park
October 13, 2015

I have always been happy with the work Ray has done for me over the years. He has done a difficult roof on a steep hillside, walls, fences, painting, plumbing, electrical work --all kinds of things! He retrofitted a hillside home for me that was built in the 1920's. He brings in additional people if it's a huge job. I collaborate with him on the design aspects of the jobs. He has given me lots of ideas. He took me to a stone yard to choose the granite for my counter tops. He helped me find the right piece of stone at the best price. Ray’s prices are competitive. Once I got four bids for a huge fence job and Ray’s quote was in the middle. Ray is very honest and transparent about the work he is doing. If he finds a problem he'll usually assure me it's just a little something he’ll take care of. He has saved me money at times when he could have taken advantage because I know so little about plumbing, for example. I'm going to hire him again for a job in March!