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Annual descaling maintenance on your tankless water heater is recommended to prolong its lifetime. You’ll also save money on your gas and electric bills.—Jose Cabrales

Our Review

Whether you need to fix a leaky faucet, unclog a drain, or upgrade to copper plumbing, Real Plumbers offers high quality work at an affordable price. Owner Jose Cabrales takes pride in his prompt, reliable service: “You can call me 24 hours a day and speak with an actual person on the line.”

Jose began working professionally as a plumber in 1991 when he was so young that clients looked past him for the “real” plumber when he appeared at their door. “By the time I graduated from Fairfax High, I was a full-fledged plumbing contractor with five years experience!” Over the years Jose’s business has grown as he has built a roster of loyal customers.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to Jose. Take cleanliness, for example: “When I leave, I make sure the work area is cleaner than when I arrived.”

Jose finds deep gratification in pleasing his customers: “It’s a great feeling when I go home at the end of the day knowing that people are happy with my work.”

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User Reviews

I.P. Westchester
February 09, 2018

Jose has been such a savior. He is always on time and works with my schedule to make sure I can be home for service. He does an excellent job and always double checks his work to make sure you are completely satisfied. I can't say enough great things about Jose. Very kind and will help you understand any work he is doing in a simple manner. He has done routine work as well as saved me in a few emergencies. Can't recommend him enough!

Jessica T. Mar Vista
February 05, 2018

Jose Cabrales is amazing. Not only a terrific plumber, but a true gentleman, totally reliable, warm & reassuring, very reasonably priced, always responsive and on time. He has done work for me twice now and I am so grateful that he is in business. I will recommend him to everyone I know!

Jim Heath Pacific Palisades
November 20, 2017

After acquiring three bids for replacing our old galvanized pipes and two forty-gallon hot water tanks from various plumbers, I did not feel comfortable with any of them. I recalled the booklet (N2N) and checked to see if it had any listing for plumbers. I noticed the listing of "Real Plumbers," and was impressed with how Jose Cabrales became a plumber. I called Jose and he was just finishing up a job in my area, so could stop by the house to check out the existing plumbing. He suggested that we would be better off omitting the hot water tanks and replacing them with one tankless-hot water heater with an integrated hot water circulating pump, and he had a bid that evening via e-mail. His bid was detailed and in the price range of what I could afford. It has been three months since Jose and his assistant finished the job. We are extremely happy with how everything turned out. Jose really offers high quality work at an affordable price, and always kept me informed on his progress. Jose and his assistant, Angel, were a delight to have working for us!

Bill W. Santa Monica
October 23, 2017

When my wife read that Jose makes sure the work area is cleaner then when he arrived she said, "That's the plumber we want." Jose proved that from the start. He took his shoes off before coming into our home. He had seen me do that. My wife told him he did not need to do so. But off they came. Took care of the leak within 20 minutes. Replaced parts that I felt should be replaced. Left the area spotless. He is our plumber from now on.

Ralph & Patricia Mar Vista
September 19, 2017

Jose and his assistant Angel did a wonderful job for us, going beyond the call of duty to go shopping for the fixture we needed, then installing it quickly and efficiently and always with a friendly smile. We would highly recommend Real Plumbers to anyone.

S.W. Santa Monica
May 20, 2017

Jose is great, prompt, courteous and gets back to you immediately. Very pleasant to work with and does a great job.

Wally L. Mar Vista
July 27, 2016

Over the last five years, Jose has totally re-plumbed the inside of my kitchen installed a heat pump in the garage, fixed the thermostat in the shower and re-done all the piping under the house. He is quick to diagnose problems, his work is always really good, he’s always been very prompt and has returned calls immediately. I’ve been terribly happy with his work and his prices are very reasonable. Jose is very punctual and has never left me in the lurch. I’d use him any time without hesitation.

Jody B. Pacific Palisades
July 01, 2016

Jose is very honest and very kind, easy to reach and there when he says he’s going to be. When he re-did the plumbing in my house for a remodel, everything was done beautifully, completed correctly and in time. More than that, Jose is such a nice person it is a pleasure to have him come out. I’m happy he’s in business and I don’t know what I’ll do if he ever stops. My advice to Jose?! Never change!

Jeri Samuel Malibu
June 30, 2016

Jose is trustworthy, reliable, honest and punctual and is the first person I call when we have plumbing issues! Our general contractor initially referred him in 2009 and we’ve worked with him ever since. He’s a great guy with a great work ethic and he doesn’t ever try to sell you more than you need. He's really knowledgeable and looks at what will be best for you in the long run. We feel comfortable having him work in our home even if we’re not there. I have only positive things to say about Jose

Elisabeth H. Cheviot Hills
June 29, 2016

A friend of mine gave me Jose’s number when I needed some repair done at a rental property I own. He showed up five minutes after I called and I’ve used him ever since. It’s been a couple of years now.
I only have good things to say about Jose. The quality of his work has always been perfect. He’s very courteous and polite. He comes when he says he’s going to and calls when he says he’s going to. He’s reliable. When he comes over to fix something, we know we won’t have to worry about that problem again. His rates are very reasonable which is another nice thing I like about him.

Leah S. Sunset Park
June 27, 2016

I found Jose through n2n a couple of years ago and first called him when I had an issue with my garbage disposal. He came out and took care of the problem quickly and was reasonably priced. I’m currently managing rental properties, and Jose is now my go-to guy for all the units. He’s super nice and totally reliable. He’s punctual, gets the job done efficiently and will resolve any issues. Everyone has been happy with his work. I’ve had other plumbers in the past when I was managing properties, but based on Jose’s knowledge and easy going personality, I’m most comfortable having him around.

Alexa Stone Venice
June 22, 2016

Jose has been our plumber for six years. Whenever we need anything fixed we call him up. Jose always gets back in touch right away and you can even text him. His work has been completely seamless and wonderful, whether it’s for a leak, a new water filter, or work on our gas line. He’s really kind, really respectful and never minds taking his shoes off for the no-shoe policy in our house. Jose has a very calm and mindful persona and doesn’t railroad right over you but actually listens to what you have to say. Plumbers in LA are not cheap, but Jose always shows up when he says he’s going to and that for me is worth its weight in gold.

C. Morgan West Hollywood
May 24, 2016

I’ve used Real Plumbers for a few years now. Jose is very thorough, punctual, a very nice guy, and easy to work with. It's always him your dealing with, not other people. I’ve had other plumbers before and it’s a relief to work with Jose. He works quickly and finds solutions that others miss. Once when he was on vacation, I waited for him to take the job because I'd rather that than use someone else. And we trust him. You feel like you could leave your keys with Jose and let him watch your house for the weekend!

Lori G. Los Angeles
October 20, 2015

I used neighbor 2neighbor to find a plumber today and wanted to let you know that Jose at Real Plumbers was excellent. Came right over when I called, friendly, extremely professional, diagnosed and fixed the problem quickly, and left the place spotless (even though it was a mess when he showed up due to the plumbing issue). Thumbs up for Real Plumbers!

Jan Burns Mar Vista
November 05, 2013

I originally learned about Real Plumbers from neighbor2neighbor. Over the course of the summer I've had Jose come to my house several times to fix some long neglected household plumbing problems. Jose and Real Plumbers are efficient, neat, personable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend Real Plumbers for your plumbing needs.

Eric Broida Pacific Palisades
October 13, 2013

Jose is awesome. I’d never call anyone but him. He has replumbed our entire home, installed new toilets, put in a tankless water heater, etc. He understood everything perfectly and did everything just right. We loved him so much, when we purchased a second home in Arrowhead, we called him. He did all the work for us there, too. He’s just a good guy. Not corporate; his own boss. He does it well and does it right.

Janice J. Century City
September 01, 2008

I was at first hesitant to call for a plumber out of neighbor2neighbor, but it was a good experience and I’m glad I did. Jose has done a few jobs for me and I only have great things to say about him! He is prompt, technically sound and nice to deal with. I am happy all-around with his work and will use him again. For me, Real Plumbers has worked in a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a laundry room in two different condos in the Century City area. He does quality work at a fair market price. I have worked with a lot of plumbers who are not very accommodating. Jose is not like that. He is very patient, he answers his phone and he returns calls. Everything about Jose is good!

Charles Mar Vista
June 15, 2008

Mr. Cabrales has done several jobs for me at an apartment that I own. He is always reliable, dependable and knowledgeable. He has given me helpful suggestions over a long term basis. I think his prices are in the ballpark with other plumbers. José has always done a good job. I would recommend him to anybody.

Jody L. Venice/Mar Vista
December 10, 2007

I found Jose in neighbor2neighbor and have used him ever since. They have been extremely responsive. Jose is a soft-spoken, gentle man and very approachable, easy to communicate with. I feel very comfortable with him. I’m one of those people that really like nice people. I also like that Jose started out as a plumber in high school, has been a plumber ever since and has stayed current with the times. He and his crew are true and honest as humans and as professionals. They have given us good advice and helped us solve multiple bathroom issues. I’m happy to have someone to trust that I can call over and over again. Before Real Plumbers, I had other plumbers do work for us. Obviously I did not call them again. If Jose does not have what he needs for a job, he does the research and takes care of it. He has the experience and expertise that makes me feel comfortable.

Yvette M. Santa Monica
August 21, 2007

I found Jose in Neighbor2neighbor. I have used him for two years now. We find Jose reliable, extremely friendly and very fairly priced. He comes when he says he will come, cleans up after his work and it looks the same as before he came. He fixed our kitchen faucet, a clogged drain and he chose and replaced our bathroom sink. He did the legwork and that was a big help. He saw what we had, went out and found the perfect sink! We used a lot of different plumbers before Jose. I have recommended him to our friends. He is very easy to reach. When I call him, even if he is on another job, he will answer and tell me when he will get back to me.

Stephane Strouk Beverly Hills
August 06, 2007

I like to refer Jose because he is honest. I just give him the key to my house and I can leave and trust him. I have worked with him for fifteen years now. I have referred him to a lot of my friends in the French community. He will frankly say if he can do a job or not. He is a hard worker and not afraid to get dirty; he will do any dirty job. And he is not afraid to break up concrete, either. On weekends, if he is not available, he always has back up guys on hand. He is a polite, articulate, good guy. I can look him in the eye. If he can work with me on a price, he will. He saved me a lot of money by installing a tankless water heater. I see a difference in my bills every month!

Laurel Green Beverly Hills
May 24, 2007

I have used Jose for ten years for various levels of plumbing—from unclogging the sink to a bathroom remodel. We will sing the praises of Jose for as long as we can! He is really honest—a lovely human being. At times he hasn’t charged us because it was something really simple, like re-hooking the chain in the toilet. Jose is gracious and kind. He is extremely fair with pricing. He is always very conscientious and cleans up after himself. We have such an intense level of trust in Jose that we have left him in the house alone. That’s how much we value him.

Judy Page Rancho Park
February 03, 2007

We were using the same plumber for 20 years, but he sold his business. The new owner gave me the runaround. I feel more confident when I deal directly with the owner of a business, like Jose. Jose comes when he says he will and takes care of the problem. He is very calm and wonderful to have around. He cleans up so you can’t even tell he was here!

Daisy Lalwani Cheviot Hills
November 02, 2006

We used to hire the big plumbing companies but switched to Jose. His prices are better and he is always available when I need him! He cleans up after himself, too. Jose has solved at least 3 or 4 of the usual plumbing crises for us—toilets, showers, sinks. He is reliable and professional. I am happy to know I finally have a plumber I can count on!

K.G. Venice
October 15, 2006

I have a funny story about Jose – I was referred to him through Peachhead, an on-line parents network. I had an appointment to meet him at my house for a serious plumbing leak, but I was running late and I was worried he might have to leave. I had such an impression over the phone of Jose’s trustworthiness (usually I never do this) that I called him up and told him how to get in the house and please go ahead and try to solve the problem. He called me back in five minutes to tell me he had fixed the problem and asked me if I needed any other service on the house. I told him that, in fact, I had another problem at a different address and he went ahead to the new address and solved that problem too! I mean, this guy is unbelievable! I’ve used him many times since. He’s such a warm, open and honest person, you can’t believe there is such good service in this day and time. I’ve recommended him many times, and people always thank me and tell me what a great contractor he is.

Laurel G. Beverly Hills
October 12, 2006

I absolutely adore Jose – he’s the type of plumber that brings a relaxed presence into the home and the feeling that you are not being intruded upon. Jose is completely trustworthy – in fact we leave our keys with him so he can get in when we are out. He's put in water heaters and dealt with every kind of general plumbing issue. We also remodeled a bathroom and he handled everything related to that project. Jose is such an honest, hardworking guy. He's very prompt and is always able to get to you pretty quickly. I belong to a number of groups, and I'm always plugging Jose as a reference for anybody looking for a great plumber. I've had tons of positive feedback from these friends about how much they like Jose and his employees.

L.G. Los Angeles
October 12, 2006

Jose has done a lot of repair work for us in our home: new garbage disposal, blocked drain, installing new faucets. I’ve used him at least twenty times and all my neighbors use him too. I like Jose’s employees – very nice and trustworthy. I have no problem with leaving the house when they’re here because I completely trust them. Jose comes almost immediately – including Sundays - when I call, and if there is some reason he cannot come immediately, he always calls another plumber he knows that can help us in our time frame. I always feel like he values our business and feels concern for our situation. That’s rare.

Dale M. Hollywood
September 20, 2006

Jose has been our plumber for twenty years, both at my home and my parents’. I’ve also referred him to at least seven or eight of my friends. I guess that makes me a loyal customer! Jose makes himself available – he’s come by on a Saturday or late evening to handle some important issue.