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Don’t be afraid to dream; a good architect will help fit those dreams to your reality.—Michael

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Imagine that your dream construction project goes smoothly because it’s in expert hands. For a thoughtful, transparent approach to the design build process, contact Michael Poloukhine. An inspired architect and contractor with over twenty years of experience, Michael designs by “addressing functional needs in a beautiful way.”

“The best design is one that you don’t even notice; you just flow through it,” Michael explains. Michael has studied architecture from the inside out, from design to engineering to the practicality of permits and product performance. His education and background in residential, commercial and retail projects allows him to give insightful, honest counsel every step of the way.

Michael relishes tackling the challenges that arise during the course of a project. He calculates costs as he designs, so clients don’t have to pare back on their dreams later on. Practicing what he calls “pragmatic sustainability,” Michael sources materials locally to save money and reduce environmental impact.

Residential clients, engineers and interior designers raved to us about how easy it is to collaborate with Michael. A ReSquare jobsite is a happy place because Michael is doing what he loves: improving people’s lives. “Renovating can be a major undertaking, so let’s try to have fun doing it. I like that I get to host that party.”

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User Reviews

W.L. Pacific Palisades
March 29, 2017

We did a full exterior remodel of our home, which included all the windows, sliders and siding. Michael took the eyesore of the neighborhood that had no aesthetic value and turned it into a craftsman beauty that we often find our neighbors just staring at in amazement.

Steve Cron Pacific Palisades
March 20, 2017

I was very happy with the work they did in designing plans for my home remodel. The work was done quickly and professionally.

Carrie and JG Venice
March 31, 2016

Michael was a great resource to us as we determined the feasibility of an expansion. His vision, attention to detail and knowledge of local permits and zoning issues were invaluable and we appreciated his flexibility in timing given our hectic schedules. We would highly recommend him.

Michael and Sharon Sunset Park
May 04, 2015

We would highly recommend Michael for any remodel, new construction or architecture need. He is a man of integrity and does a great job understanding the clients' needs. He is timely, authentic and reliable. We had a remodel project that was challenging in a sense, due to the age and construction of our home. He did a marvelous job working with us to deliver a great finished product.

Alex Blake West Los Angeles
January 02, 2015

ReSquare was referred to us by a friend and it was one of the best referrals we had ever received. Professional, communicative, and a high work ethic, Michael provided top notch service, starting our project and finishing it in a timely fashion; doing so with high quality work and ensuring we were satisfied with the completed task prior to moving on to the next one. He was diligent and always true to his word and I cannot say enough for how pleased we were with everything once the renovation was complete. I would recommend the owner Michael Poloukhine and ReSquare to anyone who is interested in having a contractor who is completely hassle-free and runs his operation with integrity and efficiency.

Lois Pacific Palisades
November 12, 2014

I first met Michael Poloukhine during the inspection phase of purchasing a new home. The home inspection had identified problems with a number of exterior doors as well as several fireplaces. Of the three contractors who came to assess the problem, only Michael got down on his hands and knees and actually examined the base of the doors. The others simply said they could fix it but made little or no effort to try to determine the cause or extent of the problem. That personal sense of involvement made the difference and ultimately sealed the deal for me.

Utilizing Michael’s dual skills, both as an architect and general contractor, we completed a substantial interior remodel over the next year. Michael first prepared site plans and architectural drawings for city permits. We reconfigured rooms, moved walls, replaced major mechanical systems, installed new fireboxes, and did a top-to-bottom upgrade of all interior finishes including tile, wood floors, interior doors as well as hardware, plumbing and window replacement. Throughout the process he paid close attention to detail, supervising all the sub-contractors and reviewing every billing before I released payment to vendors.

Michael has both personal integrity and finely-honed professional skills. I would not hesitate to recommend him and know he will meet or exceed any homeowner's expectations.

Hayley Levy Pacific Palisades
January 19, 2014

We met Michael through our realtor, and he did a design and complete rebuild for us.

Michael is a nice guy, and a straight-shooter. He was on site every day and took responsibility for every aspect of the job. The City of Santa Monica is very strict about permits, and he got all of that taken care of. He had great subs and when he encountered problems, he was good at delivering bad news and coming up with solutions. He was flexible to work with and had great follow-through and came up with neat design ideas that we really liked. He kept the site spotlessly clean and I never had to worry about deliverables being securely locked up. He was also respectful of my neighbors, which is especially important in a condominium situation.

Michael's bid was not the cheapest of the three we got, but he always gave us options for bringing the price down, and I think he was fair in his pricing. He never put in unnecessary add-ons and he came in right on budget. I would absolutely work with him again.

M. Boyd Pacific Palisades
December 12, 2013

Michael sent out some brochures with photos of his work and one landed on my doorstep. I am a former interior designer and have remodeled many homes in my life so I knew what to watch for in a contractor. I started him on small handyman projects. He was on time, did good work and always cleaned up after himself. Next I had him install a custom door. He did a fantastic job! He did clean and tidy work and handled all of the problems that came up with this rather difficult job. Since then he has done a lot of work around my house. He remodeled my attic, built a custom staircase, installed a bathroom sink, dug up an interior garden and fixed the main line, all to code. He knows what he is doing and he knows the code. If there is something he doesn’t know he researches it and comes back to me. He is a man of his word. His estimate was accurate, although once you open up a wall you never know what you are going to find. He did not bid low and then do any tricky change orders like many contractors do. This guy is a class act. A very meticulous, gentlemanly, neat guy you can talk to. You could bring him to any high-end job site and he would fit right in.

Joel C. Pacific Palisades
December 01, 2013

We did a pretty big renovation on our home. We reconfigured our house and redid three to four bathrooms and a bunch of bedrooms. The quality of the work was great and Michael was conscientious, trustworthy and responsible. We had no second thoughts about leaving him in our house. He was also very considerate of our budget— if there was a threat of going over budget he would give us other options for doing the work less expensively. He was very communicative and followed up to make sure we were happy with his work. I have recommended him to several friends and will continue to do so.

Elena MacKenzie Connecticut
November 08, 2013

Michael had worked on my father's vacation home, and based on that work we hired him to design our addition and pool. My dad had a steep and stony shore property that was fairly difficult to design around. Michael came up with a great design that stayed true to the feel of the traditional local architecture, using a lot of the native stonework, while still feeling contemporary and updated.

Michael flew out from Los Angeles to review plans with us. We had some concerns about the original layout and he really wanted to make it work for us. Our home is Victorian, and the designs he rendered really melds with what we already have, while at the same time feeling very fresh.

Michael is pleasant and mellow without being too laid back. He is quiet and a great listener. After planning meetings he comes back to us with thoughtful, innovative suggestions. He has an engineering company here serving as his eyes and ears on the ground and he has been very attentive to detail and very involved, keeping his finger on the pulse of the entire job. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

Naz B. Century City
October 12, 2013

Michael did some painting and a few small repairs. He was a little expensive, but the quality of the work spoke for itself. He was on time, cleaned up after himself, paid attention to details and listened to my requests. He made it easy for me to work with a contractor.

Laurence Roberts Los Angeles
September 25, 2013

I am an interior designer, and I worked with Michael on a home he was hired to rebuild. He was very good at reevaluating the space and wonderful with drawings and scale. I've worked with a lot of contract people and it isn't always easy, but Michael is a team player. He really understands that all of us put together get the job done and he has no ego involved. He'd sit in on meetings, respond positively to ideas and come up with creative alternatives. He's a real problem-solver and was always dependable, approachable and easy to work with.

Mark Murphy Upstate New York
September 15, 2013

Michael and I built about six post offices together for the United States Government. I was the contractor and he was the architect, and he had to go through a detailed vetting process in order to get the job. We worked well together and he was always professional and spot-on. Most of the post offices were cookie-cutter in design, but there were a couple he was asked to do design work on, and he won an award for historical accuracy.

In the years we worked together we encountered many problems, but they never became issues. He is a great problem-solver, and never passes the blame onto others.