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Rodger DicksonRead User Reviews

“Start with the innards and structural integrity of the home and go from there. If you have bad plumbing, don’t worry about getting a new sink. First thing’s first.”—Rodger

Our Review

Handyman Rodger Dickson is ready to take on any project. “If the job has anything to do with the home, I can do it,” he says without a trace of swagger. “I can take care of everything from decks, fences and arbors to new tiling, drywall and painting.” Rodger worked in construction for years before moving to LA and starting his own company in 2001. He has built a slate of loyal, repeat customers who call him for projects ranging from exquisite custom carpentry to simple handyman repairs.

Much more than a fix-it guy, Rodger started out in landscaping and studied architecture and design in college. He has a genuine passion for design and an impeccable eye for detail: “I know how to work within the style of the home.”

Rodger also knows the right tool to use for any job—he won’t pick up a hammer when a rubber mallet is what’s needed. His finish work is exceptional, making him the go-to guy for many homeowners. “People know they’re
getting high quality work from me,” he remarks.

Rodger’s clients gave him high marks for his trustworthiness and reasonable pricing. He smiled when we commented on how popular he is with his clients: “I love hearing that my work makes my customers happy.”

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User Reviews

Kevin E. Madison Heights
August 18, 2017

Rodger did a relatively small, but very important project for us. He not only did a excellent job, on schedule and on budget, but helped us out with a smaller project on the side. Very professional and friendly. Excellent crew too. Will definitely be keeping his number close-by for future projects.

Paul and Barbara Land Woodland Hills
July 31, 2017

Rodger has fixed a large variety of issues around our home, from broken door-locks to leaning fences to kitchen caulking. He did a major job replacing rotting, wooden posts on our backyard pergola. All his work was highly skilled and meticulously done. His prices are fair, and he is also a really nice guy! A pleasure to work with...we highly recommend him.

Leah Monrovia
April 19, 2017

Rodger has completed a number of jobs in my home. He smooth coated and painted our bedroom and living room and the results were fantastic. He also insulated the ceiling in my daughter's room and built a set of stairs for us. Rodger does exceptional work. He shows up on time, communicates well and has a very strong work ethic. I look forward to hiring him for future jobs and cannot recommend him highly enough!

Linda La Canada
April 04, 2017

Rodger was great to work with. His work is very high quality and he is an artisan in his craft. I was especially happy with the outcome of a fireplace mantle and tv enclosure he built.

Greg D. Eagle Rock
April 03, 2017

I've hired Rodger on two separate occasions for some drywall patching in my house, as well as some kitchen/bathroom repairs. He gave a competitive bid, was friendly, knowledgeable, prompt and right on with his SOW timeline. Totally pleased with his work--so much so that I will definitely be calling him for any future jobs around the house that he believes would fall into his scope of abilities.

Thomas Olson Carthay Square
March 22, 2017

Rodger is a highly skilled, meticulous craftsman. Rodger's standards are very high so, unlike other people that I've worked with, Rodger will not cut corners in order to get the job done. Also, since he is a smaller shop the pricing is very reasonable.

Nancy Mt. Washington
March 22, 2017

Rodger was great. We live out of state and a rental property needed multiple repairs including a complete bathroom renovation. He followed through on everything, had great communication skills including pictures of progress and problems that came up. He handled our difficult tenant perfectly. I would hire Rodger again for any repairs or renovations needed. He made something that could have been a horrible experience go quite smoothly.

Bob G. Northeast Pasadena
March 21, 2017

I used Rodger for a variety of work—he obviously has a wide range of experience and ability. He's reliable and friendly. He's easy to work with and listens carefully to what you want to achieve with your project, offering suggestions and options. I was very happy with the work he did for me. As far as value for the price, you can probably always find someone to do a job for less, but in the end you want quality for a fair price. That's what I got from Rodger.

Mike P. Burbank
November 10, 2014

I’ve worked with Rodger for the past 10 or 15 years, and he has done a little bit of everything for me—roofing, cabinetry, floors, interior and exterior paint, stucco, electrical and plumbing. Rodger really pays attention to detail and delivers excellent quality work. He’s got a high level of standards and will spend an extra half a day to make sure something is done right. I also know from friends that he does stellar tile work and is great designing and implementing outdoor landscapes. Rodger is honest, professional, easy to get in touch with, cordial and polite. I’d recommend him to anybody.

Michelle P. La Canada
November 03, 2014

Rodger has done a wide variety of jobs for us, from installing lighting, to painting our bathrooms to oiling tables and chairs. He has a strong integrity with his work and really commits to doing a good job. We call him handyman extraordinaire, since his skills and ability exceed the label of handyman. He delivers high quality work and also knows when to bring in others that will help the job move more smoothly or bring it to another caliber. He is a trustworthy person who has given excellent advice. I give him access to my home when I’m not there. I think that says a lot.

Lisa McCallister Glendale
October 14, 2014

We’ve known Rodger for many years. He was our neighbor across the street until we moved. We had three apartment units that he serviced, and any work I’ve seen him do has been gorgeous. Rodger is a real craftsman. Period. The materials that he uses are the best out there, everything is quality, everything is structurally sound. We had a family business in Glendale for over 70 years, and I would always refer him to our customers. Everyone loves him. He has a wealth of knowledge and is very conscious. He is worth every penny that he asks for. Impeccable with his work and his word.

Connie C. Fairfax Village
October 02, 2014

I currently manage four apartment buildings, and I could not do my job without someone like Rodger. He is a super nice, flexible guy with a great work ethic. Over a period of several years, Rodger has helped me re-do every apartment unit, so that all I need to do when someone moves out is paint. If there is anything that is not to my liking, no matter how small, Rodger will come back to work with me until we get it right. Rodger is honest and commits to his word, even if that means staying until 8 or 9 at night. He also finds creative solutions that will fit your budget. After really bad experiences with contractors, he is the only one I trust. I can’t speak highly enough of Rodger, I recommend him to everyone.

Paula Simeon Glendale
September 21, 2014

Roger is a great carpenter and craftsman. He did two projects for me; a handicapped bathroom remodel (total) and a redwood and greenhouse material patio. The bathroom is fantastic it looks like a 5-star hotel. He even replaced the window sill and molding in the window, I switched out the glass to tempered bamboo pattern translucent glass, so there is no need for a curtain! There were two types of wood and Roger stained them to match. He also constructed a vanity to match the wood of the store bought vanity and covered the top with left over marble that was used to line the shower area. The bars for safety are inserted into the wall studs at exactly the right height for my Mom, couldn't get any safer than that. I also love the patio, it was done with a crew of three quickly to maintain home security. You can communicate easily with Roger and work out what you like, it will come to "life." My neighbor also used Roger after me and is very pleased. A1- craftsman!

Ray Piller Glendale
September 14, 2014

I am a contractor and I've worked with Rodger on a number of jobs. We've done on kitchen and bath remodels together, decks, fencing, house painting—you name it. We've always had good results and happy clients.

Rodger knows a lot of other great sub-contractors if we need to pull more people for a job. He's definitely reliable and always comes through. He is honest, his prices are fair and he has a wide spectrum of home repair knowledge. I love working with him.

Barbara L. Mt. Washington
September 04, 2014

I found Rodger through one of my neighbors. He came highly recommended as being very reliable. He got everything done that I needed. You direct him on what to do, but he keeps his eyes out for other things that might be wrong. The whole house had little gaps and cracks where the wall and ceiling meet. He filled them all, plastered over them and then painted. He made sure it was all done well in case of an earthquake so it doesn't fall out again. He also readjusted some doors. I was very happy with the end result. His pricing is good. I will work with him again if there is anything else to do at my house. I don't like to have a lot of different people at my house so I like that he can do anything. It makes life so much easier.

Gordon Bowen Mt. Washington
August 25, 2014

I've known Rodger for many years and have worked with him as a handyman on multiple jobs including bathroom and kitchen remodels. He is very thorough and detail-oriented with a broad knowledge base about the right ways to do any job. He is always punctual and very clear with his clients about what they can expect throughout the job and he delivers high-quality work for a reasonable price. His eye for design is very good, so in addition to knowing the nuts and bolts of construction, he makes smart aesthetic decisions. I would trust him to do any kind of repair or work on my home.

Luke E. Silver Lake
August 20, 2014

I was referred to Rodger by a friend who has a recording studio. Rodger built a large shelf to go on a recording console. I hired him first to assemble a cedar closet for me. He was great. He had to modify the kit and it turns out he could have done the whole thing from scratch, better, for the same price. He did a really good job. He was patient, too. I felt his pricing was cheap. I used him two other times, once it was an emergency. He was working on another project, but he squeezed me in. He was super accommodating. I definitely trust him. I give him high marks. Triple A. He went above and beyond. He is super mellow, really nice, unassuming, please and thank you, very chill.

V. Vaccaro Glendale
August 12, 2014

I met Rodger when I moved to California. He was the handyman for the apartment building where I lived. When I bought my home, my landlady recommended that I hire Rodger. This was in 2012. Rodger is a great guy, a wonderful person. Honest, hardworking, respectful.

My place needed a lot of little things done. The kitchen had the original linoleum and it was all eaten up so he replaced it. He fixed the ceiling and painted the bathroom. He painted my son's nursery. I was very pregnant and would call him every once in a while to do really small things like hanging curtains. He helps with everything. Has a good design aesthetic, too, and offers good suggestions. For example, when I picked out my flooring, he suggested that I get a different linoleum that came on a wider sheet, so there would be one cut rather than two—a cleaner look.

He is always reliable and on time. His pricing is good and he will try to find ways to save you money. He might tell me I could pick up a part while I am out and then I wouldn’t have to pay him for the time he would have been going to the store.
I moved to Florida and now I have him take care of things with my house for my tenant. I trust Rodger implicitly. I know he will take care of everything and I don’t have to worry about it. Someone of his caliber is super hard to come by. He is proud of his work and wants to do a good job. He's so great. Gracious. A stand-up guy.