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Keep your interior concrete sealed, particularly in the kitchen area. If you don’t maintain it, there can be staining.—Ron Odell

Our Review

There are concrete guys you hire to pour your driveway or fix your cracked sidewalk—and then there is Ron Odell. If you appreciate the natural look and flexibility of concrete for floors, innovative hardscaping, bathtubs or countertops, Ron is your man: a concrete expert with a true artist’s touch.

Ron has a remarkable eye for form and loves creative challenges. “I was born with concrete boots on,” he states with a chuckle. His father owned Malibu Concrete Pumping, and Ron spent his teenage years pumping for hundreds of contractors and studying their work. “I developed the natural skills and techniques to take concrete to a whole other level.”

There is no fixing bad concrete. “You have to hit the mark,” Ron insists. That requires a keen eye and careful planning before a pour. “I don’t overlook anything. I can quickly identify all the issues and from there execute the job without missing details.” Using additives and artfully placed control joints, Ron devised a system that minimizes cracking. 

Concrete can be messy, but Ron is scrupulously clean and respectful of people’s property. “I won’t go into someone’s home like a bull in a china shop.”

Most of Ron’s business comes from enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals from clients and fellow contractors who appreciate his fair pricing and ability to create beauty with this versatile material.

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User Reviews

The Rosenberg's Malibu
July 31, 2017

I would highly recommend Ron Odell's Custom Concrete. Not only is he knowledgeable and professional, he is a perfectionist as am I. He did an amazing job transforming a dirt and uneven backyard into a gorgeous patio that I hope to enjoy with my family for many years to come. One more important thing—he is not a gouger, his price was spot on. Thank you, Ron.

Susan Tarzana
July 13, 2016

Ron is a great professional, great attention to detail and goes above and beyond. Excellent work. We did not have a big job but it was fiddly and Ron and his team did a great job.

Karin Benson Topanga Canyon
October 12, 2015

I am very pleased with the work Ron Odell's Custom Concrete did on my driveway and front entry steps. Ron was hired by my contractor and I now know why they are the only concrete company he uses. Ron and his crew were considerate, reliable, responsible, and completely dedicated to their work. Ron was here daily to work with his crew, not just supervise. He got compliments while he was hard at work by my neighbors and now that the work is complete, the compliments continue. The new concrete color and texture blend in perfectly with the original 30 year old plus driveway. I have nothing but positive feedback for a job beyond "well done". Thank you Ron and crew!

Nancy N. Topanga
December 13, 2014

Ron poured concrete floors in our home about two years ago and since then we continue to receive compliments on their beauty. He was very professional, always showed up on time and his workers were all highly skilled and respectful. When it was time to do a major renovation, we knew without a doubt we wanted Ron to do the work.

Concrete is an art form. It’s important to select someone who has a vast understanding of how it works, not just some general knowledge, because it can cost you more to remove a bad concrete job than it was to install it. Ron’s not new to concrete. His dad did it. He grew up doing it as a kid. He is a real craftsman and takes pride in his work.

Ron’s not just somebody who stands back and points fingers. He is literally shoulder to shoulder with his workers. At the beginning and end of every day, Ron was committed to walking me through the project and made sure that the job site was clean and that I was pleased with the job. We would gladly refer him to all of our friends.

Jack Stokes Mid-City
October 16, 2013

I had Ron Odell install a driveway about a year ago and it still looks like the day he put it in. When he came out for the estimate, I explained to him what I wanted, and he recommended a particular thickness for the driveway. His pricing was reasonable and he lived up to the dates he gave me for the job would be started and completed.
Ron really understands that the customer is always right and he had no problem with any recommendations He's a great contractor and I would definitely use him again.

Corbett B. Silverlake
September 21, 2013

Ron tore out my old driveway and poured a new, stamped one. He also did a concrete kitchen counter for me. I am happy with both, but I really love the counter. It was great collaborating with him, he knew what would look good and told me what dye products to use to get the color I wanted. What I liked most about him was that he assumed I was smart, he never condescended to me in the least.

Barbara Robertson Santa Monica
January 24, 2013

Ron did a great job with my concrete floor. It’s special work, not just plain concrete—shiny concrete you would find in an art gallery. I went to the finest art gallery and asked who poured their concrete floor. They gave me the number of the concrete finisher who used Ron to pour the concrete. I’m totally satisfied. Ron was neat, efficient and on time. I have only good things to say about him. He cleaned up after himself and did excellent work.

Regina Ripple Studios Los Angeles
September 17, 2012

Ron was great: reliable, fast and communicative. He did the job beautifully and his pricing was great. I manage a sculpture studio and we needed him to pour new concrete to level out the ground for a motorized gate. No follow up was needed, but he called soon after he finished the job to make sure everything was fine and it was. We will hire him again as we need additional work done in other parts of the building.

Steve Hughey Woodland Hills
November 17, 2009

Ron worked on several projects for me, involving private and public property, structural and non-structural. We have a multi-story residence with high retaining walls, on a steep hillside with five elevations. I have been a public works surveyor for many years. This project involved numerous agencies and Ron was instrumental in juggling all agencies concerned with no delay. In fact we were ahead of schedule and on budget, even though he discovered some extra minor work to be done here and there. He knows lots of tricks. He did some very Swiss-watchy work and I loved working with him. Ron is currently working on a beautiful stairway. He is organized, methodical, clean and a pleasure to work with—one of the top people on this project. I was actually turned on to Ron by another contractor. Because I have such respect for Ron’s judgment, I may want to be in the directory myself.

John Darnal Northridge
November 10, 2009

In one word, fabulous! They do a great job! I have been a general contractor for 34 years and Ron O’Dell does the finest concrete work. He and his brother are on time and do clean work. If there is a glitch, they take responsibility and fix it. They’re super! I have worked with them on some very expensive joint ventures. The only other concrete contractor I would work with is dead!

Robbie Knauer Westlake
November 05, 2009

Ron corrected a terrible problem another contractor had created. He came inside, removed the incorrect concrete and poured inside my home. I have a modern home and expect it to be in a magazine someday. He and his brother, Brian, are the happening experts in their field. I am an avid researcher and called many architects and contractors, prior to the work. 99% of them recommended Ron O’Dell. They are, above all, the most knowledgeable, personable, nice to work with, patient and they explain everything! They did a sensational job. Their work is gorgeous and everyone comments on it. It was an amazing experience.

James Hart Malibu
October 17, 2009

Ron gets 5 stars in every category and is right on the price! He did what he said he was going to do, when he said he was going to do it, and checked all the boxes. He does intricate work at a competitive rate.

Chuck Gruber/Gruber Construction Brentwood
October 15, 2009

Ron’s work is exemplary, of the highest quality with no exception! Imagine the best concrete work you’ve ever seen, then double it. His pricing is fair and reasonable and he is also willing to take on the small, pain-in-the-neck jobs. I have been in the construction business for 25 years and have actually recommended him for others to use directly.