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The more comfortable your garden is in the local environment, the more comfortable you’ll be in your garden.—Steve Siegrist

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Tired of all the hassle and waste of resources that go along with conventional landscaping? Steve Siegrist can guide you toward an artfully designed, eco-friendly landscape that will save you money and provide you with a new sense of harmony with your environs.

Steve specializes in drought-tolerant designs, but his affection for natives and succulents goes beyond water conservation and penny saving: “There’s a neurosis that comes with roses and lawns. They stress you out.” Steve designs for a balance of stunning beauty and easy maintenance.

Clients love Steve for his reasonable bids, ability to stay on budget, and because he devotes himself to only one job at a time. He begins by presenting his client with an overall plan and then breaks it down into stages that can be accomplished separately, as time and budget allow. He doesn’t leave until the job is done, devoting his full attention to it every step of the way.

Steve’s gardens reflect a happy interplay between design and nature: “I like the garden to have a lot of structure, but then I love those moments at the end when the garden pushes back.”

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User Reviews

Mai & Steve Berman Beverlywood
May 05, 2016

Absolutely NO regrets working with Steve! His design aesthetic and knowledge of drought tolerant landscaping is simply amazing. We purchased our first home and both the front and back yard were an overwhelming mess. He really took the time to look at our yard, took into consideration what we wanted (for us, having a warm, inviting family-friendly yard was important) and gave us a beautiful design. He's always mindful of our budget and extremely resourceful about reusing items that were already in our yard, even though our initial instinct was to "just get rid of it." He also has a really great crew—our daughter missed seeing them after the project was completed! We're so happy with the unbelievable transformation he did for our first home. Thank you, Steve!

Richard Grant Santa Monica
April 10, 2016

Terrific in every respect. Steve came up with a wonderful design. He captured what we were looking for in the design and came in under budget. He was a pleasure to work with in every respect: Creative, clever, professional, and just a great all around person. Highly recommended.

Jacob Koskoff Rancho Park
November 11, 2014

Working with Steve was a pleasure! He came up with designs that really suited our needs (two young boys, one large dog), was open minded and collaborative throughout the process and always kept us to our budget (there were times we could\'ve easily gotten carried away). It was evident that Steve had a personal interest in seeing us happy and that he took great satisfaction in transforming our boring grass lawns into a modern, drought-tolerant, outdoor living space and garden. We could'nt be happier with the results, including an unbelievable drop in our water consumption from over 500 gallons/day to under 30 gallons/day.

Katherine P-K Mar Vista
December 02, 2012

I recently worked with Steve to replace the concrete and grass in our front yard with a native garden. Not only did the garden turn out wonderfully, but working with Steve was also wonderful. He was reliable, communicative, full of interesting ideas, and very respectful of our budget. Not only that, but he has continued to help troubleshoot as hiccups that are common when establishing a new garden arise. It means a lot to me to know that Steve cares about our garden and is going to make sure it thrives over the long term. Overall I am thrilled with our beautiful native garden, and with the overall experience of working with Steve.

Sam Lloyd Laurel Canyon
October 03, 2012

Some words about my experience working with Steve: I had a project that not only involved finding unusual but easy to care for succulents to fit my garden space, but required a wall being built around it. He listened to my ideas for the project, added to them, and educated me on the responsibilities of the choices. His bid was extremely fair and I didn’t feel the need to get another one. He not only sent pictures, but he personally took me to see and choose from succulents available in my price range. He was hardworking, creative and fair—a nice combo. The end results exceeded what I had imagined—and I have a good imagination!

Marisa Saunders & Michael Shultz Westchester
September 14, 2012

We recently had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Steve Siegrist, a landscaper whom we identified and contacted via neighbor2neighbor. Steve was wonderful to work with and he couldn't have made a large and overwhelming job go any smoother (we landscaped our very expansive front yard). Thank you for the publication and recommendation—we would definitely use Steve in the future (our backyard awaits).

Josh Crosby Venice
November 02, 2009

We were very pleased with the project. Steve let us see the big picture, but did not push us toward it. We started the project over a year ago, in a different economy. He took a little and made a lot with it, staying in budget. He was always throwing ideas at us and letting us process them, with no rush, no pressure. He has an amazing vision and worked with a mock-up board. He was great at reusing stuff we already had which was more economical, with many drought tolerant choices. He used bamboo that we already had on the property, as well as some gravel and leftover lumber from the home remodel.

Rebecca Nevitt Rancho Park
August 15, 2009

Steve designed our entire yard, hardscape and softscape. He made it eco-friendly, drought tolerant, and so easy! Three years later it still looks great. Everything was on time and within budget. He was clear, never pushy and we always understood the costs up front. We did a lot of work in our home and he was by far the best contractor we worked with.

Nely Galan Venice
August 07, 2008

Steve is phenomenal! He designed everything at our place that had to do with the outdoors, with an outdoor living room point of view. Good budget and follow through. He is priced correctly and reasonable, and does not overcharge. An incredible crew works for him. Because of his masterful knowledge of plants and resources, I learned a lot from him. I would use him 500 million more times and have recommended him to everyone!

Kristin Holloway Venice
July 31, 2009

Steve is a great guy! We have become quite friendly since he designed our backyard a little over a year ago and he recently came back to work with us on another project. He is totally professional and courteous. He came in on time and budget. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Mikke Pierson Malibu
July 23, 2009

I have worked with Steve for so long, that I am totally biased in his favor. His creativity and talent is phenomenal! He is great and easy to work with and his execution is 100%. He always takes everything to the next level. Just amazing! He designed the entire backyard of our new house, on a bluff overlooking the ocean. All drought tolerant, because we don’t want any water out there! He took this piece of land with a spectacular view and made it a social, as well as visual, area. My wife is very into gardening and landscaping and he knew what she wanted almost before she did. He really knows his plants.

Bryan Murray Los Angeles
July 18, 2009

Steve is a real good guy! Thorough and honest, and that’s what you want in a landscaper. He really cares about the project. I have worked on jobs with him for a long time and he is trustworthy. When something occurs he takes care of it properly.

Alyson Wilson Venice
July 15, 2009

Working with Steve could not have been a better experience. We hired him for the backyard, but we were so happy with him, we had him do the front yard, too. He is really good at listening and keeping the project in control. His whole team is fabulous. His pricing was fair. In fact he was sensitive to the price and he made sure that the plants and materials were all well-priced. He reused materials such as concrete that he broke out that he turned into benches. He did xeriscaping so we use almost no water. He used some very simple pavers that ended up looking very polished. He is clever with plants and materials. As far as timing, we were incorporating a friend’s artwork and when it was late, and even though Steve was running on time, Steve was accommodating with working around the arrival of the artwork. Steve’s follow up was fantastic. His team was definitely available when we needed it. He is doing two of my friend’s yards and a commercial property because of my referral. I have never worked with a contractor like him. My friends have problems with contractors with time and costs. Steve is honest, straightforward, and he makes all the right decisions for you. He was invaluable.

Tony Manzella Venice
June 25, 2009

Steve’s work completely turned our house into something amazing. He did drought tolerant landscaping for us. He made us some boards with images and drawings so we would get a good idea of how it would look. He is definitely a progressive designer, but he also takes into consideration the risks involved in designing something permanent. Steve was on the job every day making sure the subs were right there. Subs aren’t always going to make good choices and if the contractor is not on site, the onus falls on the owner to make sure the right decisions are made. Steve was in line with us aesthetically and wanted everything done right so we never had to worry. Steve’s pricing was very fair. It is hard to get a contractor with a good balance of left and right brain, but Steve has that.