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Use a sharp single-edged razor blade and a splash of water to remove stickers from a window.—Arnie

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When Arnie Roth, a third-generation carpet cleaner, bought a window cleaning company in 1979, it was clear that Beverly Hills House and Window Cleaning would always be a family affair. Arnie started working along- side his father in high school and has built the company into the 12-strong team it is today. BHHWC offers a variety of cleaning services, including: post-renovation cleanup, high-end housecleaning, stone care and restoration, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and pressure washing.

Arnie’s clients appreciate that he is able to send the same longstanding employees year after year. “Our customers trust us. We’re familiar, we offer consistently high-level workmanship, and we show up on time,” smiles Arnie. Newer employees are trained to ensure a consistent approach to cleaning. Arnie’s team knows how to select the ideal environmentally- friendly cleaner for each surface.

Arnie maintains a discreet, high-touch relationship with his clients. To ensure their cleaning needs are met, Arnie periodically calls to conduct a complete review. After 85 years of business—serving families, celebrities and regular people—Arnie proudly builds upon his father’s legacy.

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User Reviews

Sabine Chatsworth
January 11, 2017

Arnie’s been taking care of two of my homes for the last three or four years. He’s the one I always recommend to people when they ask me about a window cleaner. Arnie is very reliable and an all-around great guy. His crew comes on time, is clean and efficient. They've always done a beautiful job, and they are all good people you can feel comfortable working with. Once you have Arnie, you don’t need to look any place else!

Kristi S. Chatsworth
December 22, 2016

BHHW has been coming to our home for at least twelve years to do our windows and a thorough spring cleaning. I’m pretty particular about who we use and the fact that I’ve rehired them year after year is a great sign. Our home has many windows and presents a challenging situation. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of work and with Arnie’s people, as well. Arnie will send out a foreman a week or two prior to walk the job, so that when the crew comes, they are ready to go and there is no time wasted. They are the ones I recommend to friends and neighbors. They deliver on all accounts.

Toni Russo Santa Monica
January 11, 2015

I simply adore Arnie and I adore his company. I think I have been a client for almost 30 years. I heard about Arnie from a friend of mine, and then I referred him to my whole family and we all still use him. Keith comes to do my windows every two and a half months and I get my carpets done periodically. I am comfortable with him being here even when I’m not home, that’s how much I trust them. I think that says a lot. Arnie’s is the only company that I’ve maintained a long-standing relationship with over the years. When they come to clean they often need to move things around, and yet they’ve never once broken anything in the home and have never needed to come back to fix their work. It’s so, so nice to have trustworthy people in your home. I can’t speak of them more highly.

Susan J., Kenyon Company Playa del Rey
December 03, 2015

It’s been at least seven years that I’ve worked with Beverly Hills House & Window Cleaning. They come every couple of months to do all the windows inside and out as well as a huge skylight. It is a large home, three levels and a loft, so the guys have to literally hang off the roof to get their work done. I highly, highly recommend them. They come when they say they will, they are very personable and the workers are very respectful of the space. There are definitely core people who have been there a long time, which I like. That said, I have worked with several different crews and they all uphold the same standard of quality. We’ve never had any accidents. Nothing’s ever been broken or stolen. I really like these guys. They go above and beyond for their clients. We’ve been very pleased with their work.

H. G. H. Beverly Hills
December 03, 2015

Beverly Hills House and Window Cleaning has been working for me about 10 years at both of my homes. One is at the beach and they do all my windows for that house. At the other, they’ve done amazing work on my tiles. Truly incredible. I’ve also used them a number of times for deep cleaning after construction projects. On all counts, they are perfect, perfect, perfect! Always great, always responsive, always do what they’re supposed to. I’ve never had an issue. I’m perfectly happy with their work and have given out their name many times.

E. A. Burnham Pacific Palisades
December 02, 2015

Arnie’s company is really really really really great. I love them! It’s invaluable to be able to trust someone to stay in the home with their crew and not have to worry about it at all. Arnie’s amazing. Their staff is amazing and the scheduling is great. I’ve used them for windows and pre- and post- move cleans and have been working with them since 2008. A lot of the staff has stayed with them since then. I’ve tried other companies over the years to do my due diligence, but BHHWC is the one I always come back to.

What’s really great is that Mario, kind of a supervisor, comes without fail for the last hour or hour-and-a-half of a job and does a real check-over making sure everything is done correctly. It’s so nice to have a new pair of eyes on the situation. They are extremely thorough. I love that I can trust them so completely, even if I have to leave before they finish a job.

Jessica B. Pacific Palisades
December 01, 2015

I’ve used Arnie and his company for many years. He conducts his business professionally, and his many returning clients are a testament to that. Arnie's crew is very efficient and nice. They know exactly what to do. Price-wise they are absolutely spot on, and they do quality work. They are a fantastic team and we will always use them.